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SEO Crash-Test 64:

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category SEO Crash-Test

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User Experience:

Try to unify the mark up and font colors i.e. use the same font color and font style for the same type of information or text elements. For example, bold red – only to highlight the important information, bold light green - for products descriptions etc. Try to avoid the patchworky look.

The top navigation menu should be more prominent and differ from common text links used across the website. Furthermore, the top menu changes depending on the current page, which is confusing.

Prices missing… If you hide prices from the website visitors you potentially generate more leads, since the people reach you out to get the quotes but on the other side you may be getting more unqualified leads and put heavier unnecessary load on your sales department.

SEO Factors:

  • Use unique page titles for each important and/or landing page.
  • Make page titles readable and informative. Currently, you are using a list of keywords.
  • In general reduce the number of duplicate content.
  • Use tags where necessary.
  • Improve the internal linking and navigation.
  • Use "alt" image tags and "title" link tags.
  • Try to get more backlinks.
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