SEO is hard to learn, I know that firsthand. And it doesn’t matter if you are going to become a professional SEO or just want to figure out how to optimize your own site without outside assistance.

So here’s a compilation of the best SEO courses that will help you choose the one that will meet all your specific needs and preferences. 

I’ll consider courses for beginners first. These are entry-level SEO courses suitable for anyone. If you already know a thing or two about SEO, you can move directly to “Intermediate to advanced” courses.

Beginner to intermediate SEO courses

#1 Complete SEO course by Reliablesoft Digital Marketing Academy

Let’s start with the SEO training bundle made by Reliablesoft. The team offers four courses in one: the Complete SEO Course, the eCommerce SEO Course, the Keyword Research Course, and the Google Analytics Course

The bundle covers the most common questions that bother those new to SEO. However, besides basic SEO practices, you will find advanced SEO tips as well. 

  • Covered topics: Technical SEO, on-page SEO, keyword research, off-page SEO, ecommerce SEO, SEO tools including Google Analytics, local SEO, and international SEO.
  • Duration: 34 lessons.
  • Last updated: July 2023, all the updates are free for students.
  • Instructor: Alex Chris.
  • Tests and assignments: You will have to pass a final exam to get a certificate.
  • Downloadable resources: You are offered PDF blueprints and checklists. Also, you can download the whole course in PDF.
  • Access: Lifetime.
  • The best thing about the course: The course is action-oriented so that you can easily put the acquired knowledge into practice.
  • Other perks or peculiarities: The team provides a 60-day money-back guarantee and discounts for SEO tools.
  • Price: $89. The Reliable Soft team often offers discounts for the course. 

#2 Post Graduate Program In Digital Marketing From Purdue University by Simplilearn

This online Digital Marketing Course by Simplilearn is a unique boot camp developed in collaboration with Purdue University and Meta.

You will learn some of the most in-demand skills, including behavioral marketing, SEO, SEM, social media, email marketing, mobile marketing, content strategy, analytics, AI, automation, emerging technology, and more. You will also learn to use ChatGPT and other generative AI tools in digital marketing. Beyond that, you also get to attend masterclasses from the top faculty at Purdue University and master sessions by Meta Blueprint trainers.

  • Covered topics: Making effective SEO strategies, developing and executing an advanced SEM strategy, social media, web, mobile, content strategy, AI, Automation & Emerging Technology.
  • Duration: A preparatory course + 13 main modules + 8 electives, 9 months of training
  • Last updated: Not specified.
  • Instructors: Jinsuh Lee, Bernadette D Chambers, Jayant Nandan, Marc Campman.
  • Tests and assignments: Practice tests and a final capstone project for your portfolio.
  • Downloadable resources: Not specified.
  • Access: Lifetime access to all core eLearning content created by Simplilearn.
  • The best thing about the course: It has everything you need to thrive in the digital world: hands-on practical training through case studies, masterclasses, and mentoring sessions. Learn from fundamental and advanced materials with a hands-on Live Interactive Learning experience.
  • Other perks or peculiarities: Purdue Alumni Association membership, masterclasses delivered by Purdue faculty, master sessions by Meta Blueprint trainers, 5 Capstone problem statements and 15+ course-end projects, Simplilearn Career Service. Note that the enrollment opens a few times per year.
  • Price: €141.58 per month with the option of 0% interest, no hidden fees, or a one-time payment of €1,699.

#3 SEO Master Certification by Boot Camp Digital

If your plan is to go pro in SEO, this course by Boot Camp Digital is a great starting point. This comprehensive course will take you from beginner to advanced through hands-on learning and strategy-focused lessons. 

The course isn’t theoretical but practical and actionable. You will be able to implement all the tips and tricks on your own projects almost immediately. 

  • Covered topics: Marketing research, keyword research, backlink analysis, technical SEO, and mobile SEO.
  • Duration: 20 lessons, 20+ hours in total.
  • Access: 1 year.
  • Last updated: 2022, all updates are free.
  • Instructors: Krista Neher and Allison Chaney.
  • Tests and assignments: There are four levels with quizzes at the end of each. 
  • Downloadable resources: The team shares downloadable tip sheets, checklists, and templates. 
  • The best thing about the course: Monthly Q&A sessions, Office Hours, and monthly live workshops are a part of the course, so you can always ask questions if they appear (and they will, for sure).
  • Other perks or peculiarities: When buying the course, you also get access to the bonus courses including Digital Process + Workflow Training, Tool Reviews, and High Impact Training for free. The team also provides discounts for various SEO tools and offers a 7-day money-back guarantee.
  • Price: $997.

#4 SEO Training for Beginners: Core Fundamentals Course by SEO PowerSuite 

The course created by yours truly and Joseph S. Kahn from HumJAM will be a perfect base for beginner SEOs. It’s short – aiming at providing you with the most essential SEO practices. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to check how SEO-friendly your website is, analyze your top competitors, discover how you can improve your content, and work out your individual SEO plan.

  • Covered topics: Technical SEO, on-page SEO, keyword research, off-page SEO, competitor analysis, and content optimization.
  • Duration: 11 lectures, 2h 46m total length.
  • Last updated: August 2023.
  • Instructor: Joseph S. Kahn.
  • Tests and assignments: You’ll have to pass the final exam to get a certificate of completion.
  • Downloadable resources: 17 downloadables.
  • Access: Lifetime + free lifetime updates.
  • The best thing about the course: The information given in the course is thoroughly brushed up. Plus, a lot of non-native speakers note the great manner of speaking of our instructor.
  • Other perks or peculiarities: The course explains how to do SEO mostly with SEO PowerSuite tools, which you can use totally for free for unlimited projects. 
  • Price: $19.99 (the price without the Udemy discount)

#5 The Affiliate Lab 

The Affiliate Lab created by Matt Diggity and his team is a course focused on affiliate marketing and SEO. Though it’s more about optimizing affiliate websites, the course is still a wealth of knowledge. It covers proven strategies that really work with demos and easy-to-follow instructions. 

And if it happens that you are interested in the affiliate niche, the course will become your go-to source of knowledge.

  • Covered topics: Niche selection, beginner website setup, affiliate links, technical SEO, CRO (conversion rate optimization), email marketing, branding, etc. 
  • Duration: 250 videos, around 35-40 hours of total watch time.
  • Access: Lifetime.
  • Last updated: Not specified, but I am assured that the course is updated regularly when new information comes out. 
  • Instructors: Matt Diggity and Jay Yap.
  • Tests and assignments: There are no such. 
  • Downloadable resources: Students are provided with 6 Plug-and-Play templates and tools as well as checklists and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures).
  • The best thing about the course: The team is constantly testing their ideas before they put them out on the course. The information in this course is consistently getting updated – the team releases new videos every month.
  • Other perks or peculiarities: The team has recently started to hold AMA sessions for newer students, which is a great opportunity to ask questions that you may have. Please, note that the certificate isn’t provided upon completion of the course. 
  • Price: $997. The Affiliate Lab team also offers discounts on special dates or occasions.

#6 The Art of Being Found: SEO for Non-Techie Marketers by MarketingProfs

MarketingProfs designed this SEO course specifically for non-techie marketers. So, if you aren’t familiar with JavaScript or CSS but want to learn SEO as much in-depth as you can, i.e., gain an understanding of search ranking factors, key phrases, searcher intent, organic competition, and authority, this course is a decent option.

  • Covered topics: Competition research, keyword research, off-page SEO, on-page SEO, and KPI monitoring. 
  • Duration: 17 videos, around 5 hours of total watch time.
  • Access: Subscription-based – as long as you pay, you have access to the course. 
  • Last updated: Not specified, but the support representatives claim the course has recently been updated.
  • Instructor: Andy Crestodina.
  • ​​​​Tests and assignments: There are no such. 
  • Downloadable resources: You will be provided with video transcripts, which you can save. 
  • The best thing about the course: PRO Membership includes master classes, working webinars, an exclusive Slack group for B2B Q&A, and regular invitations to online and in-person events.
  • Other perks or peculiarities: There is also an opportunity for one-on-one consulting given every month.
  • Price: Annual Pro membership is $279 for individuals or $235 for just this class (without membership).

#7 Bruce Clay SEO Training

The SEO course by Bruce Clay is also well-known in the industry. First and foremost because of Bruce Clay himself – a world-renowned expert and the “Father of SEO”. Before, it was an exclusively offline course but now we have an opportunity to learn from Bruce Clay online.

  • Covered topics: On-page SEO, content for SEO, mobile SEO, local search, linking strategies, siloing concepts, and technical SEO.
  • Duration: 12 modules, 15 hours of training.
  • Last updated: Lessons and resources are continually updated.
  • Instructor: Bruce Clay.
  • Tests and assignments: Not specified.
  • Downloadable resources: PDFs with all the learning materials and ebooks.
  • Access: 12 months.
  • The best thing about the course: The SEOToolSet subscription for three projects and the SEO plugin for WordPress are included in the membership subscription. 
  • Other perks or peculiarities: Live Q&A sessions with the host Dillon Vibbart or Bruce Clay (scheduled monthly) and ask-us-anything videos. Besides, a 15-day money-back guarantee is offered.
  • Price: Full membership costs $149 per month or $1495 per year. 

#8 SEO Training: Complete SEO Course & ChatGPT SEO Copywriting

One of the best introductory courses on Udemy is the SEO Training run by Ing. Tomas Moravek. It’s very extensive, there are tons of useful information. However, be prepared for more than 300 lectures on a whole bunch of SEO-related topics. It won’t be easy. 

  • Covered topics: SEO copywriting, keyword research, on-page SEO basics, technical and off-page SEO, local SEO, Chat GPT, WordPress & Webhosting.
  • Duration: 302 lectures, 45.5 hours in total.
  • Last updated: July 2023. The course is constantly updated, so there, you will find lectures on using Chat GPT for SEO purposes.
  • Instructor: Ing. Tomas Moravek and SEO, Facebook Ads & Digital Marketing Academy.
  • Tests and assignments: 1 practice test and quick quizzes almost after each day of education.
  • Downloadable resources: 160 downloadables.
  • Access: Lifetime.
  • The best thing about the course: The course includes a copywriting learning module, which is a quite unique feature. 
  • Other perks or peculiarities: There is a 30-day money-back guarantee. 
  • Price: $84.99.

#9 SEO 2023: Comprehensive SEO Training Course With ChatGPT

Another recently updated SEO course is by Arun Nagarathanam, an SEO consultant. Just like with the previous course, you can find this one on Udemy.
The course isn’t too long, but it’s extremely informative. It's filled with real-life examples, case studies, and best practices. The course covers all the SEO topics you will need in your practice starting from keyword research to user experience optimization. 

  • Covered topics: CRO, keyword research, competitor analysis, technical SEO, Core Web Vitals, PageSpeed optimization, technical SEO, link building, and user experience.
  • Duration: 176 lectures, 20 hours of watch time.
  • Last updated: July 2023.
  • Instructor: Arun Nagarathanam.
  • Tests and assignments: There are no tests in the course. 
  • Downloadable resources: 6 downloadable files. 
  • Access: Lifetime.
  • The best thing about the course: The course is very well-structured. The instructor breaks down all the aspects of SEO consistently, so you won’t get confused as you progress through the course.
  • Other perks or peculiarities: The instructor suggests a lot of recommendations on SEO tools and their usage. 
  • Price: $94.99.

#10 SEO Manager Certification by Blue Array Academy

SEO Manager Certification is also a popular SEO course. It is comprehensive and suitable for those who want to become real SEO professionals – both in-house SEOs and those working in an SEO agency. The course will teach you the best SEO practices, cover common pitfalls, and advice on a bunch of great SEO tools as well.

  • Covered topics: Site audit, technical SEO, keyword research, local SEO, international SEO, off-page SEO, SEO for ecommerce. 
  • Duration: 137 lessons and 27+ hours of content.
  • Last updated: Not specified. 
  • Instructors: Tom Pool, Lucinda Wood, and Kim Dewe.
  • Tests and assignments: 15 quizzes and 31 tasks.
  • Downloadable resources: Templates to create your SEO roadmap, technical backlog, reporting, etc. 
  • Access: Lifetime.
  • The best thing about the course: The comprehensiveness and inclusiveness of the course: it includes very specific topics, such as international, ecommerce, and local SEO. 
  • Other perks or peculiarities: 12 lessons are available for preview for free.
  • Price: £‎397 during the SEO Summer School Season, the rest of the time it costs £497.

#11 Google Digital Garage – Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

One of the most basic courses on this list that will be very well welcomed in your CV is Google’s certificate in digital marketing. It will provide a lot of useful information on how Search works and what you can do to increase your site visibility in search results. However, it won’t disclose all the SEO tips and tricks as other courses. Basically, it’s just Google guidelines presented in more detail.

  • Covered topics: Online presence, keyword research, local SEO, SEM (search engine marketing), mobile SEO, and social media.
  • Duration: 26 modules, 40 hours in total.
  • Last updated: Not specified.
  • Instructor: Google’s staff. 
  • Tests and assignments: 40-question exam before getting certification + quick quizzes along the course. 
  • Downloadable resources: No. But you can return to any lesson in the course at any time. 
  • Access: Lifetime, anytime.
  • The best thing about the course: It goes far beyond just SEO and covers a lot of aspects of digital marketing in general.
  • Other perks or peculiarities: Each time you successfully complete a module in The Google Digital Garage, you will receive a badge, i.e., a digital recognition or a prize that you can brag about on your social media or at work.
  • Price: Free.

#12 Search Engine Optimization Specialization by UC Davis

Our list of best SEO courses wouldn’t be complete without this popular SEO course from Coursera. In fact, it is the whole SEO specialization ‌that is divided into 5 courses. 

With this course, you'll get to understand how Google search and other search engine algorithms work. Plus, you'll gain hands-on experience in digital marketing and online content development that you can use to pursue a career in those fields.

  • Covered topics: Google SEO, on-page optimization, technical SEO, local SEO, link building, and outreach.
  • Duration: 5 courses in a series, 119 hours in total.
  • Last updated: Not specified.
  • Instructor: Eric Enge and Rebekah May.
  • Tests and assignments: Not specified.
  • Downloadable resources: There are no such.
  • Access: Lifetime.
  • The best thing about the course: The course is very rich in information, both theoretical and practical. 
  • Other perks or peculiarities: Each person is offered a 7-day free trial. Plus, you can enroll in any course in the specialization separately if you need.
  • Price: €45 per month to continue learning after the trial ends.

#13 The Ultimate SEO Training 2023 + SEO For Wordpress Websites by ClickSlice Ltd

Udemy is full of good SEO courses. This one by ClickSlice is no exception. The course will teach you the most vital SEO notions and practices. Users appreciate its thorough content, effective delivery, professional narration & visuals, great video editing, care to attention, and freshness.

  • Covered topics: Keyword research, on-page SEO, technical SEO, link building, WordPress, and user experience.
  • Duration: 18 sections, 139 lectures, 14h in total.
  • Last updated: July 2023.
  • Instructor: Joshua George.
  • Tests and assignments: There are quizzes after some modules in the course. 
  • Downloadable resources: There are 17 downloadable documents. 
  • Access: Lifetime.
  • The best thing about the course: Listeners note that Joshua George doesn't just provide a slide show, he does live walkthroughs on sites so you can see the SEO process in action.
  • Other perks or peculiarities: The course is extremely well-edited, which makes the learning experience even more pleasant.
  • Price: $74.99.

Intermediate to advanced

#14 SEO Playbook by Robbie Richards

The course by Robbie Richards is meant ‌for those who already have some experience with optimizing sites for search engines. This course is designed to teach you how to use advanced white hat SEO techniques to increase your organic rankings in search engines.

  • Covered topics: SEO quick wins, keyword research, content audit.
  • Duration: 23 modules, 14 hours in total.
  • Last updated: Not specified.
  • Instructor: Robbie Richards.
  • Tests and assignments: Not specified.
  • Downloadable resources: There are tons of pre-built templates and a whole library of playbooks to download.
  • Lifetime or limited access: Lifetime with free updates.
  • The best thing about the course: The practical focus of this course makes it one of the best SEO learning hubs on the market. The course ‌basically consists of step-by-step process docs for real practice. So, those who need to get actionable insights will appreciate the course. 
  • Other perks or peculiarities: There is a 30-day money-back guarantee. Note that Robbie opens up the enrollment a few times per year.
  • Price: Around $1000.

#15 Tech SEO Pro by MarketingSyrup

THAT! Technical SEO Course by Kristina Azarenko is for those who want to dive into technical site audits: the world of redirects, robots.txt’s, canonical tags, noindex tags, pagination, and so on. The course will persuade you that you don’t need to know how to code to be a pro at technical SEO.

  • Covered topics: Technical SEO: crawling and indexing, internal linking, page experience, page speed optimization, and JavaScript SEO.
  • Duration: 10 modules, 50+ lessons and 13+ hours in total.
  • Last updated: Not specified.
  • Instructor: Kristina Azarenko and various guest speakers.
  • Tests and assignments: No.
  • Downloadable resources: Downloadable checklists and templates will be provided.
  • Access: Lifetime, including future updates.
  • The best thing about the course: The course is practical and includes mostly over-the-shoulder tutorials. 
  • Other perks or peculiarities: Kristina presents complicated material in an interesting and easy-to-understand way, which is a great plus.
  • Price: $697.

#16 Ecommerce SEO Training by CXL

If your aim is to master ‌ecommerce SEO, look no further than this course by CXL and Josh Piepmeier. It will teach you how to avoid technical SEO pitfalls in ecommerce, optimize pages for high-value keywords, build a revenue-first content strategy, and increase your site's authority for faster ranking.

  • Covered topics: Ecommerce SEO, site architecture, internal linking, keyword research, attribution and tracking, and link building. 
  • Duration: 13 lessons, 2 h16 min hours in total.
  • Last updated: Not specified.
  • Instructor: Josh Piepmeier.
  • Tests and assignments: Several assignments and a final exam.
  • Downloadable resources: 29 downloadables are shared. 
  • Access: Subscription-based. 
  • The best thing about the course: The course is available on subscription, which also grants you access to 90+ other online courses and the playbook community with 2500+ instructions and peer support.
  • Other perks or peculiarities: There is a 7-day money-back guarantee and 7 day-trial for $1.
  • Price: £‎397.


I hope this compilation will save you the trouble of choosing the right SEO course. We will also be more than happy if you share your experience with SEO courses with our community on Facebook

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