Arthur Andreyev
Arthur Andreyev

Arthur Andreyev is a marketing enthusiast with 5+ years of experience. As SEO PowerSuite Ltd's content creator, he enjoys writing insightful blog posts about Google's patents, Core Web Vitals, etc.

Everything You Need to Know
Google Search Generative Experience, or SGE, keeps being a mystery for the whole SEO community. Read this post to see how SGE has already affected search and how it will change Google and SEO in the future.
Arthur Andreyev
Nov 28, 2023
20 Best Use Cases
ChatGPT is a brilliant assistant. The one that can help automate many of your routine SEO tasks and become an endless source of inspiration. In this post, you'll learn about 20 awesome ChatGPT prompts that will change your SEO game.
Arthur Andreyev
Mar 28, 2023
Full Optimization Guide
Everything an SEO expert needs to know to use images for ranking. With the right implementation, pictures can be both a decoration and a ranking benefit.
Arthur Andreyev
Mar 07, 2023
The Ultimate Guide for 2023
Learn how to go mobile-friendly in 4 steps and secure high rankings for your site.
Arthur Andreyev
Oct 25, 2022
The Complete Guide
What's Schema markup, how does it help SEO, and what are the 9 types of Schema that carry the most SEO value? Jump to this guide to find out.
Arthur Andreyev
Oct 15, 2022
& What Correlations We Found [Case Study]
Learn how we went from all red to perfect Core Web Vitals + how that translated into organic impressions, clicks, and lots more.
Arthur Andreyev
Sep 06, 2022
for Effective Link Building Campaign
Make your link building effortless with this ready-made link prospecting template + the exact workflow around it.
Arthur Andreyev
Jun 01, 2022
To Boost Your SEO Effort
From current ranking signals to future algorithm updates — Google patents are the ultimate source of SEO knowledge. Here are the ones you should know about.
Arthur Andreyev
Apr 05, 2022
A Ranking Factor or Not?
Have you ever wondered if user behavior affects your rankings? In this post, I dig into Google’s patents, real-life experiments, and SEO experts’ opinions to see how exactly user behavior in search works.
Arthur Andreyev
Mar 20, 2022