Ilona Kunihel
Ilona Kunihel

Ilona is a content marketer at the SEO PowerSuite Ltd. company. In her publications, she shares her knowledge of on-page, off-page, and technical SEO, SMO, and digital marketing in general.   

Lessons Learned & Recovery Roadmap
The big and scary Google March 2024 update made a splash among SEOs. Today, I'll explain all the intricacies of this update and devise a recovery strategy for businesses striving to return visibility in search results after the Google March 2024 update.
Ilona Kunihel
Apr 09, 2024
Impact on SEO
What exactly are these trust signals, and how do they impact SEO? Can we measure trust and really optimize it? Let's figure out all these questions today.
Ilona Kunihel
Mar 26, 2024
You Shouldn't Ignore
Unlock 24 SEO limits (often ignored) to skyrocket your website ranking. Discover crucial limits for titles, meta descriptions, Google crawls & more. Download the FREE cheat sheet.
Ilona Kunihel
Mar 05, 2024
Impact on Keyword Research
SEOs, forget about your old keyword optimization tactics. Google Gemini is here, and it's changing the game. This guide will teach you how to thrive in the upcoming era of Gemini-powered search. Learn the challenges, discover winning strategies, and outrank competitors.
Ilona Kunihel
Feb 20, 2024
How to Create Your Google People Card
Let the whole world get to know you. It’s time to own your online presence with People Cards.
Ilona Kunihel
Feb 08, 2024
Start Dominating Your Niche in 10 Steps
Learn how to analyze your market, identify your competitors, and form your own marketing SEO strategy based on the insights you get (PDF cheat sheet included) .
Ilona Kunihel
Jan 30, 2024
Best Practices and Tools in 2024
In this read, you'll explore how SEO professionals put their strategies on autopilot and uncover the tools that make it happen effortlessly.
Ilona Kunihel
Jan 09, 2024
to Your Website
In this article, I share 23 proven ways to increase your website traffic. Check them out.
Ilona Kunihel
Nov 14, 2023
13 Free Features in SEO PowerSuite
Discover 13 free SEO PowerSuite features. Learn how to optimize your website with invaluable tools for on-page, off-page, link building, and rank tracking – all without spending a dime.
Ilona Kunihel
Nov 03, 2023