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Keyword Grouping Tool

In All Keyword Research Methods & Rank Tracking
Available for:
Grouping in all Keyword Research methods for easy keyword mapping
A synchronized tree view of topics and subtopics in all submodules
Monitoring rankings for entire keyword groups in Rank Tracking
Keyword Grouping Tool
Why do you group keywords for SEO?

Keyword grouping is a helpful tool for SEO and marketing campaigns, content planning, redesign, and tons more activities on blogs and e-commerce websites. It allows you to research keywords and distribute them effectively on target pages to boost your SEO strategies and track their success. The keyword grouper enables you to:

Group semantically-related keywords into clusters to create pillar pages and content silos
Group key phrases to match landing pages according to the search intent
Organize keywords in multiple groups and analyze their SEO performance
Plan your SEO content and shape a good site structure
Keyword grouping tool for SEO in Rank Tracker

Cutting-edge keyword clustering software

to manage thousands of SEO keywords
Cluster keywords at any stage of SEO research

Keyword grouping is now available in all keyword suggestion methods and Rank Tracking. So you can group keywords anytime at the stage of initial research as well as during your SEO content audit.

Drag and drop one or several keywords into groups
Tree view of keyword groups with folders and subfolders
Enjoy the unbeaten flexibility of topic clustering

Instead of flat folders per one keyword group, find the tree view of all your keyword groups and subgroups — a feature that hardly any other clustering tool can offer. Create subfolders where one key phrase can belong to several groups, overview the hierarchy of all your topics and subtopics at a glance, and plan your marketing activities.

Check your SEO performance by keyword groups

The upgraded keyword grouping tool with logical clustering makes it easier to audit your site structure, improve its content, and track your SEO or PPC campaigns. Track the performance and online visibility of either separate landing pages or the whole keyword groups in the Rank Tracking module.

Track SEO performance of the whole keyword group
See the number of keywords in the parent folder and all subfolders
Manage keyword lists without hassle

The new interface lets you see the total number of keywords in the parent folder and subfolders. In the Keyword Map, you can switch between Keyword Groups and Landing pages. Unwrap the right-hand pane to access your keyword list or hide it when you don’t work with it.

New Keyword Grouping Tool in Rank Tracker

and how to use it

What is unique about our keyword grouping tool?

We’ve improved our keyword clustering software to make it even more flexible and insightful. Now, you can plan your SEO content as a real strategist. Quickly segment thousands of key terms, assign a list of keywords to a landing page, or track the ranking progress of a whole group.

Synchronized keyword groups in all modules

Now Rank Tracker synchronizes the content and structure of keyword groups between the Sandbox and the Rank Tracking module. The groups you create, move, or delete in the Sandbox will appear the same in Rank Tracking as well as in the Keyword Map. Such write-through logic aims to create a more coherent workflow between keyword research and rank tracking.

Synchronized keyword groups in all modules
Regroup keywords manually with the help of an algorithm based on semantic similarity
Automatic or manual keyword grouping

The rank checking software combines the most powerful competitive research methods to help you with optimization. The tool will easily find your competitors' Ranking keywords that bring them most of the organic traffic. Next, you can use the Keyword Gap tool to find out which powerful keywords you’re missing in your SEO strategy.

Refined research process

Add data from any source, including Search Console, Google suggestions, Related Searches, or import stats by hand. Use negative filters to remove stop words. Sort your data using quick filters. And export the grouping results in a CSV format to continue work in spreadsheets.

Use quick filters and negative filters to regine the keyword grouping process
Test the keyword grouping tool yourself

Now you can group keywords efficiently and effortlessly to plan and verify your SEO results. Still in two minds? Launch Rank Tracker and see yourself

How to use the keyword grouping tool

All discovered keywords in existing projects will be transferred to the new layout

For new projects, you will see two root folders: All Keywords and Ungrouped. For existing projects, see also two folders with all keywords you already have: Rank Tracking for tracked keywords and the old Sandbox.

After software update, find the Rank Tracking, Sandbox, and All keywords folders
Create a new group from the context menu or by hitting the special button

To create a new folder, call the context menu by right-clicking on any keyword group, or hit the New Group button at the bottom of the right-hand pane.

Create a new group by right-click and calling the command from the menu
Drag and drop keywords

Select a keyword/keywords and drop them to any group you need, holding the left mouse button. To copy the keyword to a different folder, select it with a mouse while holding the Ctrl key and move to the necessary group.

Drag and drop keywords
Drag and drop keyword groups

Likewise, move subgroups into a different group using the drag-and-drop tool. Select any subfolder you need with the left mouse click and move it to the required directory.

Drag and drop keyword groups
Fold and unfold subgroups with a single click

One left click on the keyword group folds or unfolds it. You will find all subgroups in the position they were before the group was wrapped up.

Fold and unfold keyword groups with a single click
Track or untrack keyword rankings with a single click

A click on the double arrow adds a keyword to Rank Tracking. Another click cancels rank tracking. Moreover, you can assign the whole group to be tracked for a single page. Right-click on any group and hit the Start Rank Tracking command. All this time, the keyword keeps showing up in the Sandbox.

Track or untrack keywords with a single click on the double arrow
Delete keywords via the Delete key, context menu, or drag and drop to trash

If you delete a keyword group in the Target Keywords module, it will also be removed from the sandbox. The tool will warn you how many keywords are located in the group, so you won't delete any keyword group by mistake.

Delete keywords with a button, a menu command, or drop keywords to trash

The benefits of the keyword grouping tool

The updated keyword grouping tool will give you more freedom and flexibility in managing keywords and landing pages. The cross-cutting logic behind storing keyword clusters brings your SEO research to a new level. Now you can classify topics and subtopics with all complexity you want. And the drag-and-drop tool makes it easier to handle keywords.
Better SEO content strategies
Better SEO content strategies
Use powerful topic research.Find trending topics. Explore content gaps. Plan your content thoroughly.
Improved keyword research
Improved keyword research
Sort keywords by search volume and intent. Group long-tail keywords vs. short-tails. Identify the most profitable terms. Rank for more queries and get more organic traffic.
Quick clues to SEO fixes
Quick clues to SEO fixes
Plan your site structure and internal linking. Fix keyword cannibalization. Prioritize the right keywords. Increase conversion by adding long tails to landing pages.
Insightful SEO analysis
Insightful SEO analysis
Investigate the SEO performance of keyword groups. Plan SEO/PPC campaigns. Track the success of your marketing campaigns.
Automated keyword clustering
Automated keyword clustering
Regroup keywords manually using our automated algorithm. Instantly segment content into topical buckets.
Time-saver on keyword grouping
Time-saver on keyword grouping
Move keywords between groups easily. Group and regroup keywords automatically. Use keyword research and rank tracking in a continuous workflow.

Why Rank Tracker is the best of keyword grouping tools

The keyword clustering functionality allows sorting words like humans do. You will have a smooth grouping workflow with full control of keyword groups for a more subtle SEO analysis.

Available for:
Intelligent keyword grouping basedon semantic similarity
No limits on the number of keywords and projects to check
Automated rank tracking and alerts
White-label reporting for SEO enterprises
Free keyword research with 23+ techniques
The best value-for-money keyword software