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Once you create a project in SEO SpyGlass, the Summary module under Backlink Profile will show the summarized statistical data based on all links for the current website, except for the disavowed and lost ones. The preferred statistical source can be changed under Preferences > Project Preferences.

  • If you choose SEO PowerSuite Link Explorer, Summary will display the data as it is in our crawler's database: the links, their status and other characteristics as they were gathered when the links where last indexed.
  • If you set the statistical source to Project, Summary will include all data as it is in the current project: will also include the backlinks collected from third-party sources or added manually, and will reflect all the updates in the project.

If you have collected the links from multiple sources, added some manually, verified backlinks presence in real-time - set the preferred statistical source to Project to reflect all changes and show the current stats.

Overall backlink profile stats

Apart from the stats for the current number of backlinks, linking domains and unique IPs, the Summary module includes progress graphs reflecting the backlink profile growth over time (the visulized period can be changed from 1 month to 3 years).

Tip: each and every section in Summary has a tooltip showing a brief explanation of the stats displayed, on-hover.

Backlinks destribution overview

The following sections provide the stats on desribution of the backlinks in the current project across top-level domains and countries, and indicate the number of domains linking from homepage.

Anchor texts and linked pages overview

The bottom sections of Summary will show the summarized data about anchor texts used in the project backlinks, linked pages overview, and an anchor text cloud (the top anchor texts in the project are the most prominent ones in the cloud).

The Summary is being automatically updated if you rebuild the project, switch statistical source or apply any changes to the project (when Project is set as the source).