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Utilize the Power of Social Media
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  • Build quality links for SEO
  • Manage company reputation
Get BuzzBundle with 2 new powerful features:
Reach & Multiposting

There's no SEO or online marketing without social media anymore — customers turn to social networks to learn about businesses, and search engines consider social signals important quality indicators (hence ranking factors). Social media marketing is sure to increase your site's rankings, traffic, and sales, as well as boost brand awareness and your company's reputation; but doing it manually can get challenging and time-consuming.

BuzzBundle, your go-to tool to manage your business' online presence, will save you hours on posting, commenting, sharing, and digging through the social media, blogs, forums, and Q&A sites for brand mentions. And there's even more good news: with Reach and Multiposting, the 2 BuzzBundle features out today, spotting and engaging in discussions that matter and sharing content socially gets smarter and easier than ever before.

Prioritize your social monitoring & engage with bigger audiences first

Reach is BuzzBundle's estimation of the size of the audience following every discussion online. The value is made up by a number of metrics that indicate engagement (such as the number of the poster's followers or friends, the post's likes, shares and comments, etc).

BuzzBundle will display Reach for all posts in your streams, letting you instantly see how many people are exposed to any given conversation (and will potentially read your reply). You'll also see Reach calculated for your own posts and see how much exposure each of them gets.

To smarten up your workflow on growing awareness and managing your brand's reputation, you can sort posts in your streams by Reach — so that the conversations with bigger audiences appear first, and you can react to those quickly.

How to:

1. Create or open a project in BuzzBundle. In the right upper corner of each post in your stream, you'll see a Reach value (if it's not calculated yet, just refresh your stream by hitting ). Click this number to get details and see values for all metrics that make up Reach.
2. To sort posts in your streams by Reach, click the gear button in the right upper corner of a stream, and select Sort by Reach.
Done! Now you can easily evaluate the size of the audience exposed to any online discussion, and save tons of time on finding posts that really matter — so that you can react to those first and engage with a maximum number of people.
Momentarily share content across any number of social accounts

Multiposting, another feature out today in BuzzBundle, lets you add posts under multiple Personas simultaneously at a single click of a button. This makes spreading the word on social media faster and more powerful than ever, ensuring that your posts reach more people and build more awareness.

You can also automate posting to your social pages by scheduling it, and set delays for the posts to appear on your social pages in specified intervals of time rather than simultanesouly — to ensure the sharing looks as natural as possible!

How to:

1. In your BuzzBundle project, click the arrow next to the Add Post button and select Add Post for Multiple Personas.
2. Select the social network you'll be posting to in the upper drop-down menu, and compose your message.
3. Tick the Personas whose social accounts you'd like to share the post on (if a Persona doesn't have an account in the required social network, just click Add account to connect one).
Tip. Note the Posting Delay option, enabling you to publish posts on your social accounts in specified time intervals so that the sharing appears more natural. You can adjust the delays (just hover the mouse over the indicated time to make changes) or set all delays to 0 if you'd rather post to all accounts simultaneously (right-click the time and select Clear delays).
4. Hit OK for the post to be published immediately, or check Schedule submission and set the time and date if you'd like the message to be auto-submitted later.

That's it! Sharing content on all your social profiles at a time now only takes a minute. And who said Social Media Management was time-consuming?

Maximize social. Minimize time & costs.

Build a smarter, stronger online presence with BuzzBundle

  • Find mentions on social media, forums, blogs, Q&A sites
  • Participate in discussions under different Personas
  • Connect existing social accounts and create new ones
  • Easily switch between social profiles
  • Track activity of all accounts in one place
  • Schedule looking for buzz, posting, and commenting
  • Build quality links from social media
  • Monitor how competitors are doing SMM
  • NEW: Calculate every post's Reach
  • NEW: Post to multiple social accounts at a time