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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of understanding searcher behavior and audiences, and optimizing web content to deliver a relevant experience. It includes essential elements of technical web mastering, including providing search engines with directives, annotations, and signals for them to efficiently crawl, index and therefore rank a web page. This process ultimately results in increased search traffic and revenue.

Zlata is an experienced digital marketer and content creator. In her articles on SEO PowerSuite Ltd's blog, she shares the results of SEO field experiments and tests to give users top insights on Google updates and SEO tools.

Tatiana is a Digital Marketer and Content Writer at SEO PowerSuite company where she writes blog posts, does SEO copywriting, and checks trends with Google Analytics and Search Console.
Tatsiana gained her experience in news publishing, and her favorite approach is learning by doing. So, she can tell lots of stories about how to deal with algorithmic penalties and human writers.

Andrei has 5+ years experience in Web Marketing and Content Creation, working on text copies, marketing materials, and supervising the editorial team at SEO PowerSuite. He approaches every writing assignment with a childlike sense of wonder and especially enjoys investigating SEO concepts that are a little out there. When Andrei is not writing, he spends his time treating his corgi puppy like the princess that she is.

Ilona is a content marketer at the SEO PowerSuite Ltd. company. In her publications, she shares her knowledge of on-page, off-page, and technical SEO, SMO, and digital marketing in general.   

As SEO PowerSuite LLC’s CMO, Katherine’s been involved in SEO for 13 years. In blog publications, Katherine shares her knowledge in digital marketing: SEO copywriting, CRO, traffic acquisition, etc.

Aleh Barysevich is the passion and the moving force behind the SEO PowerSuite tools. With over 16 years of SEO experience, he tries to make the best SEO techniques easily automatable. 

Yauhen started off in Internet Marketing over 15 years ago, coming a long way from junior link builder to Head of SEO and PPC at SEO PowerSuite. He is into all things SEO, snowboarding, web analytics, PPC, and cycling, a lifelong learner.

Valerie Niechay is a Marketing Specialist at SEO PowerSuite. Valerie has been reading, writing stories, and making lists since forever and feels lucky when it's a part of her job.

Daria is a skilled content marketer at SEO PowerSuite Ltd. With a focus on creating engaging content, she brings her expertise through insightful articles about SEO trends and digital marketing.

Arthur Andreyev is a marketing enthusiast with 5+ years of experience. As SEO PowerSuite Ltd's content creator, he enjoys writing insightful blog posts about Google's patents, Core Web Vitals, etc.

Masha started as a Marketing Manager at SEO PowerSuite and moved to being a Head of Product & Marketing at Awario. Her field of expertise covers SEM, PPC, and social media.

Inessa takes care of our beloved user community on Facebook and helps with video production. The rest of the time she does sports, reads a lot of fiction and drinks tea.

Aleksandra is a Copywriter and Content Marketer at SEO PowerSuite with her original combo of deep knowledge of SEO / PPC marketing and a good-natured sense of humor

Volha has over 10 years of experience in SEO, PPC and social media optimization for technology and IT companies

Oleg is writing on topics like major SEO trends and effective keyword mapping strategies. When he’s not indulging his passion for rhetorical questions and Pixar films, Oleg enjoys receiving Google Alerts.

Olga is External Content Lead and Head of PR at SEO PowerSuite and Awario. Olga is an accomplished senior editor and content strategist, who’s confident with data and analytics and passionate about crafting engaging stories that hit business goals.

David Sorauer is a Sydney-based digital marketer who's been running his own agency, Evolocity, for over 3 years. He likes traveling, technology, sports, and coffee.

Antonio Gabric is an outreach manager at Hunter. For the last three years, he’s been helping SaaS companies grow their organic traffic and revenue through link building. At Hunter, Antonio is leading a link-building and outreach team to build backlinks that move the needle and connect with industry leaders. To get in touch and follow his experiments, say hi on LinkedIn.

Georgi Todorov is a self-taught entrepreneur and content creator with authorship in a broad range of publications. Author in outlets such as Entrepreneur and Forbes. He founded Create & Grow to help people create and grow their online business.

Ivan Serrano is a versatile and insightful writer specializing in business, technology, and finance since 2015. His compelling articles and analyses have graced the pages of publications like Bitcoin Magazine, SmallBizClub, StartupNation, Namecheap, and Time Doctor. With a knack for translating complex topics into engaging content, Ivan continues to be a sought-after voice in the intersection of modern technology and business trends.

Mehedi Hasan Shoab is a top-end freelance writer for software, marketing and finance companies. Mehedi wrote for HubSpot, WordPress, Sprout Social, Sage, GetResponse, and many other online resources.

Adam Torkildson is the Founder and CEO of Tork Media, a media publishing company operating over 200 websites and social accounts generating 10s of millions of pageviews a month.
Adam has been working in SEO since 2007, winning employees' top 3rd at He is always on the lookout for a good website to acquire or to provide free mentoring advice via his volunteer work at

Alex has more than 18 years of practical experience with software and web development, SEO, Social media marketing, eCommerce, and Digital Marketing. He is working online since 2002 as a professional SEO and Digital Marketing consultant. His articles were featured in the Marketing & Advertising section of LinkedIn and he was voted as Top Performing Blogger by Content Marketing Institute.

Grace Lau is the Director of Growth Content at Dialpad, an AI-powered cloud communication platform for better and easier team collaboration. She has over 10 years of experience in content writing and strategy. Currently, she is responsible for leading branded and editorial content strategies, partnering with SEO and Ops teams to build and nurture content.

Emanuel Petrescu is a Toronto SEO specialist. He’s passionate about helping businesses enhance their reputation and online footprint. Emanuel has substantial experience managing websites and developing and implementing SEO strategies, as well as working on email marketing, social media, and paid advertising campaigns.

Alise Zaiceva is a content marketing manager at a website monetization platform Setupad. She’s passionate about content and helping publishers scale their businesses through powerful digital marketing strategies. In her free time, she enjoys doing yoga, listening to techno, and expanding her knowledge of tech.

Bartosz Goralewicz is the co-founder of Elephate, which was recently awarded "Best Small SEO Agency" at the 2018 European Search Awards. Elephate believes in paving new ways in the SEO industry through bold, precise SEO campaigns for clients, SEO experiments and case studies. Bartosz leads a highly specialized team of technical SEO experts who work on the deep technical optimization of large, international structures. Technical SEO is not only Bartosz's job, but one of his biggest passions, which is why he enjoys traveling around the world to share this enthusiasm with like-minded SEO folks.

Ryazan is the owner of an award-winning travel blog Everything Zany. Ryazan's work has been featured in various media and publication including Huffington Post, Lonely Planet, Discovery Channel, Reader's Digest and many more. Everything Zany is also one of the 2018 finalists for UK Blog Awards for Travel and Photography categories.

Michelle Symonds is a technical SEO consultant and the founder of Ditto Digital a digital marketing and SEO company. She has extensive experience in delivering successful SEO campaigns in a range of industries for SMEs with a national or global reach. Her mission is to deliver top-level SEO solutions, and honest, unbiased advice about online marketing.

Liraz Postan is an international SEO executive. She's been leading SEO, performance, and content marketing in various public companies for more than 14 years.

Susan Saurel is a full-time content marketer and prolific link builder who works at Dissertation Today. She is also a professional freelance writer offering her services via academic writing platforms such as CollegerPaper, EssayOnTime, and ProEssayWriting.

Peter Nyiri is owner of FunnelXpert. He is passionate about discovering and testing marketing tools that have premium functions but are still affordable for startups.

Stanislav has been doing SEO for nine years. His main goals are to apply the best tools and practices to achieve great results for clients. Stanislav strives to stay up to date with the latest SEO trends, so he takes part in many international SEO events and training courses. He has been using SEO PowerSuite since 2015. In his spare time, he likes to travel and learn about the cultures of different nations.

Gianna is a multilingual technical and strategic SEO expert. She has been consulting big international eCommerce clients (such as Microsoft, ASUS, Toshiba) as well as internal dev teams for international publishers (Deutsche Welle,,, Gianna is Senior International SEO Manager at bold ventures GmbH.

Ann Smarty is the Brand and Community manager at as well as the founder of Ann has been into SEO internet marketing for over 10 years. She is the former Editor-in-Chief of Search Engine Journal and contributor to prominent search and social blogs, including Small Biz Trends and Mashable.

Pui Mun Beh is a digital marketer of WebRevenue. She keeps an eye on the latest trends in digital marketing and social media. Pui loves traveling around the world, both offline and online. Check her out on LinkedIn

Nick Chernets is the Founder and CEO of DataForSEO, the company that provides marketing data through API. Just as much as he is passionate about data analysis and SEO — Nick also enjoys sharing his experience from the business side of the industry.

Murris Johnson is a digital marketer and founder of Murris has been an SEO PowerSuite user for over 5 years, and in this post, he's sharing his top tips on acquiring quality backlinks with the help of the toolset. If you'd like your own content on SEO and Digital Marketing to appear on this blog, feel free to contact us.

Evgeniy Nosov is an SEO with 7+ years of experience. He has been responsible for SEO strategy and quality control in one of the largest agencies in the CIS. Now he is engaged in large international projects as an SEO consultant.

Katy Carter is an SEO Executive & Digital Account Manager at Digital NRG Ltd. Jack Roebuck is an Operations Director at Digital NRG with 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing mainly SEO.

Yuliya has 5+ years of experience in Content Marketing, Social Data Analysis, & SEO Copywriting

Brian Kato has been involved with digital marketing since 2010. He worked in an agency setting and became a solo consultant at the beginning of 2019. He predominantly works with local businesses to improve organic visibility. As a solopreneur, he loves thinking outside the box and often relies on guerilla marketing techniques that combine both digital and physical marketing tactics.

Leigh Enright is a Marketing Specialist with SEO PowerSuite highlighting the most effective techniques for use in the SEO industry.

Jill Caren launched 2 Dogs Media in 2008 and specializes in organic SEO services and consulting as well as WordPress development. In her spare time, she can be found helping animal welfare groups through her website

Peeyush Dubey is a Digital Marketing Specialist with over 10 years' experience. Although Peeyush studied Engineering in the Biomedical niche, he found the world of search marketing so interesting that he decided to make a big career change. By now, he's worked for some of the top SEO companies, managing projects for both small businesses and large corporations. Presently he's working on several medical and health niche SEO campaigns with Pixl Graphx Inc., a digital agency based in New Jersey, USA.

Bill Slawski is the Director of SEO Research at Go Fish Digital and the founder and editor at SEO by the Sea. He lives in Carlsbad, California (North County, San Diego) a few miles from the Pacific Ocean, and is busy exploring the History of California and taking photographs along the way. He started promoting websites in 1996, and started learning about Search Engines after seeing Alta Vista for the first time in the mid-90s. Reading patents from the search engines has been a great way of learning about the assumptions search engineers make about the Web, Search, and Searchers, and he has been reading them and writing about them regularly for the last 12 years.