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Three-Step Easy Strategy for Conversion-Focused Internal Link Building

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category Analytics Link-Assistant.Com News On Page SEO SEO Tools

Looking for the best link building opportunities is every SEO's daily routine, especially after the recent Google update: webmasters need natural links from trusted and relevant websites as never before.

As you scavenge the web in search of great links, we'd also like to encourage you to broaden your perspective a bit ... and get the most out of links on your site.


Here's a simple strategy for smart (i.e. conversion-focused) internal link-building with WebSite Auditor we have put together for you:

Step 1. Spot your top landing pages

Now that Google Analytics is integrated with WebSite Auditor, you can find your most popular pages, i.e. pages that bring most visitors:


Step 2. Analyze how these pages are supported by the in-site link juice – new WebSite Auditor feature

As a next step, use hot off the press WebSite Auditor 3.1.2 (released today!) to see how well your traffic-generating pages are backed up by other pages of your website:

By clicking the three-dot button next to the number of links to page, you'll get a list of links pointing to a particular web page.

Analyze how these pages are supported by the in-site link juice.

Step 3. Find best donor pages with WebSite Auditor

Use the on page optimization tool to hunt down most trusted pages of your website.

Look for pages with unique titles and meta descriptions, highest Google PR and small amount of internal links from page – all these are easily spotted with WebSite Auditor.

Then link your best donor web pages to your top landing pages (see Step 1) for the best-balanced internal link structure of your website and maximum value for your conversions.

To get the new feature described in step 2, all you need to do is restart your WebSite Auditor to let it auto-update - or download it from the website.

P.S. If you still don't have a WebSite Auditor's license, get one here.

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