Add Me to Search: How to Create Your Google People Card

What is the use of Add Me to Search? Imagine searching for yourself online and seeing a cool, informative virtual Google search card summarizing your awesomeness. That's what Add Me to Search and Google People Card do – they put you right there in Google Search results, waiting to be discovered.

Ready to shine? Here's your guide.

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Add Me To Search Google

Google's Add Me to Search function is a groundbreaking search feature that enables people to manage their digital persona in search results.

Add Me to Search allows you to tailor and oversee the details about yourself that appear in Google’s search results. Ideal for professionals aiming to display their skills or anyone eager to establish a robust online profile, Add Me to Search provides an intuitive approach to influence your digital footprint in search results, emphasizing the details you deem significant. The only thing you need to succeed is your personal Google account.

This overview sheds light on the functionality and advantages of Google's Add Me to Search, facilitating effortless control over how you're perceived online.

What is Add Me to Search?

Add Me to Search, often known as a People Card, offers a unique way to boost your digital footprint by creating a personalized card that pops up in Google search results.

how to add google people card

Add Me to Search is all about making it easier for you to be spotted online, enhancing how you appear on Google's search pages.

With Add Me to Search, you get to craft a search-friendly profile card that puts you or your brand on the global stage, making it a snap for anyone to find you.

It's like having your very own digital business search card, complete with all the must-know contact details: your name, what you do, where you work, your photo, and how to get in touch, including your website link and social media links. Mimi Nguyen, founder of rising beverage startup Cafely, understands that crafting a compelling online presence that reflects Cafely's values and product's quality is key to standing out in a sea of coffee brands.

It's designed to give a full picture of who you are, helping you connect and engage more effectively in the online world and search results.

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What’s a Google People Card?

Google People Card is a relatively new feature (released in February 2020). It lets you create a mini-profile summarizing yourself, which will appear in search results when people search for your name. Think of a People Card as a personal virtual business card, helping you get discovered and build your online presence.

a bunch of people cards

What do you need to get started with Add Me to Search?

  • You just need the Google Search app or any mobile browser to create your People Card.
  • Ensure you have a personal Google Account (Gmail or YouTube).
  • Web & App Activity needs to be on (it helps your card surface).

Note: The People Cards feature currently lives only in India, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. It’s available in English or Hindi. However, you can still use VPN and get this card (but it may violate Google's Terms of Service).

How to create a Google People Card using Add Me to Search

  1. Dive into Google. Open the app or visit from any mobile device.
  2. Search for your name. Alternatively, you can try "add me to search" or "edit my people card."
    Google People Card
  3. Get on board. If you see "Add yourself to Google Search," tap that magic Get Started button.
  4. Tell your story in your People Card. Share your name, profession, and anything else that makes you unique.
    Filling up Goggle People Card
  5. See yourself shine on Google. Preview your card, make tweaks if needed, and then hit Submit.

Remember: It might take a few hours for your card to appear. 

How to edit a Google People Card

Here's how you can update your Google People Card details:

Step 1: Grab your smartphone and launch the web browser. Make sure you're signed into your Google account first. Type in “edit my people card” in the search bar, and your People Card will pop up. Tap on any detail you wish to modify.

Step 2: Tap on the parts you'd like to alter and make your changes. After you've finished editing, you'll see a preview of your updates. If everything looks good, hit save, and your modifications will be live on Google.

How to remove Google People Card from Google search results

To delete your Google People Card from search outcomes, begin with the same initial three steps mentioned earlier for making edits to your People Card.

Step 1: Look for the three dots icon at the top-right corner of your card and click on it. Then, choose the option to delete.

Step 2: After clicking on delete, a confirmation pop-up will show up. Here, you'll need to verify that you indeed want to remove your People Card.

These simple steps will ensure that your Google People Card is promptly removed from search results.

Pro tips for a stellar Google People Card

  • Be the real you. Authenticity is key. Use your real name and add a recognizable profile picture.
  • Spread positivity. No negativity, comparisons, or self-promotion allowed. Focus on your skills and experiences.
  • Respect is key. Remember, your card is public. Be respectful of individuals, groups, and organizations.
  • Stay fresh. Update your card regularly with new info to stay visible.

Will Google’s People Card benefit your SEO?

While Google People Cards don't directly impact SEO ranking or guarantee high E-E-A-T scores, the feature offers several indirect benefits. I see them the following way:

  • Increased search engine visibility. People Card helps you appear in Google Search results when people search for your name, making it easier to find you.
  • Branding control. You can craft a curated online persona by shaping the information displayed on your card.
  • Trust building. In your own card, you can present accurate and relevant information and establish yourself as a credible and trustworthy individual.
  • Engagement opportunities. Through People Card, you can attract visitors to your website, social media, or portfolio by including relevant links. This can help you generate more leads and sales.

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  • Potential boost for E-E-A-T signals. While Google People Cards don't magically skyrocket your website ranking, they can help present you as an expert. Think of it as showing off your skills and experience.

    Disclaimer: Google hasn't confirmed a direct connection between People Cards and E-E-A-T scores, so it’s my personal suggestion. You may consider this point as “People cards potentially contribute to a positive perception of your expertise”.

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Who needs to get Google’s People Card?

Overall, anyone who wants to be more discoverable online and control their online presence can benefit from using a Google People Card. It's a versatile tool with the potential to connect you with the right people and opportunities.

Having a Google People Card offers valuable benefits for various individuals, particularly those seeking to amplify their online presence and connect with the right audience:

Professionals. Freelancers and independent contractors can showcase their skills and expertise directly in search results through compelling People Cards. Entrepreneurs can leverage them to build brand awareness and establish themselves as industry authorities. Business owners can increase their discoverability and attract potential customers more effectively. Job seekers can highlight their qualifications and stand out to potential employers, while creative professionals can showcase their portfolios and connect with collaborators using engaging People Cards.

Public figures. Influencers can expand their reach and connect directly with followers through their highly visible People Cards. Community leaders can share information and engage more effectively with their communities. Speakers and authors can promote their work and make themselves easier to find with the help of informative People Cards.

Anyone who is bothered with personal branding. Individuals with common names can distinguish themselves by adding relevant details to their unique People Cards. Those looking to build a personal brand can control the information displayed about them and shape their online persona through their customized People Cards. Anyone seeking new opportunities can increase their chances of being found by potential employers, clients, or collaborators with a well-crafted People Card.

Remember, your People Card is your gateway to building a strong online presence and connecting with the right people. So, it’s high time to create your People Card.

Final thought

With a Google People Card, you're just a few clicks away from making a lasting impression online. Remember, it's not just about being found, it's about shaping how you're found. Showcase your expertise, build trust, and connect with the right people – all on your own terms. Go ahead, claim your online space, and get discovered.

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