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Track personalized Google results — check where your site ranks for real Google users!

Same Google — different rankings? That's right! Your site's rankings change for each and every Google user, personalized by a country, city, language, user's search history and so on.

Non-personalized Google rankings (what we SEOs are used to track) keep you blind to where your site stands on Google for real users.

See Google and Bing just the way your targeted visitors do!

Believe it or not, but today your indispensable Rank Tracker 6.4 solves the problem of personalized results once and forever! From now on, Rank Tracker gives you a bunch of flexible settings to personalize your ranking checks and know for sure where your site ranks for each and every of your target users.

Here's how quickly and easily new Rank Tracker lets you see Google and Bing ranks as if from different countries, regions or cities, in different languages and more:

To take advantage of the new feature, simply restart your Rank Tracker to let it auto-update or download Rank Tracker 6.4 from the website.

Do Google's personalization whims affect your rankings?

Now you can find this out!

Custom-tailor your rank check for each and every of your target Google visitors with the widest range of search settings:

  • Search Location — check rankings as if from a specified location (state, region and even city!)
  • Interface Language — search as if using Google in a specified interface language
  • Search Results Language — search Google for pages in a specified language only
  • De-personalization — remove personalization, based on user's search history
  • Safe Search Filter — include or exclude adult content from your search results
  • And more!

Say, someone from Quebec is googling your keyword with French interface and location set as Washington, DC. Where would they find your site?
Ask Rank Tracker 6.4!

Now you can choose any combination of Rank Tracker's personalization setting to make sure your site gets visible enough for each of your target users!

Stop playing the guessing games with Google's personalization!

Now with Rank Tracker 6.4 you can:

  1. Track your site's rankings as seen by any user group you target
  2. Make sure your site's visibility is stable against Google's personalization
  3. Spot any problem areas and direct your SEO efforts to make sure your site's ranking equally high for each of your prospects

Grab new Rank Tracker 6.4 with personalized results tracking — check your rankings the way they are seen by each user group you target.