New SEO PowerSuite wins over the rest of SEO tools market leaders in a crushing speed comparison test

SEO PowerSuite wins over the rest of SEO tools in a crushing speed comparison test

4 tests covering key SEO jobs prove SEO PowerSuite an absolute SEO tools market leader in work speed, productivity and results accuracy (see WebCEO, IBP, Market Samurai and Advanced Web Ranking smashed down)

The major update we release today practically overturns the way SEO PowerSuite interacts with search engines. This lets your software:

  • Pull search engines' data many times faster
  • Show impressively fewer CAPTCHAs all through the way

To try the sped-up SEO PowerSuite, just restart your software for autoupdate or download the freshest version from the website.

And though this update is only the first step in our productivity-boosting plan for the summer, it already makes SEO PowerSuite the fastest SEO software on the market.

To let you see what it's all about with your own eyes, we've conducted a full-scale speed testing of SEO PowerSuite and 4 other popular desktop tools: WebCEO, IBP, Market Samurai and Advanced Web Rankings.

So, what's the fastest SEO software?

Here's just a brief summary table of the testing. Read on to see how the testing went on.

  SEO PowerSuite Market Samurai IBP WebCEO AWR
Test 1
(Rank check — default settings)
3 min 41 sec 3 min 50 sec
36 minutes
92 minutes 120 min 19 sec
Test 1.1
(Rank check — minimal safety features)
2 min 42 sec 3 min 43 sec
28 minutes
10 minutes 16 min 21 sec
Test 2
(Backlink research)
2221 links 1000 links 230 links 1493 links 1925 links
Test 3
(Site structure analysis)
383 pages No functionality No functionality 2517 pages
558 pages

*WebCEO, AWR: Multiple dynamic URLs mistakenly treated as different pages.

Speed testing workflow

To get the most accurate results, we've carried out the testing on a just installed shining-new Windows 7 operation system. The tests were run on AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5000+, 4 GB RAM.

Besides, to ensure equal entry conditions, we used a quick, fresh proxy for each of the tests run on each of the tools. As IBP uses Internet Explorer to access search engines, proxy settings for all IBP tests were entered through this browser.

So, check out what the comparison has shown.

Note: As not all the tested tools provide you with time stats and results count, we had to time their work with external time keeping tools and count the number of results manually. That is why proof screenshot were provided only where it's possible.

Test 1. Rank checking with default settings

The first test compares rank checking speed.

Using each SEO tool, we've checked website rankings for 50 keywords in 3 search engines. The safety settings (such as proxy rotation or delays between search engine queries) were left untouched — in their default state.

Click to view detailed comparison results


Website —

Keywords — 50

Search engines – Google, Yahoo, Bing

Scan depth — 100 results

Safety Settings — default

1) Rank Tracker from SEO PowerSuite checked all rankings for all keywords without CAPTCHAs and bans from search engines in 3 minutes 41 second.


2) WebCEO also managed to check all rankings without bans, yet taking 26x more time — nearly 1 hour and 32 minutes. The default safety features used in WebCEO were Random User Agents and Advanced Human Emulation.


3) IBP, despite its Human Emulation feature, retrieved no rankings from Yahoo!, and was banned from Google after 43 results checked. The time spent by IBP was ~ 36 minutes.


4) Market Samurai was almost as quick as Rank Tracker (3 minutes and 50 seconds), yet it failed to collect any results in Bing and was banned from Google and Yahoo! after 38 results checked.


5) Advanced Web Ranking checked all rankings without bans at the cost of 2 hours and 19 seconds spend with its default Browser Emulation settings.


Test 1.1. Rank checking with minimum safety features

In the second part of rank checking speed test, we're using each SEO tool to check website rankings for 50 keywords in 3 search engines once again. Yet this time the safety settings in each tool were minimized to increase the check speed.

Click to view detailed comparison results


Website —

Keywords — 50

Search engines – Google, Yahoo, Bing

Scan depth — 100 results

Safety Settings — minimum

1) In Rank Tracker, we've disabled the default "User agents" feature. This time the software coped with the task in as little as 2 minutes and 42 seconds, checking all results in all search engines without bans.


2) In WebCEO, we've set the minimal possible (according to the software's setting) interval between search queries, which is 1 second. The software coped with the task without bans in nearly 10 minutes.


3) The minimal settings possible in IBP were 1 second delay between queries + random 0-4 second delays added by the software automatically. With these settings (not far from the default ones), it took the tool 28 minutes to check rankings. Yet again no results were obtained from Yahoo! and the software got blocked in Google on the 41th word checked.

4) In Market Samurai, the settings remained the same, as there are no specific safety features in this tool. The results shown, therefore, were practically the same. The time spent — 3 minutes and 42 seconds; no results obtained from Bing and blocks from all search engines for the last 13 words.

5) With Random User Agents and Browser Emulation features disabled, Advanced Web Ranking was banned from Google on the 43d word, with the whole check taking 6 minutes and 21 seconds.


Test 2. Backlink research: speed + number of found backlinks

In the third test, we've charged each tool with finding the maximum possible number of backlinks pointing to a website. The search safety settings were left unchanged.

Click to view detailed comparison results


Website —

Search engines –All supported

Safety Settings — default

1) SEO SpyGlass from SEO PowerSuite toolkit (using its 400+ search engines) collected 2221 links in only 1 minute and 34 seconds.


2) WebCEO collected 1493 links in ~4 minutes.


3) IBP managed to find only 230 linking pages in ~ 1 hour and 42 minutes.


4) Market Samurai collected its maximum possible backlink result — 1000 links, and the research took the software nearly 8 minutes.


5) Advanced Link Manager that couples Advanced Web Ranking software collected 1925 links, yet the work took 20 minutes.


Test 3. Website structure analysis: speed + number of pages

The last test deals with checking website structure; this means that each SEO tool was to find all pages of a given website in the minimum possible time. Market Samurai and IBP SEO software have no such functionality at all, so the test was run for SEO PowerSuite's WebSite Auditor, WebCEO and Advanced Web Ranking. The search safety settings were left unchanged.

Click to view detailed comparison results


Website —

Page scan limitations — No

Safety Settings — default

1) WebSite Auditor found 383 pages in 37 seconds.


2) WebCEO got stuck in collecting pages for 31 minute and 42 seconds. It claimed to collect 2517 pages, which by no means corresponds to reality, as it counted 2134 images and comment URLs such as




which in reality are multiple duplicates of one and the same page.


3) Advanced Link Manager was engaged in analyzing website structure for 3 minutes and 35 seconds. It collected 558 pages, also including 175 dynamic URLs mistakenly treated as different pages.


To sum it up

So, as the testing proves, SEO PowerSuite:

  • Checks rankings faster than any of the 4 other tested tools
  • Proves the most resistable against search engine blocks
  • Collects the biggest number of backlinks in the shortest time
  • Provides the most accurate site structure analysis in the shortest time

Now, as you know, for the sake of fair testing all checks were run on special equal conditions. The test passed, but what does this SEO PowerSuite's speed update mean for you in real life, without testing restrictions?

It means that now, for instance, checking your site rankings for 50 keywords in 3 search engines (which is up to 1500 times to address the search engines) can take as little as 43 seconds. Believe it or not, but that is the truth:


Don't miss this chance to speed up your SEO up to 7 times. Try out the updated SEO PowerSuite yourself now.


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