Inessa Bokhan
Inessa Bokhan

Inessa takes care of our beloved user community on Facebook and helps with video production. The rest of the time she does sports, reads a lot of fiction and drinks tea.

11 Expert Tips
A guide for aspiring SEO specialists, with some expert advice and tips to help you figure out if SEO is your dream job.
Inessa Bokhan
Aug 25, 2021
The 28 Things Your Need to Do
When you prepare to launch a website, it's so easy to forget something in a rush. To make sure nothing is missed, I've prepared this website launch checklist for you with step-by-step instructions.
Inessa Bokhan
May 04, 2021
21 Tactics to Optimize Your Blog
This guide focuses on the fundamentals of SEO and online marketing for businesses that are quite new to blogging. You'll discover how you can build the strong foundation for your blog, make it optimized for users and search engines, without spending a fortune on costly tools and services.
Inessa Bokhan
Apr 07, 2020
We've released a few very important updates in Rank Tracker - download the latest version to check them all out.
Inessa Bokhan
Jul 16, 2019
Top 9 Takeaways
The SEO PowerSuite team has recently been to BrightonSEO, a huge search marketing event in the UK, and we're back with lots of SEO takeaways from the event's top-notch speakers. We've carefully documented the 9 latest SEO trends the speakers shared – view the list to make sure you're not missing out on the most effective hacks
Inessa Bokhan
Oct 24, 2018
To Power-Up Your SEO
I feel I got so experienced with Rank Tracker, so it's my moral obligation to share that knowledge with more SEO PowerSuite users out there. Because at the end of the day, it's all about the experience we could share with one another, right? So, here are some of my favorite Rank Tracker features that might have flown under your radar!
Inessa Bokhan
Jul 31, 2018
Top Google Warnings to SEOs in 2017
Google often shares some tips, news, and warnings with the SEO community, but is the company's advice the best answer to the burning SEO issues? In this post, I wanted to analyze the loudest announcements and see whether we should follow the company's instructions in each case.
Inessa Bokhan
Sep 05, 2017
Today's an exciting day! Today background tasks are out in Rank Tracker, letting you work with your data, switch between projects and modules, and get more SEO done while your checks are running in the background.
Inessa Bokhan
May 11, 2017
5 Ways to Boost Your Traffic
Christmas holidays are far gone, while St. Valentines and Easter are coming close — it's the right time to ask yourself if you're getting the most of seasonal organic traffic and how you could improve on that. In this post, I'll discuss five common reasons for your not getting enough seasonal traffic and will take you through the necessary optimization steps. Let's go!
Inessa Bokhan
Jan 31, 2017
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