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Quick Domain Analysis

Analyze organic performance and backlink history of any domain or URL in seconds
All vital SEO data for any domain in one dashboard
Fully functional even in the free version
Unlimited domains and URLs to analyze
Available for:
Keyword Grouping Tool

Quick Domain Analysis overview

Prepare to be wowed, as now you can see all the insights for any domain with a single click

Explore all the benefits of Domain Analysis

See what perks the new Domain Analysis module offers

Analyze domains without limits
Now, you can analyze as many URLs and domains as you want without creating multiple projects.
Use completely free of charge
Don’t worry about credits or hidden charges! Analyze unlimited URLs and domains without spending a dime. 
Get results in the blink of an eye
Time is money, and we value yours. Use Domain Analysis and get results faster than ever before.
Uncover even more SEO insights
Discover tons of valuable SEO insights on rankings, traffic, keywords, and backlinks to beat the competition.

Get a quick overview of any site’s SEO performance

Discover all the possibilities of the Domain Analysis module
Rank Tracker's widget with Domain strength, keywords count, organic traffic, and backlinks statistics.
Uncover the key stats of any domain

Explore a website's performance effortlessly with our quick overview. Get instant insights on the domain’s strength, keywords, organic traffic, and backlinks.

Track traffic trends at a glance

If you want to monitor the traffic of a particular website or URL over time, it's now easier than ever. Domain Analysis lets you track competitors' traffic changes and its value for a chosen period of time. 

Ranking History report with Monthly Organic Traffic and traffic value charts in Rank Tracker.
Ranking History report with Position Distribution and Keyword count charts in Rank Tracker.
Examine ranking distribution and keyword count

Analyze how well a site or a page is optimized for keywords and search intent. Compare your keyword distribution with that of competitors to understand how well your SEO strategy aligns with industry standards.

Reveal your competitors’ top keywords & pages

Improve your optimization strategy by analyzing the top keywords and dominant pages of your competitors. Discover what content brings them tons of traffic and refine your approach with precision.

Rank Tracker's widgets: Top Organic Keywords and Top Pages.
Rank Tracker's Domain Competitors report.
Discover any site's SERP neighbors

Identify the competition around the site you analyze. See the intersecting keywords and the traffic they receive. With Domain Analysis, you can see what place this site takes in the market and in search. This knowledge will help you optimize your SEO strategy for better results.

Navigate any domain’s backlink history

Access historical backlink data for any of your competitors. This will help you better understand if the website in question is authoritative enough and if its link-building strategy works well.

Historical Backlinks report in Rank Tracker.

Turn SEO insights into action

You can get creative with Domain’s Analysis 

Outsmart competitors
Stay one step ahead by analyzing the ranking and link-building strategies of your rivals. Know what works for them and adapt your strategies accordingly to stay at the forefront.
Fuel your creativity
Break through creative blocks effortlessly. Uncover content ideas that resonate with your audience, ensuring your content is not just great but strategically aligned.
Build powerful partnerships
The hunt for collaborations just got easier. Identify potential partners for link-building or co-marketing ventures. We made it seamless and hassle-free so you can focus on what really matters – growing your business.
Make data-driven business decisions
Check ‌vital domain statistics like traffic, keywords, and backlinks to learn how strong and authoritative a domain is. This knowledge will empower your decision-making process, be it a domain purchase or a backlink placement.


Where can I find the new Domain Analysis module in Rank Tracker?

Launch Rank Tracker and create a project for your site if you haven't done it yet. Then, go to the Domain Analysis module. Here, you will find that Rank Tracker has already analyzed your project domain. It happens by default.
The Domain Analysis module in Rank Tracker.
In the search bar at the top of the workspace, enter any domain or URL and click Analyze. That’s it. Proceed to data analysis.

Are there any limits to how many domains I can analyze? 

No, there are no limits at all – neither for the number of times you can analyze nor for the data displayed in the Domain Analysis module. 

Will I be charged for using the Domain Analysis module? 

No, you won’t. The Domain Analysis module is fully functional even if you use a free Rank Tracker version. 

Will Rank Tracker save the data from the Domain Analysis report? 

No. Domain Analysis reports won’t be saved as they are created for a quick one-time check of a site or a piece of content’s performance. 

Can I download the report?

No, for now, this functionality isn’t available. We are looking forward to hearing your opinion and feature requests. Feel free to contact our Customer Care team for that matter.  

Zero cost, invaluable data Try out a new feature today!

Available for:
Key stats of any domain or page
Traffic trends & its value
Ranking distribution & keyword count
Top keywords & pages
Domain competitors report
Domain backlink history
Fully functional even in free version
No separate projects needed