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Brand-new Dashboards

Available now in Rank Tracker
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All ranking data in one place
Intuitive design
New module: Historical Data
Brand-new SEO Dashboards in Rank Tracker

Dashboard overview

new features and functionality

Meet new, intuitive SEO Dashboard

Your Rank Tracker experience has never been that smooth and easy
Key project stats in one dashboard
Key project stats in one place

SEO Dashboard lets you instantly get data from other Rank Tracker modules – Domain Strength, Rank Tracking, Keyword Research, and Competitor Research – in one handy report.

New module: Historical Data

A new historical performance report gives insights into how your and your competitors’ organic performance changes as time goes by.

All powered by SEO PowerSuite Index.

Historical data module in Rank Tracker Dashboards
Simple navigation model
Simple navigation model

SEO Dashboard lets you instantly get data from other Rank Tracker modules – Domain Strength, Rank Tracking, Keyword Research, and Competitor Research – in one handy report.

Hints and tooltips for new users

New to SEO? You are welcome!

Every headline or button in new SEO Dashboard has a tooltip that explains functionality of a widget and helps you master the tool at a glance.

Hints and tooltips for new Rank Tracker users
Easy settings adjustment in dashboards
Settings adjustment on the spot

No need to bother with project preferences anymore. Manage competitors and search engines right from Dashboard. Swap devices and locations, set up automated alerts, adjust tracking period – all available at a click’s distance.

Export to PDF and HTML

Save your dashboard to PDF or HTML and easily share with clients and teammates.

Exporting dashboards to PDF and HTML
Visualize fresh ranking data in new design

Dashboards data updates automatically whenever your site progress changes. No extra action needed.


What is an SEO dashboard?

An SEO dashboard is a quick analytics report giving you the most meaningful stats on your or your competitors’ website performance and rankings. In Rank Tracker, Dashboard consists of several widgets. Widgets fetch data from other modules of Rank Tracker, such as Target Keywords, Keyword Research, Competitor Research, and Domain Strength.

SEO Dashboards overview in Rank Tracker
Why do I need SEO dashboards?

SEO Dashboards visualize key stats on website’s rankings, organic performance, and competitors. All the SEO data are presented in a clear digestible format in one place, so you don’t need to manually switch modules to find the necessary information. SEO Dashboards make it easy to get quick insights into site’s performance and spot any traffic and visibility changes to investigate at a glance.

I am a beginner in SEO. Do I need any special skills to use Dashboard?

No. You don’t need any special skills or primary training to use Dashboard in Rank Tracker. More to that, the new Dashboard module is designed to make the learning curve of Rank Tracker simple and easy due to intuitive design and navigation tooltips. So, even if you have never had any experience with SEO PowerSuite tools, feel free to download the tool and enjoy your Dashboards.

Tooltips in Rank Tracker Dashboards
I am an SEO PowerSuite user. Do I need to buy a new license to use Dashboard?

No. You don’t need to buy a new license or pay anything extra to enjoy the new Dashboard module of Rank Tracker. SEO Dashboards are available in any edition of Rank Tracker. All you need is to update the software to the latest version.

If you need to upgrade your plan to get more of Rank Tracker functionality for any other reason, please see our pricing plans here.

Some of the widgets in my Dashboard are empty. What should I do?

Widgets of your Dashboard may be empty if you haven’t collected any data they could demonstrate. For example, if the tool hasn’t found any Domain Competitors to track for the selected region, then your Keyword Gap widget will have no data. Instead, the empty widget will show the hover suggesting what you should do (see screenshot below). Click the suggested button and Rank Tracker will take you to the module you should use.

Navigation hints in Rank Tracker Dashboards
Are Dashboards available in all SEO PowerSuite tools?

As for today, the Dashboard module is available only in Rank Tracker. But we are planning to add Dashboards in all of our tools. Stay tuned to our news not to miss the announcement.

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