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Bing Keyword Tool

to Find and Analyze Bing Keywords
Discover tons of keyword ideas with Bing keyword research tools
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Bing Keyword Tool
Get relevant keyword suggestions for the queries people are searching for in Bing
Refine your Bing keyword list with accurate SEO data
Create keyword-optimized content for both SEO and PPC campaigns in Bing
Why you may need a keyword tool
to optimize for Bing

Search today is not exclusively in Google's hands. Bing search engine, created and operated by Microsoft, is one of the biggest players. In 2021, it took around 7% of the search market share. And if you optimize your content for Google only, you may lose this fair share of people.

Search algorithms in Google and Bing are somewhat different. Bing does not get crazy about semantic search and feels more okay about exact keywords' match. Besides, keyword search volumes and competition on SERPs may be quite different. As a result, your site may rank in Bing search higher than in Google, or vice versa. And the best idea is to start your website optimization for Bing by doing thorough keyword research.

The job gets done pretty easily with our Bing keyword tool. SEO PowerSuite offers the most powerful keyword tools that will help your content perform well both in organic search and Bing ads.

Bing Autocomplete Keyword Tool

Similar to Google, Bing supports its own autocomplete function. As users start entering the query, it offers suggestions, helping to find what they want way faster. The search engine shows the most popular queries that users are searching for right now. And instead of checking each word manually, leverage this endless source of keyword ideas with Rank Tracker, a keyword tool for SEO and PPC ads.

You can access the free Bing keyword tool in the Keyword Research module, Autocomplete Tools. Paste your seed keyword, select Bing as your target search engine, and let it roll. Be sure that the keyword tool will generate hundreds of keyword ideas.

Bing autocomplete keyword tool
Related searches from Bing
Bing Related Searches Tool

The Related Searches pane appears under the main list of Bing search results. It offers popular terms and phrases related to your original query, which is extremely helpful when you are new to the topic. Bing Related Searches is a great source of long-tail keywords that bring you high-quality traffic.

Our keyword tool for Bing also includes the Related Searches to get all those related phrases quickly piled into compact keyword lists. Move to Related Searches and choose Bing from the drop-down list, add your target keyword, and search.

Keyword tool for Bing with all SEO

data at hand

The keyword tool will not simply generate a list of long-tail keywords pulled directly from Bing Autocomplete or Related Searches. It will provide you with SEO metrics helping to prioritize keywords and guide you through your content optimization, such as:

Search volume
Search volume
Visits / Clicks
Expected Visits / Clicks

Click-Through Rate
Click-Through Rate
Estimated Cost 
Per Click (CPC)
Estimated Cost Per Click (CPC)
Keyword Difficulty

Keyword Difficulty
Estimated Pay Per Click (PPC)
Estimated Pay Per Click (PPC)
Keyword length

Keyword length

What makes the Bing keyword tool

even more helpful

While you are running keyword research in Rank Tracker, all your discovered keywords automatically get into the Keyword Sandbox where they are stored afterwards. The keyword tool lets you get back to them at any moment, apply filters, group keywords into topic clusters, etc.

Quick filters

The keyword tool lets you further filter your keyword list by such relevant metrics as Bing search volume, competition, etc. to get the most profitable keywords for organic SERPs or Bing ads.

The keyword tool sorts words by both numerical and semantic filters, and allows combining AND with OR functions. This allows creating practically any custom filter you may think of. Filter by these metrics to get the best keywords for Bing organic search as well as profitable terms for your Bing PPC ads.

In Negative keywords filter, add stop words to remove them from research
Group your keywords in the Bing keyword tool
Negative filters

Before running your first search in the Bing keyword tool, exclude keywords that you don’t need in your SEO analysis. If you see unrelated terms on your list of keyword suggestions or want to remove stop words from it, use the Negative keywords feature in the Advanced settings. Add the negative terms to the list, and the keyword tool will ignore them in further keyword research.

Keyword groups

The keyword tool for Bing has an in-built keyword grouping feature that sorts keywords according to different levels of semantic similarity. It's possible to reorganize your keyword lists manually, ungrouping and regrouping your keywords, or merging your keyword groups. The keywords can be moved between groups easily with the drag-and-drop functionality.

Find local keyword ranking results in Bing
Find and analyze keywords in Bing search engine
Local search results in Bing

Once you have a list of relevant keywords with high search volumes, it's time to create unique content around these keyword suggestions. Rank Tracker is more than just a keyword tool, allowing you to see how well your content performs in Bing results. See what search results pages in Bing look like from any country.

In the Project Preferences, select the country you’re interested in and add Bing as your target search engine. Next, check the rankings for any or all of your keywords.

Discover thousands of keywords
with the keyword tool for Bing

Run successful keyword research campaigns for Bing ads and organic search. Try the most comprehensive keyword tool absolutely free.

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Get unlimited keywords ideas from Bing suggestions and 20 other tools
Keyword research for organic and paid search campaigns
Extensive keyword database with all necessary SEO data
Accurate SERP analysis in all possible countries and locations