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Best SEO Editor Tool for Seamless Content Optimization

  • One app to create, edit, and optimize content
  • Get SEO tips from the content assistant in real-time
  • Create copywriting tasks in a single click

The best way to manage website content

With the new and improved Content Editor, we're building an all-in-one tool for managing your website's content. Using the SEO content analysis suited specifically to your page, you'll be able to write new content, edit the pages you already have to make them SEO friendly, and create SEO tasks for your content team, all features in a single module of WebSite Auditor.
Instead of using one tool to find target keywords, a second tool to write the text of your page, a third to write optimized content with copywriting software, and a fourth for optimization analysis — the entire content creation journey now takes place in our SEO Content Editor tool.
Feel free to create custom SEO recommendations, and then export them as a content creation task, all in a couple of clicks.
SEO Content Editor

Optimize your website with Content Editor

How to start using Content Editor

Write content that makes your website SEO-friendly

Know how many keywords to use in your text
Check if you're using all of your Target keywords in your content or remove any of them to avoid keyword stuffing. The optimizing software will notify if you need to add a specific keyword to certain parts of your page to raise your SEO score.
Map your target keywords in Content Editor
Get additional keywords tips
Get additional keyword ideas
Use our content editor as your own personal writing assistant. Look to suggested target keywords for your chosen topic in the Recommended keywords section. Having a suggestion list so close will help your text keep the content keyword focus as you're working on its optimization.
Every keyword suggestion presented here is among the most commonly used by your niche competitors with a high content score. Your new writing assistant is flexible, allowing you to add/delete any keyword and change the keyword density you need in your text.
Optimize the created content on the go
To give you a quick idea of how well your page is optimized, our SEO content editor is equipped with the Optimization rate checker. It's a convenient reflection of the page's SEO score.
Use the quick SEO tips in our tool to optimize content as you're writing or editing it. For example, you will be reminded to include a focus keyword in your Title and H1. Turn to this checker and see your SEO score go up immediately.
See optimization rate improving
Analyze competitors from SERP
Can I analyze the content of my local competitors?
Easily! With Competitors module on your dashboard, you're carrying your competitor content analysis with you, instead of using a separate competitor SEO checker.
You can also find out exactly how they used target keywords in the text of their SEO content. By clicking on any of them, you'll get their pages in reading view, with every relevant keyword highlighted.
You can always check the list of your chosen competitors. You can choose to research new ones or delete the old ones from the list. Use this tool to analyze the SEO content that you're interested in.
In-built keyword tools to generate content ideas
On top of that, you can find relevant content from Google suggestions. You'll know exactly what SEO content Google expects to see on your page if you turn to Topic and questions module.
It will tell you the most popular Google search terms related to your keywords. Start writing the questions and answers on your pages for a better content score and higher ranking.
Get topics and questions from Google's People Also Ask box
See the word cloud
Mind your language with the help of word cloud
Keep an eye on your Word cloud to see what words stand out in your SEO content. Check this service to know what words will be considered "main" by Google, and where to turn your optimization efforts next.
Get a Snippet Preview
Whether you start writing a new page or optimizing one that's already online, watch in real time how your Page Title and Meta Description will look on the SERP.
Get a snippet preview of the title and meta description
Review competitors' search snippets
And check competitors' snippets
With an in-built SERP checker, see how your topic competitors filled out their titles and Meta descriptions. Use it to figure out your target query's search intent, and adjust your SEO content strategy accordingly.

Get two views of your SEO content

When editing the text of an online page, switch between a Browser mode and Document mode.
In Browser mode, you'll see and edit your search engine optimized content exactly as it appears in a web browser, complete with all of the banners, pictures, hyperlinks, etc.
At any time from Browser mode, you are free to switch to Document mode.
You'll get a completely stripped down version of your page, free from structural elements cluttering your view, perfect for in-depth optimization in the SEO text editor.
Get browser mode or document mode to edit SEO content

Create Guidelines for Content writers

Download a PDF for SEO content writers
At any point in Content Editor, you can press the Download PDF button to get WebSite Auditor's SEO guidelines and writing tips in a single, PDF-format report.
From your page's main competitors to the recommended content length and every keyword you need to use to improve your content score, this document will contain all of the data needed to act as the perfect guideline to writing and optimizing your content.
Use the content optimization tool to set writing tasks and check the language. Communicate to your content SEO copywriters what your page needs to be to improve its position in search.

Vast possibilities for content optimization matched with competitive pricing

Unlike ordinary content tools, the SEO Content Editor belongs to the class of professional tools with which you cannot but make headway in SEO. The content optimization program provides unlimited opportunities for writing great content. Optimize your content individually or work in an SEO team on-cloud: pick what exactly you need from Free, Professional, and Enterprise versions of WebSite Auditor. Learn more about the pricing and features here.


This is a writing assistant in WebSite Auditor that helps create SEO-friendly content. There is an in-built SERP checker that analyzes competition for the keyword you're optimizing for and gives tips on how to improve the blog post. Editing the text in-app, you will test the snippets, integrate suggested keywords and topics into the text, and see how your optimization rating improves. The tool lets you download tasks for copywriters or export HTML with the work done.
These are tools doing content analysis based on algorithms and AI to help writers create quality content that will rank well. Such content tools ensure that the piece you're working on will be friendly to both users and search engines. They may vary by the product type and the scope of work they do: plugins, online content editors, or desktop programs, spellcheckers, keyword density checkers, etc.

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