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5 Twitter Link Building Tips

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category GuestBox

guest post by Mark Simon

Twitter is full of influencers who are actually willing to link to your site. Here are five tips you can use to get awesome links to your content leveraging the power of Twitter.

Top Ranking Sites

The first thing you should do is find the twitter accounts for the top ranking websites in your niche. For example, if you are in the personal finance arena then bankrate's twitter account is a good place to start. You want to look at the people they are following; you will need to separate some wheat from the chaff but it is a great starting point.

You can usually tell if the account is following good targets if the account has many more followers then people followed. This is not always the case; but in a large niche like personal finance it fits the mold. Check out the sites of the accounts followed and add them to your outreach program. I highly recommend you follow, retweet and reply to tweets from people on your outreach list long before you pitch to them.


Next up is hashtags; a hashtag is a keyword with the pound sign in front (#hashtag). A good example without too much noise is #aviation.


A step up from hashtags is lists; which are handpicked accounts by users that are relevant to a particular topic. You might even use a list to keep track of twitter users you want to get a link from (hint). Review the lists by the influencers in your industry and the lists of people they are following to find potential link targets. When you first click on a list it shows you a feed of all the people on the list; click on the link for Followed on this list. Twitter displays the number of followers for a list; a high number of followers is a positive signal.


One of the most underused aspects of twitter is favorites; basically, you can mark specific tweets as a favorite. It must be relatively unknown because few users have favorites. When you see someone with favorites that is on your target list review them carefully to get insight into what they REALLY like. Favorite tweets are also great to retweet to garner a bit of attention to your own twitter account.

Third Party Sites

Twitter applies a nofollow to all external links at the time of this writing; but there are plenty of other sites that compile tweets and link directly. I personally don't worry about nofollow that much when link building with twitter, regardless you can find some great third party services at A couple services in particular to check out are and Both create a daily newspaper of your tweets. is more flexible because it allows you to create a paper based on username, hashtag or a list:

About the Author

Mark Simon heads up SEO at Underground Elephant, a lead generation company that specializes in education, insurance and mortgage leads among other profitable verticals. He is known to be obsessed with SEO and twitter.

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