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12 smashing ready-to-use ideas for corporate social media posts

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category Facebook Google+ Social Media Twitter

12 ideas for corporate social media posts

One of the worst feelings an SMM manager has is when you put your heart and soul into updates on social media networks, yet you get little response to your posts.

The reason for that might be little diversity in the content you share.

We all know that social media strategy needs variety, yet you would sometimes just run out of ideas.

In this post you'll find 12 options for corporate social media updates you can use right away. The examples are truly inspiring!

1. Share your blog posts, news, features, events, sales etc.

Though sharing corporate updates sounds like an option on the surface, and it's kind of always on your radar, it sometimes seems that you don't have anything of the kind to share.

How about finding a new angle to promote a post that was popular a while ago? Flavor it with a new comment and here you go!

Or you can preannounce some important stuff that's on the way, and the key here is a catchy image. Below, as an example, is a pitch for BuzzBundle, our social media management tool. The fence painted in the colors of our app looks really nice:

2. Show how your product is made

What can be better than going behind the curtains of the production process? Use people's curiosity to drive more engagement.

Social media managers for Iron Man, a famous superhero film, knew that and managed to get 3k+ likes and 271 comments on Facebook with a short video on Tony's first trial with the Mark 42:

3. Share a story about your brand

Brand stories have a way of sticking with customers. They're enjoyable, often fun and connect companies with their customers emotionally.

Stories put in words are too long for social media. How about a series of pictures put together?

A great example of a brand story put into a collage comes from ClifBar:

Note: this example has been originally mentioned by Heidi Cohen on her blog.

4. Share a link to other social networks of your own

Update users on the other social accounts you're running. We all have our preferences with social boards, and by sharing your Instagram account on Twitter you might find a better way to reach out to your audience.

That's what Samsung SMMs probably had in mind when they shared this update:

5. Run a quiz

Quizzes are fun, and people like them, so make sure you add them to your social media routine from time to time.

Quizzes are often about simple challenges. Below is a great example of the kind from Snickers, who asked their Facebook followers to find all mini bars on the picture:

And here's a quiz from Olympics' Google+ page: an invitation to find all words related to the Olympics.

6. Write about your success and popularity, and thank your fans

If you've hit some remarkable landmark, share it with your audience.

If your client base has reached 1 mln users, or the research showed the car you make is the safest, or a trusty journalist gave you coverage, cry out loud! Your folks also need yet another proof they've chosen the right brand.

Below is a great example of bragging with style from 718 Cyclery, a bike shop with a popular promo video:

7. Share an inspiration post

Inspirational posts make the top of most shared content in social media, so you definitely need to have one or two in stock to add to your SM mix.

The Nike's post below urges the audience to get up earlier and train, and it's an example of an inspirational update highly relevant to the brand:

Also, a popular type of inspirational posts is famous people's quotes, which you need really little effort to find and share:

8. Post Sneakpeeks

A sneakpeek is something you show to the selected audience before revealing it to general public.

Add sneakpeaks to your corporate social media routine, and your followers will be delighted to get some insider information earlier than others do:

9. Make a meme about your niche

Niche memes are social media candies.

They resonate with pros on emotional level, which makes them one of the most popular ways to build engagement and traffic, not to mention they're a great addition to your corporate social media strategy.

Here's a great example from WebMeUp related to search industry. Witty, isn't it?

10. Tips and how-to's on using your product

Users often have similar questions when working with one and the same product. Or they might sometimes happen to be collectively unaware of a simple tweak to save loads of time when using the product.

You definitely have solutions described in your KnowledgeBase and on your Blog, and you can use your social media accounts as well to provide quick how-to's:

11. Share relevant facts and studies about your niche

People trust data a lot, so post industry research on your corporate social media account from time to time:

12. Make posts about your customers

Last but not least, make your corporate social media updates focused on your customers.

You can classify your users in fun types and ask them to tell their types: Or post photos of your community members doing something remarkable:



Or ask your customers simple questions to get to know them better: Did you find these example inspiring? Have we missed any great ideas for updates on corporate social media accounts? Share them in the comments below!

Image credit: ugde via iStockphoto

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