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Check the fullest review of IBP and SEO PowerSuite. Learn how the best SEO tools differ.

If you're a user of IBP (Internet Business Promoter) you're most likely satisfied with the quality of your SEO software. But we bet there're tools that give you more opportunities than IBP. And since now search engine optimization is business where each slight improvement can turn into thousand-dollar profits, there's no point in refusing a chance to have better SEO software.

How about checking SEO software that would give you more power over your Google rankings than IBP and whose fully-functional free version can be yours at any moment? Sounds tempting?

SEO PowerSuite

We're talking about SEO PowerSuite — a complete set made of four battle-tested SEO tools, which lets you march ahead of any IBP user in giant steps. Here's what this ultimate SEO set contains:

SEO PowerSuite was made to give you more confidence in SEO. It's got a set of features to not simply assist you in each possible SEO task, it lets you draw a clear-cut and efficient SEO plan, leaving practically no chance of a slight mistake and finding the shortest ways to rank high. How does it work in real life? Simple: users of SEO PowerSuite grow their webpage rankings faster.

Anyway, IBP and SEO PowerSuite are the best-choice SEO software out there. Turn your head to see why...

How Do You Know That An SEO Tool Is Worth Your While?

If you use both IBP and SEO PowerSuite tools, you'll see they are very much alike. More exactly, they offer practically the same set of features, down to the smallest ones like using "Keyword Mixing" for keyword research. This comes from the common goals that developers of IBP and SEO PowerSuite share. Sure the #1 priority is providing the user with the benefits of this simple chain:


If some other software producers don't offer you the same, just forget their name. Moreover, even this magic plan is no longer enough. Look at the guys that give you the best of SEO software. They will offer you:

  • fast and effective optimization;
  • easy to use SEO tools;
  • competent SEO teaching;
  • accurate advice.

That's what both IBP and SEO PowerSuite tools will give you, and that's why they're so much alike. But let's get closer to the point. You'll find out why SEO PowerSuite still gives you better SEO chances.

So What Exactly Do They Do?

The tools we're discussing now let you do all tasks of the "SEO cycle". Look at the diagram: it shows you the main SEO tasks that absolutely can't be avoided, if you're somewhat serious about making money with your website.

SEO cycle

In brief, with both IBP and SEO PowerSuite, you'll pick out the most profitable keywords, using huge lists of keyword research methods.

You will optimize your site for these keywords and build links with the right anchors. And you'll easily track your rankings for all your keywords and control your site's position in a huge number of search engines.

Now what's different in these two SEO toolkits IBP and SEO PowerSuite?

If you think of the most useful features of iBusinessPromoter, you will name keyword research, optimization, link building and checking rankings.

What about SEO PowerSuite? Along with all the standard features of any good SEO software, the developers of SEO PowerSuite authored a unique competition research tool that you'll never find in IBP or any other SEO software — and that's the secret weapon of any SEO PowerSuite user. The tool is called SEO SpyGlass and it adds an extra step in your SEO chain: analyzing competitors' linking strategy. This always goes prior to link building and is the exact step that saves you hours of time (and often loads of cash) when you're building links.

A linking strategy that makes use of your competitors' best working tactics gives you extra power and confidence when you're busy with the most crucial and laborious part of website promotion: building links.

You may ask why IBP isn't using the same technique if it's so effective. The answer is: because they're probably too traditional. And SEO is a fast race where the ingenious and innovative win over the traditional and conservative. Those who want to be a step ahead of their online competition make use of new working SEO trends. Unsure if it's true? Let's find out who knows better.

Who's the cunning fellow?

Axandra (IBP) with their pioneer SEO tool ARELIS first saw the world in 1997. Remember that time? Floppy disks, dial-up Internet and old-school 14'' CRT monitors. Luckily, SEO PowerSuite tools didn't see those horrors, as the first of them came out in early 2005. Still even Link-Assistant.Com's (the developer of SEO PowerSuite) 3,5 years are a lot for the fast-growing and rapidly changing SEO world.

So IBP has been in the market for many years and has experience. Link-Assistant.Com has been there since 2005, had to fight for its place in Google and has the gut. Now search Google for SEO software or effective SEO software and you'll see who ranks higher.

Google 'Effective SEO Software' Search Results
#1 for 'Effective SEO Software' in Google

Google 'SEO Software' Search Results
#2 for 'SEO Software' in Google

So you can choose whom to trust more — the guys who might be old enough to know, or the guys who're young enough to get results?

IBP is reserved, logical and canonical. SEO PowerSuite is inventive, progressive, and quickly reacts to change. SEO PowerSuite is for those who want to be a step ahead of their online competition and make use of new working SEO trends. IBP is for those who're ready to lose some potential profits because of sticking with traditional old ways.

Maybe this is why IBP forgets to draw a strict line between site optimization and site promotion and misses the strongest side of the most advanced SEO technique. That's the trick we already talked about — using competition research for link building.

However like most other guys in the industry, IBP uses competitors' experience for optimizing website content. To check how this works let's see two similar tools:

Top 10 Optimizer (IBP) and
WebSite Auditor (SEO PowerSuite)

These tools will compare your site to top 10 best rankings sites in your niche, and tell you how to arrange your own content. You can do practically the same things with SEO PowerSuite (since it's got the tool called Website Auditor) and IBP (with its Top 10 Optimizer). Both tools will provide you with an SEO report telling how to optimize your page for a certain keyword in a specified search engine.

Most of it is on-page optimization — changing the elements of your page so that they look good to search engines. Here are the crucial things that both IBP and SEO PowerSuite help you optimize on your pages:

  • Body text — you will know how much text to use on your webpages, and how to arrange keywords in the page's body text.
  • Page title — you'll see how to make a page title that will add up to your ranking and will look more attractive to you potential clients.
  • Meta description — you will write keyword-rich meta descriptions for your webpages.
  • Meta keywords — you will create optimized meta keyword tags.
  • H1 headings — you will see the best ways to use keywords in your h1 headings.
  • H2-h6 headings — you will find out how h2-h6 headings should use your main keywords.
  • Links anchor texts — you will find out how your links' anchor texts should look like.
  • Bold text — you don't have to guess what parts of text to emphasize — the software will give you some good advice.
  • Italic text — to use italics wisely, follow the software recommendations.
  • Image alt texts — find a smart way to use keywords in your image alt texts, and get more search engines' love.

Each optimized page element adds up to your SEO score and works on your site's rankings like water on plants. And if you follow all tool's advice, you'll have maximum chances to get top rankings, because your site will look like a gem to search engines — and they like gems :)

Still polishing your site is not enough. The big 99% portion of site's success comes thanks to links. Just one link can take you from nowhere-to-be-found and bring you to Google's third, or even first page. Or you can get a thousand links which aren't good enough and use wrong anchor texts — and still switch from one Google page to another wondering where your site is.

Putting it simple, to reach the desired online success you must know the ropes of building links.

Link building with IBP and LinkAssistant

One of the traditional tools for link building — either SEO PowerSuite's LinkAssistant or IBP's ARELIS are now a must. They are great at looking for link partners, analyzing the links' potential and managing the whole of your link-building campaign.

Yet there are some differences that make LinkAssistant your unfair advantage.

Take a look: SEO PowerSuite (LinkAssistant) gives you huge extra possibilities in link building and link management.

  1. LinkAssistant is the only SEO tool that works like a fully-functional email client for managing links. There's no need for any third-party email programs like "Outlook" or "The Bat". You keep all correspondence with your link partners inside the program: composing emails (you can use predefined templates), store drafts, keep emails in the outbox, send single and bulk mails, receive emails and assign statuses to your link partners depending on the reply, store all correspondence for future reference - all correspondence within your link building tool!
  2. LinkAssistant gives you more factors than ARELIS (IBP) letting you judge on the quality of prospective links and decide which of them are worth your while and will pay back in time, visitors and money.
  3. SEO PowerSuite (LinkAssistant) unlike ARELIS (IBP) lets you arrange the so-called "deep linking" - getting links to different pages of your site, rather than to only homepage. Thanks to deep linking, your links look natural to search engines - and more pages of your site get promoted.
  4. You can easily make use of 3-way linking patterns, with the help of LinkAssistant (SEO PowerSuite). And do you know why 3-way links are better than traditional 2-way or reciprocal links? It's harder for Google to discover that people arranged 3-way links for SEO purposes, not naturally.
  5. Only in LinkAssistant you can quickly arrange dozens or hundreds of links with different anchor texts - this makes your links look more natural and makes your link building a dozen times more effective.

But though LinkAssistant and ARELIS from IBP are the #1 choice out there for link building, and even though LinkAssistant has a bunch of extra features making it a huge time-saver, these two tools are the best at doing things that just everyone does, and that's not enough today.

Nowadays the SEO competition is won by the fastest, the smartest and the most clued-in guys. No doubt, if you buy IBP their traditional SEO can bring you guaranteed rankings sooner or later. But if you wish to get top search engine positions as fast as possible, turn your head to the part of SEO PowerSuite called SEO SpyGlass.

Its developers figured out ways to make sure that every link in your linking strategy has maximum effect. To be ahead of your competition, you must find the best-working links quickly, and be absolutely sure that you will hit top rankings, get more customers and more sales. You must have confidence that every single link necessarily increases your online profits.

SEO SpyGlass is the only SEO tool that gives you such confidence, and is therefore a bomb!

The know-how of SEO SpyGlass

This tool makes you the smartest one out there — because with it, you are confident of every single step to outrank your competition, which means:

You Can Win Your Competitor's Top Position Fast
And You'll Be Sure They Won't Win It Back.

That's something IBP can't promise, right? So here's how SEO SpyGlass works:

  • it shows you how search engine leaders got their top positions,
  • lets you create your own optimization strategy that moves you up in Google
  • and lets you track every single step of your competition, so that no one wins your high rankings from you.

Because SEO SpyGlass works for as many sites as you wish and adjusts for any particular niche, it's good not only for individual website owners, but even for SEO companies with dozens or hundreds of clients.

And the SEO Success Blueprint that the program produces will work like a personal SEO guide for anyone who is optimizing their own site.

SEO Success Blueprint
SEO Success Blueprint

As you can see, this unique competition research feature of SEO PowerSuite was made to let you get a solid top position that brings regular steady profit.

Curious to see how it works? Check the secret of SEO SpyGlass!

More reports?

SEO Success Blueprint is only a small part of what SEO PowerSuite provides. You will have an Page Optimization Audit Report in WebSite Auditor and a detailed Keyword Rankings Report in Rank Tracker.

Page Optimization Audit Report
Page Optimization Audit Report

Keyword Rankings Report
Keyword Rankings Report

What would an SEO company do if they're using IBP and they didn't manage to get necessary results for their clients? They'd use IBP's feature to manually change statistics in report — to make your results look better than they really are. That's not recommended — if a client makes an independent check, such tricks get easily discovered. SEO PowerSuite tools won't let you cheat your clients with such fake reports. Instead, they give you more true possibilities to better optimize your or your clients' sites, analyze them and present optimization reports branded with your logo, using your company colors, including progress graphs and history records if necessary. And you can change pretty much everything in the report to match your company style.

Customized Report

Try to work 30 times faster

SEO tools make our job so much faster that we just can't help using at least a couple of them. And the more you do with software, the better you know about the search safety problem. That's when Google sees you're searching it so much with the software and since it doesn't want you to overload it, it refuses to show results for some time.

Each SEO knows what it's like being so busy that your coffee gets cold as you haven't the time to sip to it. This happens quite often: you're on a deadline to bring stats to a client and Google (or Yahoo!) blocked your search. IBP tries to solve this with human emulation, and that's very smart. The tool makes short pauses after each query, and Google thinks it's a living person, and not software.

By the way, did you happen to buy IBP? If yes, then you probably already know that safe search is hardly quick search. Unfortunately, though they help to make your work safer, human emulation pauses make IBP too slow.

SEO PowerSuite has more to offer. You can use human emulation as well, and you've got the brilliant user agents feature — instead of pretending one "slow" user, the software pretends to be many quick users — by changing user agents, and this saves you time, besides making you much safer than with IBP.

SEO SpyGlass - Random User Agents
SEO SpyGlass - Random User Agents

In addition to that, SEO PowerSuite tools let you use Google, Yahoo! and Bing API keys that work like official permissions to make automated search, and therefore make your work completely safe and rocket-fast. Use search engine's API keys in SEO PowerSuite, and you'll work without getting a single Google's frown.

Would you like to check this? Check SEO PowerSuite right now!

Download FREE Edition

Let's compare how fast IBP and SEO PowerSuite work.

We'll find Yahoo! rankings of for these three keywords: news, breaking news and news worldwide.

IBP, using its human emulation feature, finds results within 2 minutes. (You'd need less time to check this manually!)

IBP Yahoo! Ranking Results
IBP Yahoo! Ranking Results

SEO PowerSuite's Rank Tracker, using Yahoo! API key, only needed 4 seconds, which is 30 times faster!

Rank Tracker Yahoo! Ranking Results
Rank Tracker Yahoo! Ranking Results

That's what is called quick and safe search.

To sum it up...

This is how the SEO workflow looks in IBP:

IBP Worklow

And in SEO PowerSuite:

SEO PowerSuite Worklow

As you can see, SEO PowerSuite lets you make an additional giant step to increase efficiency of all your SEO efforts.
We already discussed how this works.

Along with competition research, what else do you find in SEO PowerSuite that you don't have in iBusinessPromoter?

  • Advanced search safety
  • Faster results
  • Easy-to-understand reports
  • Extended customizability of reports
  • Support of more languages (French, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Spanish etc.)
  • Windows/Mac OS X/Linux compatibility
  • Working with lower-speed Internet connections

Besides, tools from SEO PowerSuite have free versions that don't expire and that display all necessary info, with only tiny restrictions. Free SEO PowerSuite alone is enough to promote a site and track its rankings in search engines. You can download SEO PowerSuite tools right now.

Download FREE Edition

Now take a look at the table that compares possibilities of different iBusinessPromoter and SEO PowerSuite editions:

IBP 10 Demo SEO PowerSuite Free

Limitations in IBP's demo version:

  • you can check rankings only on one search engine at a time
  • the Top 10 Optimizer analyzes only a few parts of your webpages
  • you cannot save changes

Limitations in the ARELIS Link Manager:

  • you can collect only up to 100 web sites
  • you cannot submit link exchange forms
  • you can send emails only to yourself which makes this feature useless
  • all links on your link pages point to (thus you're totally unable to do link building)

Limitations in SEO PowerSuite Free version:

  • you cannot save changes
  • you cannot print reports
  • some report sections of onpage optimization tool are hidden (therefore you won't use the free tool to consult your clients), but all info is open in the main tab (so the tool is fully-functional for optimization of your own site).

Limitations in LinkAssistant (link management software):

  • free version of LinkAssistant v3 allows you working with 50 link partners in one project.

Click here to download free SEO PowerSuite tools now

IBP Standard (according to IBP's official site) SEO PowerSuite Professional
IBP Standard is the right edition if you only work with your own websites. It's the right edition for businesses owners who want a complete website promotion solution for their own websites.

Supports up to 5 projects (a project contains the information that is needed to promote a complete website) — therefore you can optimize no more than 5 websites.
If you want to promote more websites, you can promote them one after the other, but projects need to be deleted and replaced.

Data can't be shared with other IBP users.

Full access to all IBP and ARELIS features except for custom SEO reports.

Free program updates for 12 months.
Free search engine algo's updates for 12 months.
Free product support for 12 months.
SEO PowerSuite Professional is meant for small businesses and individuals who would like to optimize and promote their own sites.

Supports an unlimited number of projects, letting you optimize an unlimited number of websites.

You can store all your projects (unlimited number), with no need to delete them.

Projects can be stored on your hard drive and copied to another computer so that you can share your work with your colleagues or take it to your second computer.

Full access to all features (including custom reports), except for making reports available to a third party.
Free program updates for life.
Free search engine algo's updates for 6 months.
Free product support for life.

Click here to buy now risk-free.

IBP Business (according to IBP's official site) SEO PowerSuite Enterprise
IBP Business is the right edition if you promote websites for other people. It's the right edition for web agencies and businesses who want to promote more than 5 websites.

Supports an unlimited number of projects.

Data can't be shared with other IBP users.

Full access to all IBP and ARELIS features.
Allows you to create custom SEO reports in your company design for your clients.
The SEO reports will have no reference to IBP so that your clients won't know that you used iBusinessPromoter.

Free program updates for 12 months.
Free search engine algo's updates for 12 months.
Free product support for 12 months.
SEO PowerSuite Enterprise is meant for SEO companies that promote websites for other businesses or consult other people on promoting their sites.

Supports an unlimited number of projects.

Projects can be stored on your hard drive and copied to another computer so that you can share your work with your colleagues or take it home.

Full access to all features
Allows creating custom reports branded with the company's logo, colors, etc. Plus you have extra report customization to change the content of reports. Publishing reports in your company design (emailing, uploading via FTP, saving in HTML or Adobe PDF for printing out) — your clients will not know that you used software.

Reports won't mention SEO PowerSuite so your clients won't see you're using these tools.

Free program updates for life.
Free search engine algo's updates for 6 months.
Free product support for life.

Click here to buy now risk-free.

SEO tutorial
It's nice to have a tutorial or guide at hand that will teach you how to do SEO most effectively, especially with your favorite SEO tools.
SEO Guide from IBP SEO Guide from SEO PowerSuite
SEO tutorial tells you how to use IBP and ARELIS SEO software to promote your website.

The SEO in Practice guide teaches you practical SEO techniques and tells you how to increase your site's rankings without any SEO software at all, or how to do that faster with SEO PowerSuite tools.

The guide includes quizzes in each chapter, and when you pass them successfully you can get an SEO Certificate.

Click here to get SEO in Practice now for FREE