A Successful Email Outreach Campaign in Six Steps

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This guide outlines the general email outreach process, from an automated search of prospects to email communication. These are our favorite outreach tools and how-tos that help us send better emails and get a response. It’s not merely the technical basics, but also hacks, life-savers, and, really, fun and passion.

What is email outreach?

In digital marketing, email outreach is defined as the process of reaching out to professionals and influencers in order to promote your content, ideas, or products. With outreach, you aim to make other people write, talk, and share information about what you offer.

What is email outreach used for?

Very often, outreach for SEO is associated with link-building, but it’s not limited to just that. Outreach methods can be applied to achieve a number of other business goals — generating leads and direct sales, establishing partnerships, and raising brand awareness, among others. So, the main outreach goals are:

Link-building outreach

Any domain needs backlinks to build authority. But what if you’ve just launched your site and are still relatively unknown in your niche? That’s where your outreach is needed: to gain backlinks and increase visibility. Typically, by pitching a linked mention, a guest post, or a product review.

Generating leads

You might be also looking for bloggers and partners in affiliate marketing, to promote your content or products, for direct sales, or other forms of partnership and advertising. Come up with a new creative way to collaborate, and it might turn into a lasting relationship.

Raising brand awareness and doing PR

Social media marketing is in the vanguard of modern-day reputation management. So one day you will surely need to resort to social media influencers to win the hearts and minds of millions.

Now that we know the goals of outreach, we can shape an average email outreach strategy, going in these basic steps to achieve them:

1. Identify your outreach prospects

When looking for outreach prospects, it is important to have a clear goal in mind. Your approach to this task will differ dramatically depending on what kind of outreach you are doing. Are you looking for leads? Collaborations? Backlink placement? Each of these will require a different tool and a different overall outreach strategy.

This step requires LinkAssistant. You can download it now for free.
Download LinkAssistant

Guest posts / reviews

Guest posts are some of the most powerful SEO instruments. If you can get a high authority website to publish a post with a couple of backlinks, it will be a major contribution to your ranking effort. Here is how you discover your guest post prospects.

Step 1. Launch LinkAssistant and open or create a project for your website.

Step 2. Click the Start a New Search button to start looking for new prospects for your email pitch. Following the search setup, you will be able to configure the search by country, keywords, topics, and other important factors to make the search more precise.

Use different search methods to search for different types of contacts for your pitch

Step 3. Once the tool collects your outreach prospects, it is important to go through the list and remove irrelevant or low-quality results. Pay attention to Domain Authority scores, domain age, and the number of pages indexed in Google. If the list is too big to edit manually, use the filtering options to set the parameters for what you believe is acceptable prospect quality.

Review the prospects for your pitch according to quality metrics

Influencer outreach

The goal of this type of outreach is to find relevant social media influencers and have them feature your product or service. This is a little more challenging because social media platforms are not as easily mined for information, so you’ll need a special set of tools designed for the task.

For blogger outreach, you can use NinjaOutreach to find top YouTube and Instagram influencers, or Followerwonk to spot influencers on Twitter. BuzzSumo finds top influencer bloggers across Instagram, Twitter, and the web. In this guide, I’ll be using Awario to analyze influencers across websites and my preferred social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter:

Step 1. Go to the Awario website and create a free account. Then start a new project by adding the brand name, keywords, and competitors.

Start a project in Awario to go for influencer outreach

Step 2. Once the project is built, switch to the Influencers tab to see the accounts that mention your topics of interest most often — those are your prime social media targets:

The social listening software shows influencers and their rating

Leads and direct sales

While still in Awario, check out the Leads tab. It shows great opportunities for direct collaboration and sales. The tool collects posts where people ask for a recommendation of a product similar to yours and finds posts where users complain about your competitors. This way you can get a feed of sales opportunities in the app, in real-time.

Find a marketing pitch with Leads feature in Awario

By the way, there is Pressrush software for more serious influencers, professional mass media, and journalists with whom you could arrange a pitch for your brand or services. Another recent business feature I should mention here is LinkedIn with its add-on Sales Navigator. It’s pretty useful for finding partnership contacts, especially for B2B projects,  (although we are still examining how fast it may pay off, preliminary estimates are around three to six months). 

Partnership and advertising

When looking for promo partners, you've got to find niche websites that draw sufficient traffic matching your keywords:

Step 1. Launch Rank Tracker tool and open or create a project.

Step 2. Go to Competitor Research > Topic Competitors, enter your seed keywords, and select the search method. Search by domain when you are interested in a site at large or by exact URL if you want to find individual pages:

Search for online topic competitors to send them a partnership poposal email

Step 3. Once Rank Tracker pulls a list of prospects, you will be able to sort it using any of the parameters you believe are most important, like website or page authority, organic traffic, or keyword intersection:

Analyze the profiles of the researched prospects in your email outreach campaign

Step 4. Additionally, you can press the funnel icon and use the filtering options. For example, here I select to view the competitors that have the domain authority of over 60, match at least half of my keywords, and pull at least 100K of monthly organic traffic:

Use filters to sort your best pitch prospects

Backlink outreach

For a general-purpose link-building strategy, the best way to find outreach prospects is to spy on your competitors. Detect those websites that link to two or more of your competitors and you’ve got yourself a list of prime backlink prospects. The fact that the websites link to your competitors means they must operate in your niche. The fact that the websites link to several of your competitors at once means they don’t have an exclusive relationship with either of them.

Step 1. Launch SEO Spyglass, go to Domain Comparison > Link Intersection, and add two or more of your top competitors. Once the tool is done analyzing your competitors, you will get a table of overlapping backlinks:

Backlink tool to analyze prospects for backlink outreach

Step 2. In the dropdown above the table, switch to Prospective domains — the table will show those websites that link to your competitors but not to you. Use further filtering options to eliminate low authority websites and websites that don’t host any dofollow links.

2. Find contact information for your outreach email

Once you’ve put together your list of outreach prospects, it is time to collect some names and email addresses. You can do it manually, but if your list contains hundreds or thousands of rows, then it’s best to turn to specialized email-finding software.

Extract contacts for cold email outreach the easy way

For a mass extraction of contact information, I suggest you start with LinkAssistant. The tool should be able to manage the majority of your list:

Step 1. Launch LinkAssistant, click the “+” icon to add the list of your researched domains, and let the tool collect the email addresses for outreach.

Use a LinkAssistant email scraper to find email addresses for your cold outreach email

Step 2. Once you are done, you can export the list with the emails or send a message to them straight from LinkAssistant.

Get contacts for email outreach the hard way

Some of your targets may be a little stubborn and will require a custom approach. The task can be made easier if you know something about the owner of your prospect domain, for example, their name and location. Here, email lookup services will help you find contacts that are not easy to uncover.

Hunter.io, RocketReach, or FindThatLead are among the email lookup services that let you easily find email addresses matching a person’s name. The tools have a free plan with around 50 free searches per month, so it’s easy to give it a try.

Step 1. To use RocketReach, install the extension and sign up.

Step 2. Go to the page where you expect to find an email address and click on the extension icon. The add-on will pull all available emails which you then add to your contact list.

Use email finder plugins to find email addresses and social profiles for your pitch

Step 3. Alternatively, you can proceed to the website of rocketreach.co and perform a search there. Enter the name of the prospect owner and set additional filters to narrow down your search.

3. Choose your preferred email outreach tool

An e-mail outreach campaign is a messy business and it’s next to impossible to manage it manually. You have to keep track of everyone you ever reached out to, their replies, follow-ups, and potential unsubscribers, among many other things. To this end, I strongly suggest you consider a tool for automating your email outreach.

For example, RightInbox for Gmail allows scheduling, taking notes, setting reminders, tracking open rates, and sending bulk emails with email templates. Another tool, Mail Tester is good for scrubbing and verifying your email lists (the functionality will help you clear your list from hard bounces). Wiza is best to verify emails with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. And Mailchimp seems to offer the most generous free plan as well as advanced features.

LinkAssistant was planned as specialized software for link-building outreach, that’s why it allows managing your inbox as well. After scraping the emails, you can plan and carry out email outreach campaigns. You can set several status definitions, like “1st request sent”, or “Website links back” and the like, and verify backlinks.

Step 1. Go to Project preferences and enter your credentials to integrate the email client into the application:

Use LinkAssistant in-built email client to send cold outreach emails in bulk

Step 2. Go to the Email module and choose to Receive all the correspondence.

Inbox in email client in LinkAssistant will perform tasks, sending and receiving your mass outreach campaigns

Step 3. You can manage individual emails and send bulk cold emails just like in an ordinary email client. For automated outreach, select your prospects, right-click on them, and hit to send them an e-mail.

Sending bulk link-building email in LinkAssistant

Step 4. Select the Mail template and choose the outreach template you need. There are several pre-defined cold outreach email templates for you, which you can adjust if necessary. Press the Settings wheel to the right of the field to start editing the letter template, or create your own template from scratch. The template will personalize your letters and replace all the fields in square brackets of your template with respective data about your recipient. When the email is ready, press Send, and the tool will start sending bulk personalized emails to your recipients.

Pick from the in-built email templates to design your personalized pitch

Step 5. Once you send the first email, change your prospect list to the appropriate Status (for example, Form filled). It is also convenient to use Tags and Notes to classify and filter your prospects in the workspace.

There are dozens of specialized tools aimed to automate outreach campaigns, a few to mention are Mailshake, Pitchbox, or Ninja Outreach. Here we’ve listed the best email outreach software to use for cold marketing outreach, link-building, blogger outreach, etc.

4. Best email outreach templates

Cold email marketing is often an annoying business, remember how many cold emails you have placed in spam folders. That is why we often analyze and collect examples of the best outreach email templates that proved to be effective, with a decent percentage of response rate. Note that templates are nothing more than starting points. They help you figure out the structure of your pitch, but they are usually too generic. So, when adopting a template, make sure to give it your own, authentic voice.

Product promotion email template

When you are running a paid promotion, you can afford to be more direct, as long as you are not pushy. You are not asking for any favors and your prospect will be compensated fairly, so just state your business as it is and see if they are interested.


[YOUR NAME] here, Partnership Manager at [COMPANY].

I'm running a promo campaign for [PRODUCT] and I was hoping to have it featured on [URL]. I’m open to any number of placement options, be it an in-depth review, a mention in a listicle, or an ad — whatever it takes to find an organic fit with your platform.

Let me know if you are interested and we’ll talk terms and formats.


Article promotion email template

If you are not offering to pay for link placement or other types of promotion, then your main goal is to stress the value of doing you a favor. Is your content really great? Will it benefit your prospect’s audience? Are you willing to return the favor? Do your best to make it about them rather than about you.


I’m a content manager at [COMPANY] and my job is to cover non-trivial [INDUSTRY] topics for [BLOG URL].

My most recent article on [TOPIC] turned out especially well. [DESCRIBE WHAT SETS IT APART]

I’ve noticed you have a few articles on the same topic (like [URL1] and [URL2]), and I was wondering if you would consider linking to my article as a further reading kind of thing. I believe it could be of true value to your readers.

Let me know what you think and let me know if there is anything I can do to return the favor.


Guest post email outreach template

While some websites explicitly state they accept guest posts and name the costs, others may do it upon request, so it never hurts to ask. These emails are usually a drag for all involved and there is no good to write them. Try to be concise, sound genuine, and let your credentials speak for themselves.


[YOUR NAME] here, editor at [COMPANY].

I’m a big fan of [THEIR BLOG] and I believe I’m ready to transition from a long-time reader to a first-time contributor. Would you consider collaborating on a guest post?

Here are some of the topics I had in mind for your audience:

Topic 1
Topic 2
Topic 3

I guarantee no generic shortcuts in the writing. I’ve been in the field for [NUMBER] years, and I do my best to share only the most valuable and in-depth insights from my own experience.   

Here is a couple of my recent article for you to check out:  


Let me know what you think!

Best regards,

Affiliate outreach email template

With an affiliate program, we are back to an equal footing. You are no longer asking for a favor, but offering a business transaction, so you don’t have to sound as “beggy”. Tell your prospects about the product and the terms, be transparent, highlight your biggest advantage, and let them decide.


I'm [YOUR NAME], Partnerships Manager at [BRAND].

I've noticed you’re promoting some [PRODUCT CATEGORY] on [URL], and I was wondering — would you like to join the [BRAND] affiliate program as well?

[BRAND] is a [PRODUCT], which has been on the market for [NUMBER] years, and is currently used by [NUMBER] clients from all over the world. (other benefits described).

A few months ago, we changed our affiliate policies. And our affiliates are now getting a [%/$] commission for every new customer they bring.

Also next week, we’re starting a huge promotion — the period when conversion rates skyrocket and our affiliates are seeing huge earning boosts. So it might be the perfect time for you to join in.

Let me know what you think and don’t hesitate to contact me with any inquiries!


Marketing collaboration email template

That’s a simple template to write a marketing pitch to bloggers/companies who you know are open to collaboration.


This is [YOUR NAME], Head of Marketing at [COMPANY].

I was hoping to enlist your help in promoting one of our products — [PRODUCT NAME].

Since your audience is [EXPLAINING WHY THE OFFER IS RELEVANT], we were thinking of offering them exclusive access to our product/service. You’ll get some love for providing access, and we’ll get some new clients.

Let me know if you are interested and let’s talk terms. We’ve got a solid subscriber base and would love to give you a feature as well.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with inquiries and counter-offers, we are willing to explore even the craziest of collaboration ideas.


Influencer email outreach template

Influencer outreach is done with a deep personal touch, and can hardly be an automatic template. That’s just a general idea of what you can discuss with an influencer.


My name is [YOUR NAME], I’m a product manager at [COMPANY].

I’m a big fan of your [MEDIA] content and I believe that your voice would be a great match for our brand. Right now we are looking for brand ambassadors who are [LIST THEIR DEFINING FEATURES]. Would you be open to a partnership?

Your job would be to [JOB DESCRIPTION]. In return, we will [TALK COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS].

Let me know if you are interested!


Broken link-building template

One way to gain backlinks is by alarming people they’ve got “a problem on their site” — the email template brought 6.3% conversion rate, Joshua Hardwick says.

Scrape your competitors’ 404 pages and see who links to them (another place to find such links is from expired domains). Then reach out to those linking sites asking to link to you instead (of course, create a good substitute for the missing pages). Always mention where the broken page lies and what wonderful alternative you have.


I am [YOUR NAME] and I do SEO for [COMPANY].

I’ve noticed you have a broken link on your site [URL], it leads to a missing page [URL].

As luck would have it, I’ve got a great substitute for the missing page — real top-notch content [URL] on the same exact subject. Would you be open to swapping the broken link for the one leading to my website?

Let me know if there is anything I can do to return the favor ;)


Skyscraper link-building template

Another great link-building tactic is to find a ranking article, investigate their backlinks, create even a better copy of the article, and invite the linking domains to link to your fresh update.


I am [YOUR NAME], a content creator at [COMPANY].

I came across your site [URL] and absolutely loved it! 

I like the way you present information in your articles, and I’m eager to use some of the tips found here [THEIR URL].

By the way, I’ve created a comprehensive update on a similar topic [URL], it provides fresh stats/infographics. I think it would be a good addition to your story, and your users will love it as well.

And I wouldn’t mind if you hit me with a backlink :-)

Let me know if you are open to the idea and if there is anything I can do to return the favor.


Reverse image link-building template

You surely know you can search by images on Google and find out who uses your valuable images without copyright attribution. That can become a good case for link-building outreach: ask them to create an image backlink to your website.

Hi [NAME],

Thank you for sharing my image in your article [article link]! I am happy you’ve found it useful.

However, it seems you’ve forgotten to add the attribution, have you? If that’s the case, could you please add an image link to the website [URL] the image originates from?


And if you've been busy with cold outreach grinding out tons of emails, jump on this comprehensive guide to cold email outreach, you will surely find a few more inspirational ideas.

5. How to write a good outreach email

The reality is that most cold outreach emails go straight into the trash bin. The success rate of your cold outreach email campaigns relies on several basic factors:

  1. how well you've identified the target for your pitch
  2. how well you've written your outreach email
  3. how well you've optimized your email subject line
  4. the automation software you use for bulk emailing that helps you avoid spam traps.

The first half of the cold outreach process, actually, the biggest one, finding the right prospects and collecting their contact addresses, is done. So, the next question is how to write a good outreach email?

Create a good subject line for your pitch

The best cold outreach emails are the ones that get opened. You’ve got to invent a subject that grabs attention in a moment. Longer subject lines, personal names, emotional hooks, inquisitive tones, and promises make emails look more appealing.


Make sure your subject line complies with email laws like the CAN-SPAM Act, i.e. it is not deceptive and accurately reflects the content of the message.

Personalize your cold email message

Do you often read automated support messages? I bet you don’t. So your message has to look as personal as possible. You need to do extra research on the interests and the portfolio of your target prospect. 

A reference to something familiar can keep the reader’s attention. Mention where you’ve met before, or bring up some comment you’ve left on their Facebook post (the real one that you left), or anything else you might have in common.

Use the inverted pyramid design in the email body

The rule applies to cold emails the same way as it does for news articles: be up to the point and present all important information at the beginning of the letter. Put the most important stuff first, adding supplementary details along the way.

The inverted pyramid design in email pitch goes according to the following structure:

  • The top of the letter is used to grab attention
  • The middle of the letter serves to build anticipation
  • The end of the letter suggests a call to action.

Be persuasive in your pitch

A successful outreach offer should provide real value to your target. Include the incentive and state clearly why your offer is valuable to your outreach target. What do you expect from collaboration, and what you are willing to provide in return? Why is it important for you both? Will your content be useful to the audience of your target blog?

Improve the email click-through rate with visuals

The best outreach emails are those that get the highest response. Make sure to add some workable content that will be a tempting slice for sharing, like infographics, embeddable links, etc. 

An in-built video piece or an image in your email will increase the click-through from the letter to the page. The same applies to a CTA: make sure to include a call to action. This is not only about a button that calls on the recipient to click, to buy, to order. In your CTA message, include a verb mentioning what the person can do for you.

Run a pre-outreach campaign

You may try to prep the audience for outreach: throw in a hook to start discussing the issue you are looking into. Join a discussion on Twitter or Facebook, send a private message, send an invite to join your professional community.

For a more engaging activity, you can invent an interactive quiz, an opinion poll, a calculator, and send an invite to participate. If the topic really appeals to your prospect, they will be happy to participate and share it. Later on, you will not be another stranger from the street. Your name will ring the bell and you will have something interesting to share.

Do follow-ups on your emails

How to get your outreach emails opened? That’s where your writing skills are important. Our average response rate for link-building is about 8% for mass outreach. The second reminder increases the probability to get a reply by somewhat 25%. The majority of replies come within the same day, but there is a small percentage of people who respond a week later or so.

How fast and how often should you follow up on your e-mails? In order not to get flagged as spam, you’ve got to feel the limit. For general content promotion and original reviews, one or two follow-up emails will be enough: if your offer is interesting, you will get a response very quickly; if not, don’t bother them. For more technical issues, like getting a backlink instead of a broken link or getting an image credit, 2-3 follow-ups are acceptable.

6. Track how your email outreach campaigns performed

Your email outreach campaign will create a wealth of information that you will surely want to use at some point in the future: contact details, arrangements, click-through rates, successful placements, and so forth. It’s a good idea to have these things tracked and organized.

Google docs for small email outreach campaigns

For smaller campaigns, I use shared files on Google Sheets where I keep basic details: the purpose of the pitch, date of reply, terms, progress, links, clicks on the links, etc. Such information has to be unified in a single place, especially when you have several people working on your outreach implementation.

LinkAssistant for backlink outreach campaigns

Being a link-building outreach tool, LinkAssistant tracks and verifies link placement. The tool generates reports based on customizable templates — a useful functionality for a link-builder to measure the progress. Simply switch to the Reports module, where you will have some basic reports prepared (you may add or remove data blocks).

Report on the success of your cold outreach campaign

Besides, LinkAssistant allows saving your project to a shared drive where several people can reach and work over it simultaneously. 

Awario for tracking influencer outreach campaigns

To track brand mentions and the effect of your collaboration with influencers, you can use Awario. Switch to the Mention Statistics to check reach and engagement, positive and negative mentions. You can view socio-demographic breakdown, generate the topic cloud and many other stats from the social buzz around your brand.

Monitor sentiment and the success of the marketing campaign with Awario

Final thoughts

These steps show the basics of email marketing outreach, and I hope you’ve found the tips and outreach tools helpful. Do you have a story to tell about your most effective email outreach activities? I will be happy to learn from your experiences, please share them in the comments below!

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