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WebCEO online vs. SEO PowerSuite review

Quite often we're asked, why SEO PowerSuite is a better option for SEO than WebCEO.

We've tried to do a fair comparison of both toolkits, and answer the question clearly, honestly and in a nutshell.

In many aspects, SEO PowerSuite wins because it's desktop software

Web-based software (WebCEO) means more limitations and higher price.

Desktop software (SEO PowerSuite) means more data and projects, and lower costs.

Because in web-based software the developer has to pay a lot for infrastructure and servers that store and process your data, it is more costly for the developer, and as a result, also more expensive to the end user. To maintain the price at a more or less reasonable level, the software provider has to cut off features and limit the amounts of data you can find, process and store.

As a result of such cut-offs, in WebCEO you can not check rankings past top 30, you are limited by the 5-websites-only quota, can only track positions of up to 200 keywords, and you can only crawl up to 1,000 pages in a website. And you still have to pay $99 monthly for it. In a year, it will amount to $900! For quite a limited account where you don't even get to find your ranking if you're #32 for a keyword.

In SEO PowerSuite you pay $596/year for a license that allows every feature and lets you research an unlimited number of sites, keywords, pages - and track rankings up to 1,000 positions deep. Try it out for yourself any time:

Now let's see in more detail, why SEO PowerSuite is a more data rich and cost effective option.

What do you have in SEO PowerSuite that you'll never manage with WebCEO?

1. Unlimited research at a much lower price

We've talked about it already. Here is a detailed breakdown of how much data you get with both tools:

SEO PowerSuite WebCEO
Price in 1 year $596/year $900
Projects Unlimited 5
Keywords Unlimited 200
Rank checking depth top 1,000 top 30
Backlinks researched Unlimited 2,000 per project, 10K total
Crawled pages Unlimited 1,000 per website, 5K total
SEO Scans Unlimited Weekly

2. Deeper keyword research

Getting an unlimited number of keyword suggestions

Sometimes the most unexpected keywords turn into goldmines. While WebCEO won't let you get more than a few dozen keyword suggestions even in its most advanced version, SEO PowerSuite never limits the list of keyword ideas you can get.

Different keyword suggestion mechanisms

SEO PowerSuite offers you 20+ different mechanisms of keyword suggestion: Google AdWords Keyword Tool, Competition research, Related Searches, Google Keyword Suggestion, Yahoo!, Ask TypeAhead Search Suggestions, Misspelled keywords, etc.

Immediately knowing your ranking for each keyword

Quite often it's good to pick out for further optimization those keywords for which you already rank high. In SEO PowerSuite you'll know your current rankings for newly-found keywords immediately and hardly miss a word that'll work for you.

Store and view your keywords as you wish

No other software gives you as much freedom in sorting out loads of keywords as SEO PowerSuite, with its customizable workspaces and advanced workspace filters.

3. Better rank tracker features

Rank checks 1,000 positions deep (unlike only 30 in WebCEO)

First of all, SEO PowerSuite can go as far as 1,000 positions deep when looking for you rankings. This is not always necessary, but quite often you need to see how far from top 100 ranking you are - to estimate how far you still need to go, and whether you should pursue rankings for a certain keyword at all.

WebCEO will only find you if you rank in top 30, which is very shallow research: the majority of keywords won't rank in top 30 until you do some serious SEO - and you have no way to check your progress if you're not on Google's page 1,2 or 3.

400+ search engines to track

SEO PowerSuite supports over 400 search engines, both international (such as,, and and country-specific (such as Baidu, Seznam, Yandex, and the localized versions of Google, Yahoo, and Bing). You can track unlimited keywords in as many of these search engines as you wish.

Google Penalty Checker & SERP Analysis

SEO PowerSuite's Rank Tracker gives you valuable SEO insights by aligning your ranking and organic traffic stats with the dates of search engine updates so you can see if any of these updates had an impact on your positions and site traffic. Rank Tracker also builds a SERP analysis graph for all your keywords and ranking checks, so you can see exactly how much the search results in your niche change with every check you run.

4. More careful backlink research

SEO PowerSuite checks whether the link is really there

That's right, when a software reports a link, quite often it is a link that was found a while back, and is no longer there. SEO PowerSuite re-checks this automatically, to show you whether the link is really in place.

Core-deep backlink research

SEO PowerSuite is considered the best backlink research tool in the SEO industry. It is the only software that offers advanced backlink analysis for over 40 link quality factors.

Unlimited checks and more links to find

While in WebCEO you won't be able to check links of more than 5 sites, and you can only find up to 1,000 links per site - in SEO PowerSuite you can check an unlimited number of sites, and find and analyze unlimited links for each one.

All in all, WebCEO is a more basic and limited option, compared to SEO PowerSuite - and it costs more. Check how to put your hands on all cash winning features of SEO PowerSuite and do your SEO PowerSuite smarter and cheaper.

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