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Google Analytics 4 Integration

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The highly anticipated integration with Google Analytics 4 has finally arrived!

If you or your clients have already migrated to GA4, we’ve got your back. Now you can analyze your site’s traffic alongside your SEO metrics in all SEO PowerSuite tools.

Get deeper insights with Google Analytics 4 integration

These are just a few use cases of how you can use Google Analytics 4 data for SEO
Google Analytics 4 in SEO PowerSuite tools
GA4 in all SEO PowerSuite tools

When analyzing your domain strength:

Check if your website has a strong digital presence and attracts a large audience.
Discover which channels are most effective in driving traffic to your site.
Analyze the impact and reach of your social media promotion campaigns. 
GA4 in Rank Tracker

When analyzing your site rankings:

Discover pages that get little or no traffic despite having great search engine visibility.
Analyze the overall traffic patterns and correlate changes in your site's performance with major algorithm updates.
Compare your site's traffic growth across different search engines and see which of them are worth focusing your efforts on.
Google Analytics 4 in Rank Tracker
Google Analytics 4 in WebSite Auditor
GA4 in WebSite Auditor

When running a website audit:

GA4 in SEO SpyGlass

When analyzing your backlink profile:

Identify sites that drive significant traffic to yours to later deepen your relationship with them, explore additional partnership opportunities, or seek similar collaborations.
Spot backlinks that don’t generate engaged traffic and take steps to improve their relevance or replace them with more suitable links.
Track historical data to understand which link-building campaigns were the most successful.
Google Analytics 4 in SEO SpyGlass

Enjoy higher accuracy and lower error rate

Now you get even better data

As Google Analytics moved from a session-based data model to an event-based one, its approach to data measurement has changed. 

In Universal Analytics, user interactions were captured in many different hit types – pageviews, transactions, and social interactions. This resulted in incomplete data collection as some of the interactions weren’t tracked at all.

In GA4, each interaction is tracked as an event, which you can capture and analyze. It promises greater sensitivity and accuracy.

You will track website traffic more precisely

GA4 tracks Sessions through Session ID. Now, sessions aren’t restarted at midnight or when new campaign parameters are encountered – great news for sites with a global audience or those that often use UTM tagging to track traffic sources.

You will get more relevant measures of engagement

GA4 tracks Bounce Rate as an inverse of Engagement Rate. Now, Bounce Rate is the percentage of not engaged sessions: when a user visits your site, reviews content on your page for less than 10 sec., and then leaves without triggering any events. If old Bounce Rates were often misleading, new ones are more objective.

Connect your Google Analytics 4 to SEO PowerSuite

Access smarter insights from GA4 right within your favorite SEO PowerSuite tools

Advanced Data Analysis
Advanced Data Analysis

Access advanced analytics from Google Analytics 4 directly within SEO PowerSuite. You will draw the correct conclusions and optimize your SEO strategy more effectively.

Enhanced Reporting
Enhanced Reporting

Generate insightful reports that incorporate data from both SEO PowerSuite and GA4. You will provide comprehensive analytics and visualizations that impress clients or stakeholders.

Streamlined Workflow
Streamlined Workflow

Save time and effort by accessing all your SEO data and analytics in one centralized platform. You will eliminate the need to switch between multiple tools.


How do I connect my Google Analytics 4 account to SEO PowerSuite tools?

1. Launch any SEO PowerSuite tool and go to Preferences > Google Analytics:

How to add Google Analytics 4 integration in SEO PowerSuite

2. Click the green button to enter your Account Settings:

Google Analytics 4 settings in SEO PowerSuite

3. Enter your credentials and make sure to pass the verification steps:

How to log into your Google Account in SEO PowerSuite

4. Choose your GA4 property if you have both Universal and Fourth and click OK. Your Google Analytics 4 is connected.

How to choose Google Analytics property in SEO PowerSuite
Can I still use my Universal Analytics account in SEO PowerSuite tools?

Yes. You can connect both Analytics accounts until July 1, 2023 – when standard Universal Analytics properties will stop processing data. After that, only Google Analytics 4 properties will be supported.

What are the differences between Universal Google Analytics and Google Analytics 4?

For new projects, you will see two root folders: All Keywords and Ungrouped. For existing projects, see also two folders with all keywords you already have: Rank Tracking for tracked keywords and the old Sandbox.

In brief, the main difference lies in the following:

Data measuring and modeling: GA4 has ‌event-based tracking while UA is session-based.
Access to mobile app data: Universal Analytics doesn't have one, while GA4 gathers mobile app data alongside traditional website tracking.
Machine learning: In GA4, machine learning can help predict what actions a given user might take in the future. UA can’t boast of that feature.

To learn more, read our comparison guide Google Analytics 4 vs Universal Analytics.

Integrate Google Analytics 4 with SEO PowerSuite

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