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seo-tools-with-blekkoBlekko, competitor rank tracking, and other cool new features

We live in an exciting era. We have cars running on electricity, water and even coffee. We have garbage-fueled power plants and alcohol powered laptops. But we've yet to see such innovations in the SEO world where links remain the only effective fuel for your website. Links are the good ol' gasoline of SEO.

As SEOs we're always on the look for new outlets of quality link fuel which has been a scarce resource recently. Today we're happy to give you a new link station, open 24/7 and with enough backlink fuel to drive all your websites to the top of Google in record time.

Competitive Link Research

It's no secret that competitive backlink research is one of the most effective ways to hunt for links. You look into your competitor's link profile, see where their links come from and steal some of that link pie. And rest assured your competition is doing the same. It's become a standard practice and there're no ethics violations attached.

The trick here is not to get on par with your major rival and build same links they have. You analyze as many competitors, partners, and sites in the neighboring niches as you possibly can. Do this and you'll end up with an extensive and actionable list of link prospects, so that you're never link-hungry again.

And the best part is – your list is renewable. As long as other sites build new links you'll always have fresh link sources at your disposal. Now the only problem is:

How do you find where your competitors get their links?

Backlinks and backlink checkers

No one sneaks into the enemy camp dressed up like Santa to sniff out their secrets anymore. There are much more effective, though less spectacular, ways to do this. At least when it comes to links.

Everyone and his dog (that's at least a bit into SEO) knows there are backlink checkers galore out there. You give them the URL and have a list of links pointing to it in a mouseclick.

But most of these tools take their data from Yahoo! Site Explorer and that leads us to a couple of problems:

1. They won't give you more than 1,000 backlinks per site (the limit of Yahoo! Site Explorer).

2. Now that Bing is powering Yahoo search the fate of Site Explorer is really obscured.

Yahoo is already disabling the Site Explorer API service and it looks like a matter of time when the plug is pulled on Yahoo's backlink service. When/if that happens, as SEOs we're left with few options: we either buy expensive (and often outdated) backlink reports from companies with their own crawlers or give up on backlink research altogether.

Good news is there's another way out.

New SEO PowerSuite

Now we're getting to the meat. Today we're rolling out a major update for SEO PowerSuite that's going to change things quite a bit in competitive backlink research.

We've added Blekko to the list of supported search engines in SEO SpyGlass. And we've introduced the long-awaited competitor tracking module to Rank Tracker, but first things first.


In case you've been under the rock for some reason, Blekko is a brand new search engine on the block. There are a number of ways how Blekko is different. Focus on SEO is one of them.

Blekko is very transparent about its ranking mechanisms and not a bit greedy when it comes to sharing data. Unlike other search engines Blekko gives you access to (presumably) all SEO data it has.

If you search for backlinks to a site on Google you'll get a small random sample of the links Google knows of. Yahoo and other search engines will give you 1k links per site max. Blekko on the other hand will show you all the backlinks in its index.

Go ahead and search for [ /link] on Blekko and you'll be overwhelmed with the amount of data you get. And as Blekko's index grows, the amount of available  will follow.

Now of course there's not much you can do with all this backlink data the way Blekko shows it. You sure can manually go through all the results pages, but it's pretty obvious that you won't be able to analyze and take action on more than just a fraction of links.

But you can easily leverage all Blekko's backlink data in the new version of SEO SpyGlass (pssst, you can play around with Blekko even in the Free Edition, hurray!).

If you want to test the new version of SEO SpyGlass as you read, simply restart the tool to trigger automatic update or download it manually if you still don't have it installed [no seriously, you don't? O_o].

Note: If you don't see Blekko in the list of available search engines, go to 'Preferences' -> 'Preferred Search Engines' and add it to the mix.

SEO SpyGlass with Blekko in Action

Let's look at one of the test projects we did for

SEO SpyGlass gathered 6,718 backlinks for using just Blekko alone. When we added another 9 US search engines, the number of backlinks jumped up to 9,608. There are over 445 search engines in SEO SpyGlass that you can use to hunt for links, so 10k is really not the limit here.

But enough about quantity, let's talk quality.

Here's a screenshot of a sample SEO SpyGlass project for


As you can see, SEO SpyGlass lets you easily analyze the backlinks, linking pages and domains.

Got overwhelmed with all this data? No worries, you can pick what columns to use and arrange your working area any way you like.

You can also sort and filter the backlinks according to virtually any SEO factor in the book:

  • Google PageRank of the linking domain and the linking page
  • Dofollow/nofollow
  • Links coming from same domain (aka site-wide links)
  • Anchor text (or alt text for image links)
  • Links from .edu, .gov  and dot-your-favorite-tld sites
  • Link value, cache date in Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • You name it…

SEO SpyGlass supports around 40 SEO factors that you can check for every backlink: from traffic ranks like Alexa and Compete to mentions on Twitter, StumbleUpon and other social media sites. And the best part is you can gather, view and analyze only the data you need, when you need it.

You can hunt for links from high PR webpages or domain. You can look at potential ad placements to generate traffic and sales. You can analyze mentions of your competitors in social media. In short, you can take instant action on this data.

And when we say instant we really mean it. Go ahead, get a copy of SEO SpyGlass and discover new backlink sources for your site.

In conclusion

The word 'cutting-edge' has been abused into losing its shine recently, but this really is a cutting-edge ahead-of-the-curve way to do backlink research.

Seriously, 90% of your competitors haven't even heard about Blekko yet, and you already have an opportunity to leverage it for your SEO campaigns.

P.S. There are quite a lot of other cool things one can do with Blekko and we're going to build quite a couple of crazy SEO features around them, so stay tuned.

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