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3 Yahoo! Keyword Research Tools You Can Use

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category Keyword Research SEO Tools Yahoo! SEO


Following our series of posts on keyword research tools provided by the major search engines today we're going to take a look at what Yahoo! has to offer. Previously we played around with Google keyword tools and took a pick into Bing's keyword toolbox (twice). Now it's Yahoo's turn.

Keyword research like many things in SEO is the area where you need to explore every possible opportunity out there. That said, it never hurts to try out new tools and see what data you can uncover with them. So let's get things rolling.

Yahoo! Search Assist

Like most search engines Yahoo! also has an auto-complete option called Search Assist. As soon as you start typing your search terms into the search box the search engine will try to guess your intent and complete the query for you. This feature saves users time and effort and helps them spell the keywords correctly. On the other hand it also gives you a great source of keyword inspiration.


While Yahoo! Search Assist functions similarly to Google suggest it's a bit more advanced because it can add keyword suggestions both before and after your keyword, while Google and other search engines tend to focus on appending their suggestions at the end of your query.

Using Search Assist for keyword research is pretty straightforward. Simply start typing in your seed keywords and see what suggestions pop up. Put down the ones that you think are relevant and add them to your keyword list. Rinse, wash, repeat.

You can also make use of Yahoo! Search Assist suggestions in Rank Tracker. Simply locate Yahoo! Search Assist in the list of available keyword tools, feed in your keywords and you'll get all possible keyword suggestions in just a couple of seconds. Then you can quickly check the search volumes and competition for each search term on the list and pick the ones that are worth targeting.

Related Searches

Another way you can uncover new keywords with Yahoo! is by exploring its related searches sections in the search results. There are 3 areas in Yahoo! SERPs where you can look for new keyword ideas: related searches section on the left, 'Also try' links on top of search results and 'More sponsors' links below each group of PPC ads.


All of these section show you related keywords and concepts that might throw you a couple of new keyword ideas for your SEO or PPC campaigns.

Yahoo! Search Marketing

Just like Google Yahoo! also provides its advertisers with a keyword research tool so they can find more keywords to bid on and spend more money. Even if you're not going to run PPC ads on Yahoo! you can still make use of its advertising platform to find new keywords for your SEO campaigns.

To use Yahoo! Search Marketing keyword tool head over to Yahoo! Advertising and sign up for a free account. Click the 'Get started' link and you'll be offered to create your campaign. At the second step you'll get to the keyword research tool. Type in or paste your seed keywords (up to 50) and click next to get keyword suggestions.


The tool will generate a list of related keywords based on your keyword list. The great thing about it is that the tool shows you how many people search for each term on Yahoo! and partner sites every month (Estimated Monthly Searches). Although these are just estimates they can be pretty useful if you're relying on Yahoo! search for generating traffic to your site. Once you've explored all keyword suggestions you can click 'Get More Keywords' to generate another set of relevant search terms.

Hope these tools will help you build on your keyword lists and find great opportunites for SEO and PPC.

Happy keyword hunting!

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