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See How Your Backlinks Changed with

Backlink History Data

Track Developments
See spikes and falls
Check any dates
Research competitors
Always have an eye on your Historical data with SEO SpyGlass:

Tap into the historical data index

Step 1:
Go to the new Historical Data module.
Choose between researching specific backlinks. Or focus on all of your linking domains, to see just how many and wich domains you gained and lost.
Step 2:
Specify the link and anchor types.
Alternate between viewing just the backlinks from text and image anchors. Specify the linking domain you're particularly interested in.
Step 3:
Put in the URL you want analysed.
You can analyze domain and subdomains and see how the backlink profile changed for an entire website over time. You can also analyze the statistics for any specific webpage with the content you're interested in.

Look up any date range within the last year

Put your own date range, and see exactly how successful your promotional campaigns were.
See if your SEO efforts are bringing you the backlinks you want.
Analyze how many backlinks were brought to you by each piece of content, and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.
Sort your research by the link type you're interested in!
Check out the backlinks you received naturally and see if you can partner with those websites further on.
Also keep an eye on backlinks you lost. Contact their website owners to see the reason and if they would reinstate your backlink.
Research your competitors to see how and when they received their backlinks.
See a spike in your competitor page's rankings? Simply put in the URL, and see when and where from they received backlinks for any page you're interested in.
Or, keep an eye on their entire domain and look for precious sources of backlinks!
Export a Summary of your historical data.
From now on, the Summary will contain a widget for you to see a short note on your New and Lost backlinks.
This info is what you'll be able to export and present to your team members, and clients.

Access your backlink history with SEO SpyGlass.

Strengthen your digital marketing efforts with the new historical data module for SEO SpyGlass.
Keep track of any changes to your backlink profile.
Identify what tactics bring you the most backlinks.
Keep an eye on your competitors as well!