Feed Editor 19 Nov 2008 16:07:41 GMT SEO Software: News and Updates Link-Assistant.Com - The Most Effective SEO Software http://www.link-assistant.com Copyright 2005-2008, Link-Assistant.Com rss-submit@link-assistant.com 1440 en-us rss-submit@link-assistant.com http://www.link-assistant.com/images/application.ico http://www.link-assistant.com Link-Assistant.Com SEO Software Link-Assistant.Com LinkAssistant 3.0 is finally out! Greetings from Link-Assistant.Com team! <br><br> We are happy to announce the long-awaited release of LinkAssistant 3 link-building tool. <br><br> The core of our LinkAssistant 2 is revised with consideration of years of user experience and feedback. As a result of the re-design and intense beta testing with our most contributing users version 3 is a powerful tool. Here is a snapshot of several main new features of LinkAssistant 3: <br><br> - possibility to track paid links (PPC, paid referral links, affiliate links, banner ads etc.)<br> - proxy rotation and human emulation to ensure absolute search engine friendliness<br> - 10+ times quicker partner search<br> - options to save link directory locally or upload to FTP immediately<br> - ability to build 3- and 4-way links in an absolutely Google-friendly manner.<br> <br> Also the program now comes in two versions just like the rest of our tools - professional and Enterprise. The enterprise version allows to print, export and e-mail customizable reports that provide complete analysis of the link building progress. <br><br> So go ahead and give the latest version a try, you will see that it's a real breakthorugh in the world of link-building software, <a href="http://www.link-assistant.com/linkassistant/download.html">download the free demo of LinkAssistant 3.0</a>! <br><br> Yours,<br> Link-Assistant.Com Team 16 Apr 2009 10:34:24 GMT http://www.link-assistant.com/linkassistant F62E4BFB-6D3F-4B9C-A75C-A2F2097F22AA Find out why we are better! We have published comparisons of SEO PowerSuite (our 4-tool-bundle) with products of other major SEO software developers. For the overview we took IBP, WebCEO and SEO Elite. Please, have a look at the <a href="http://www.link-assistant.com/compare-seo-tools.html">general feature list comparison</a>. <br><br> If you wish to know the practical difference between our SEO PowerSuite and other SEO tools, please, check the detailed feature-by-feature reviews: <br><br> - <a href="http://www.link-assistant.com/webceo.html">WebCEO</a> vs SEO PowerSuite; <br><br> - <a href="http://www.link-assistant.com/web-ceo.html">WebCEO</a> vs SEO SpyGlass, a separate comparison; <br><br> - <a href="http://www.link-assistant.com/internet-business-promoter.html">IBP (Internet Business Promoter)</a> vs SEO PowerSuite; <br><br> - <a href="http://www.link-assistant.com/seo-elite.html">SEO Elite</a> vs SEO PowerSuite. <br><br> Please, take a look at the review and feel free to share your opinion on our <a href="http://seo-forum.link-assistant.com">SEO forum</a>! <br><br> Yours, <br> Link-Assistant.Com Team 13 Jan 2009 13:28:10 GMT http://www.link-assistant.com/compare-seo-tools.html C5F61E1C-F216-4E9F-B5E8-C20AA9809B3F New WebSite Auditor video tutorial We are happy to announce that we have just released a video tutorial for WebSite Auditor. This is the first video to explain you the way WebSite Auditor functions using a real example. To see it, click on "Click here for demo video" image at <a href="http://www.link-assistant.com/website-auditor/#movie">http://www.link-assistant.com/website-auditor/#movie</a>. <br><br> Taking our SEO e-book (<a href="http://www.seoinpractice.com"><i>SEO in Practice</i></a>) as an example for onpage optimization, we introduce you to the basic techniques that WebSite Auditor allows. <br><br> The video deals with all the key concepts of WebSite Auditor usage - onpage optimization rate analysis, keyword cloud map, competition strategies analysis etc. We show how to take advantage of the onpage optimization advice given in the WebSite Auditor report and how to apply it practically to changing your page elements. <br><br> During the video we demonstrate the real effect of onpage optimization and show how our website gets to the first page in Google's results. <br><br> So if you'd like to have a look at the proper use of our onpage optimization tool, please have a look at our video: <a href="http://www.link-assistant.com/website-auditor/#movie">http://www.link-assistant.com/website-auditor/#movie</a>. <br><br> All the best and enjoy the holidays! <br><br> Yours,<br> Link-Assistant.Com Team 23 Dec 2008 16:09:09 GMT http://www.link-assistant.com/website-auditor/#movie 29465E3C-05DF-44E2-BC48-C40767D5E83C Learn how to make link exchange work - expert tips Recently we have released beta version of a powerful link-building tool, LinkAssistant 3. Since then we have been receiving tons of e-mails from our customers and LinkAssistant 3 beta testers. <br><br> Some requested features which we added practically on-the-spot, some reported problems, which we fixed immediately, and many asked for link-building advice in general. <br><br> Basing on the number of general advice requests, our SEO consultants decided to back our brand new <a href="http://www.link-assistant.com/news/link-assistant-beta.html">link-building tool</a> with a comprehensive link-building guide. As a result, <a href="http://www.seoinpractice.com"><i>SEO in Practice</i></a>, an SEO e-book written by our senior SEO consultant, Dan Richmond, is now one chapter longer! <br><br> We are glad to present you the 5th chapter of <i>SEO in Practice</i>: <i>You scratch my back, I scratch yours: exchanging links</i>. It contains a thorough and practical overview of what link building means today and what's the smart way to exchange links. <br><br> Apart from general reference information in Chapter 5 you can find relevant and practical advice on the use of features of LinkAssistant 3. Basically, Dan Richmond teaches you how to take full advantage of LinkAssistant 3 and get profitable high-quality links to boost your rankings. <br><br> So if you are interested in promoting your website the smart way or if you have doubts about relevance of link exchange today in general - go to <a href="http://www.seoinpractice.com/link-exchange.html"><i>Chapter 5: You scratch my back, I scratch yours: exchanging links</i></a> and have a look at what our SEO consultant has to say. <br><br> Yours, LinkAssistant.Com Team 15 Dec 2008 22:26:47 GMT http://www.seoinpractice.com/link-exchange.html 29B2D327-1954-4288-90FF-39B5E97F79D7 Live support launched! Link-Assistant.Com is proud to announce the launch of live support. <br><br> When you browse our site now, you will see whether the live support is online. You can direct any questions or report problems straight to us, and get a response within minutes. <br><br> First-class customer care and technical support have always been backbone of our way of doing business, and now we are going one step further in providing high-quality and timely support. <br><br> Stay tuned! <br><br> Yours, Link-Assistant.Com Team. 10 Dec 2008 16:06:29 GMT http://www.link-assistant.com/support/ 4F4C8F1B-389B-41E3-BEA8-AC13FBCEC37A An exclusive practice-oriented SEO guide for you What's the point of paying money to another person to do something you can easily learn doing by yourself? Webmasters face this question really often nowadays. Online business is a unique area in this regard a it's not rocket science but needs a lot of practice to master. Only those who learned on their own mistakes can reach success, and not everyone can afford wasting time on try and error. <br><br> SEO is not an exception, as information on SEO is freely available on the net in blogs, articles and forums. The only thing that keeps just anyone from becoming SEO professionals is lack of time for practicing. SEO theory is nothing without practice. So webmasters end up paying a fortune to experienced SEO gurus that use tricks they have proved to work. What we are offering to everyone is a learn it by yourself using others' mistakes and experience. Namely, learn it using the experience of a real SEO expert. For instance, Dan Richmond, the author of <a href="http://www.seoinpractice.com/free-seo-guide.html"><i>SEO in Practice</i></a>. <br><br> Dan works as a senior SEO consultant for Link-Assistant.com. Our software is created and tweaked basing upon his rich and valuable SEO experience. Doing freelance SEO since 2002 and working with Link-Assistant.com since 2005, Dan has helped the total sum of his clients' businesses gain over $37 mln. <br><br> <i>SEO in Practice</i> by Dan Richmond is a practice-oriented e-book that takes you through steps of SEO and gives you practical advice in plain English. The unique feature of this book is that it shows the exact practical steps for onpage optimization, link-building and search-engine friendliness of your website. <br><br> Moreover, there are tests following each chapter, and on completing all the tests in the book the readers are offered a unique bundle discount for the whole suite of Link-Assistantas products. In fact, anyone who successfully completes the tests in <i>SEO in Practice</i> will be able to get the full SEO software package from Link-Assistant for $199 instead of $348. <br><br> So go ahead, <a href="http://www.seoinpractice.com">take a look at the book <i>SEO in Practice</i></a> and successfully optimize your website following working SEO advice. See how simple it is for you to bring your website to a higher rank! <br><br> Yours, Link-Assistant.com team 9 Dec 2008 03:31:22 GMT http://www.seoinpractice.com/free-seo-guide.html ABE84F1A-34B0-4F75-B519-687A0BC26C57 Get your free VIP key for LinkAssistant 3! We are presenting you the latest version of the most effective link-building software that offers many unique features. Among them are three-way link building, support of almost 400 search engines, ability to alternate anchor texts and many more. <br><br> We are happy to let you use the program for free using the VIP beta tester's key. Moreover, we really appreciate your feedback, all bug reports and especially feature requests. To get your tester's license and download the software, please go to <a href="http://www.link-assistant.com/news/link-assistant-beta.html">http://www.link-assistant.com/news/link-assistant-beta.html</a> <br><br> Testing the program is your chance to help us shape a powerful product that will perfect your link-building strategy. You can request features you really need and we will introduce them to the program. So here's the offer: build your links as a pro with the beta version and contribute to its' enhancement to have the most powerful tool at hand afterwards! <br><br> Go to <a href="http://www.link-assistant.com/news/link-assistant-beta.html">http://www.link-assistant.com/news/link-assistant-beta.html</a>, download the program, register it with the VIP beta-tester's key and power up your link-building strategies. <br><br> Looking forward to your error reports and feature requests! <br><br> Yours, Link-Assistant.Com team 4 Dec 2008 00:43:31 GMT http://www.link-assistant.com/news/link-assistant-beta.html 86399C3A-01A1-4A8F-B4E1-4B0FEA647B31 Professional Search Engine Ranking Reports With New Rank Tracker Enterprise. Act Now, Save 40%! The long-awaited Rank Tracker Enterprise v.4.0b is finally out!..<br> ...and this new Rank Tracker can create stunning ranking reports - the most professional looking reports on the market! <br><br> So if you're an SEO expert or an optimization company and you need to demonstrate the results of your work to clients on a regular basis, you definitely need to get new Rank Tracker Enterprise ASAP. <br><br> If you're a webmaster and you optimize your sites on your own, but you still need printable PDF or HTML reports to see at a glance how well you're doing, you can't go through this revolutionary tool. <br><br> Just have a look at what we've done with Rank Tracker reports... 25 Oct 2007 15:45:52 GMT http://www.link-assistant.com/news/rank-tracker-enterprise-4-0-b.html http://www.link-assistant.com/news/rank-tracker-enterprise-4-0-b.html?25_10_2007 Get SEO SpyGlass 2.0 (with 3 special deals hidden between the lines!) We are proud to release SEO SpyGlass 2.0, a brand-new version that includes shining new features to help you beat out your Google and Yahoo! competition easier than ever before. <br><br> Plus, we've got a SPECIAL OFFER for just about everyone (we got 3 of them, in fact), so pay close attention!.. 17 Apr 2007 15:45:52 GMT http://www.link-assistant.com/news/seo-spyglass-2-0.html http://www.link-assistant.com/news/seo-spyglass-2-0.html?17_04_2007 LinkAssistant 2.4 Is Here - Act Now, Save $50! Despite all the hurricanes leaving us with no power and no Internet connection for some time, we're still alive and kicking, thanks everyone for your concern ;) <br> <br> But let's get down to business. <br> <br> If you've kept your eyes on the previous announcement, you know our Dev Team is currently VERY busy developing that long-awaited LinkAssistant 3.0. The beta version will be available soon - possibly with some cool "get-LinkAssistant-3.0-FREE-if-you-report-some-bugs" special offers - so stay tuned!<br> <br> In the meantime, we've decided to release another version update of our SEO software - LinkAssistant 2.4. It's not LinkAssistant 3.0, we know it's not, but it still includes a number of cool features and important fixes. <a href="http://www.link-assistant.com/news/linkassistant-2-4-released.html">Check it out: ...</a>. 7 Sep 2006 06:45:52 GMT http://www.link-assistant.com/news/linkassistant-2-4-released.html http://www.link-assistant.com/news/linkassistant-2-4-released.html LinkAssistant 2.3.2 - probably the last version before the BIG 3.0 update <a href="http://www.link-assistant.com">LinkAssistant 2.3.2</a> is a stable tested-for-years :) release that will probably be the latest version of this Good Old Linky you know. We have plans to turn LinkAssisistant into a new link building tool of the next generation with A LOT OF new features and capabilities. <br> <br> Hey, but that doesn't mean it will become not so friendly or harder to use - quite the contrary - we'll take into account ALL your comments and recommendations. By the way, if you have any suggestions - feel free to <a href="http://seo-forum.link-assistant.com">post them here</a> - we appreciate you help very much. 29 Jul 2006 08:56:02 GMT http://www.link-assistant.com http://www.link-assistant.com/?29_07_2005 LinkAssistant SEO Tool 2.2. Go grab it while it's hot! LinkAssistant SEO Tool 2.2 is available now. This version makes the most powerful link exchange tool even more powerful. A new Export Module was added in this version, allowing you to export all relevant project data to a number of formats including .txt, .csv, .html, .xml and even .sql ;) <br> <br> Besides, numerous smaller improvements and a few minor bug fixes were included into this version. 13 Mar 2006 09:23:43 GMT http://www.link-assistant.com http://www.link-assistant.com/?13_03_2005 New FREE SEO Tool from Link-Assistant.com A FREE SEO Tool named "Rank Tracker" was released today by our company. Please don't hesitate to <a href="http://www.link-assistant.com/rank-tracker.html">download this SEO tool</a> and optimize your website right now! 24 Oct 2005 11:58:12 GMT http://www.link-assistant.com/rank-tracker.html http://www.link-assistant.com/?rt_05_12_2005 LinkAssistant 2.1 released The latest version of LinkAssistant SEO Tool 2.1.1 is available now. This version makes the most powerful link exchange tool even more powerful. A new module has been added into this version, allowing you to automatically track your rank in the search engines for all your keywords at once. You will be able to find out if you're moving up or down in the rankings, or if you're even listed on them at all. 5 Dec 2005 11:56:01 GMT http://www.link-assistant.com http://www.link-assistant.com/?05_12_2005 LinkAssistant 2.0 Is Finally Out! We are proud to announce the release of LinkAssistant 2.0, which delivers the next level of link exchange for all its users. The second great news is the ability to <a href="http://www.link-assistant.com/buy.html">buy LinkAssistant 2.0</a> for as low as $99.95. 24 Oct 2005 10:16:08 GMT http://www.link-assistant.com http://www.link-assistant.com/?24_10_2005 LinkAssistant 1.4 Released Today LinkAssistant 1.4 released today providing more power, more elegance, more stability. The best way to get the LinkAssistant experience is just to dive in and <a href="http://www.link-assistant.com/download.html">download it</a>. Those who have already made up their minds may be surprised with our discount. ;) 19 Sep 2005 08:56:02 GMT http://www.link-assistant.com http://www.link-assistant.com/?19_09_2005