Yauhen Khutarniuk
Yauhen Khutarniuk

Yauhen started off in Internet Marketing over 15 years ago, coming a long way from junior link builder to Head of SEO and PPC at SEO PowerSuite. He is into all things SEO, snowboarding, web analytics, PPC, and cycling, a lifelong learner.

How to Stay Safe from Each
Duplicate content is a big topic in the SEO space. When we hear about duplication issues, it's mostly in the context of Google penalties. But this potential side effect of content duplication is not only exaggerated, but also hardly the gravest consequence of the issue. All of dangerous scenarios are preventable if you know where duplicate content may hide, how to detect it, and how to deal with it. In this article, I'm going to outline the 7 types of content duplication — and how to tackle each.
Yauhen Khutarniuk
Sep 02, 2020
Best Practices 2022
Internal links are not as powerful a ranking factor as backlinks, but, when implemented correctly, they can help you bring some of your pages forward in search.
Yauhen Khutarniuk
Jun 23, 2020
The SEO Implications
A scientific approach to understanding how search algorithms work on text classification and retrieval of relevant documents in response to a user query.
Yauhen Khutarniuk
Jul 02, 2019
What to Choose?
Search engine optimization has gradually evolved from a stand-alone activity to an integral part of the online marketing mix. SEO managers, PPC managers, SMM managers, community managers, You-Name-It managers should play together to squeeze maximal ROI out of the marketing budget. In practice, however, businesses have to opt for fewer online marketing channels. This guide will help you decide when and why to choose between SEO and PPC, and how to combine them so that you get most of your presence in SERPs.
Yauhen Khutarniuk
Mar 20, 2018
Quick Start Guide
WordPress is often referred to as one of the most SEO friendly CMSs out there. However… WordPress doesn't come optimized out of the box and SEO for a WordPress website takes a lot of work. To help you make your WordPress website hit page #1 of Google, I've put together an SEO's guide to WordPress: your ultimate reference for tuning up a WordPress-based website for maximum SEO results.
Yauhen Khutarniuk
Oct 17, 2017
SEO Case Study
As you might have noticed, over a month ago Link-Assistant.Com's website has migrated from HTTP to HTTPS. The migration was no piece of cake, but all the effort has truly paid off — we went through the process with no harm to our rankings and organic traffic. And now, as all the dust has settled after the migration, I decided to sum up our experience in this case study, full of practical tips and advice.
Yauhen Khutarniuk
Mar 28, 2017
Keep Rankings Safe While Updating Your Website
No doubt that a smart, SEO-friendly site redesign can improve user experience and boost conversions; but if things go wrong, it can (and will) lead to an irreversible SEO disaster. To help you make the most of updating your site's look-n-feel and keep your rankings safe, I've put together the SEO's guide to site redesign: your ultimate reference for SEO dos and don'ts when updating or migrating your site.
Yauhen Khutarniuk
Sep 06, 2016
E-commerce website promotion is a daunting task even for the experienced SEOs. Online stores are complicated and online stores are large. Even the basic SEO tasks such as keyword research may turn into the nightmare! This guide covers timesaving tips to help you deal with content and tech related issues.
Yauhen Khutarniuk
Nov 09, 2015