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Unlock your "Not provided" keywords
The new feature calculates your keyword traffic with 91% precision!

Google's recent cutback on keyword data available in Google Analytics makes the whole SEO world go mad. A crucial "keyword traffic" metric has gone dead, hidden under the (not provided) label in your traffic reports.

Is there a way to fill this gaping hole in your SEO analytics? Finally, there is a working solution for Google's "not provided" in SEO PowerSuite!

Welcome the "Not provided keyword traffic" dashboard in SEO PowerSuite:

To start using the new feature — just restart your Rank Tracker for an auto-update or download the freshest version from the website and start your research!

And read on to learn more on "Not provided" problem and how it is now solved with SEO PowerSuite.

What is "not provided"?

"(Not provided)" is the label you see in Google Analytics reports instead of actual keywords that bring visitors to your site.

This happens when Google processes requests via the so-called secure (encrypted) search. And nearly 80% of your keyword data is now hidden under "not provided".

For SEOs it means the sad and disturbing fact — you're now cut off from access to crucial keyword data. That's why we've been thinking of a workaround solution to base your SEO analytics on — and here it comes!

Calculate your keyword traffic with 91% precision!

From now on, in SEO PowerSuite's Rank Tracker you have a special "Not Provided" Keyword Traffic tab that brings in the crucial data to substitute your Google Analytics stats.

First of all, this tab is charged with a new "Calculated visits" formula that lets the software calculate your current keyword traffic with 91% precision (learn more).

Based on this formula, the new tab includes 4 new metrics:

Calculated keyword visits The approximate visits the keyword brings to your website.
Calculated page visits

The approximate visits that your page gets from all keywords it ranks for

— if a page ranks for just 1 keyword, Calculated page visits and Calculated keyword visits coincide
— yet if a page ranks for a number of keywords, in Calculated page visits you see all the traffic this page gets

Page visits These are actual organic visits your page gets according to Google Analytics
Page bounce rate That is a page's overall bounce rate as shown in Google Analytics

And this is just the data you need to analyze your sites performance on both keyword and page level:

And this means that now with SEO PowerSuite you can easily:

  • See which keywords bring the most visits
  • See which pages get those visits
  • See if these pages perform well enough and don't waste your traffic with high bounce rates

If several pages of your site are found ranking for a certain keyword, you'll see them all listed in the Ranking Page(s) column. In this case, Calculated page visits, Page visits and Page bounce rate columns will even show you the data for each of the pages (separated with a comma):

This way you get the most detailed picture of how each of your pages performs.

Finally, all your keyword data — in one place!

Ever since the "not provided" apocalypses started, SEOs were forced to gather this data bit-by-bit in dozens of different sources.

Finally, you have the most precise traffic calculations and loads of other analytical data in one SEO PowerSuite's dashboard! Meaning your analytics won't have to take ages — you have an easy solution to Google's "not provided" growth!

Note: you need to be a paid user to be able to save your keyword traffic history. So go here to get your license if you don't have one yet.

Guys, we're extremely excited to share with you the results of our work — and would love to hear your feedback. So please join the comments below and tell us what you think! (By the way, feel free to share any other great ways you've found to cope with Google's "not provided".)