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4 Tools for Tracking Your Social Media Presence

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category GuestBox

guest post by Peter Michaelson

Now that you've arrived in social media, you want to keep tabs on the conversation.  Not every conversation is worthy of your attention, but you definitely want to be tracking conversations about you, your brand, or your business.  Short of lurking online 24/7 and constantly doing active monitoring of mentions and links, how can you keep tabs on your social media presence?

The easy answer is tools.  With the right tools, you don't have to be an online lurker round the clock.  Instead, the data you need can come to you, letting you know where you are being mentioned, how often you are being mentioned or linked to, and where traffic sources are coming from.  Using four key tools, you can feel connected, informed, and in control. is known for being a URL shortener, but few people truly take advantage of the analytics suite that comes along with it.  Perhaps because it is free and easy to use, most people aren't going deeper.  However, is an excellent social media presence monitoring tool because it tracks all of the clicks, sources for clicks, and even timing of clicks for its links.  If you want a simple interface for insight on how far, fast, and deep your links are being shared, is a strong choice.


Backtype provides a way of tracking mentions of your website, name, or brand even in pathways strict Google searches overlook.  The main page offers a quick path to an overview of your social standing, and you can drill down into conversations and audience tabs.  Registering for the beta trial brings more tools, but even the basic overview can help you monitor every corner of the web that is mentioning you and your organization.

Social Media Metrics Plug-In

As one of the most popular web analytics tools, Google Analytics dominates, but it's not complete.  To round out the data set that it provides, you need the Social Media Metrics Plug-In.  This script program enhances the dashboard display within Google Analytics to show mentions on Digg, Sphinn, Mixx, Reddit, StumbleUpon,, and YahooInLinks.  It's a time-saver tool, bringing you more of your social media data in a program you're likely already using.

Along with the Social Media Metrics Plug-In, a significant level of free information for your site is available through  The company has organized a free platform of analytics accessed through using the format.  The link checks through basic SEO software features for a site, but also shows web mentions, incoming links, indexed pages, and social bookmark mentions.  It's very complete, and the data as a whole will give you good food for thought.

While these four social media presence tools are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the tools that are out there, they will provide you with reliable and objective information about your social media life.  Without looking, you can't know, but once you have the information, your level of control and proactivity can work to reshape the social media presence you are projecting.

About the Author

Peter Michaelson is a tech blogger for a UK mobile phone site that compares mobile deals with free gifts as well as the best iphone deals, along with guides, reviews, and industry news.

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