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Version 6.60.19
Analyze backlink profiles with no limits.
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Find all backlinks that point to your or your competitors' websites
Reverse engineer your competitors' links to uncover effective link strategies that help them rank high
Discover intersecting and prospective domains for an in-depth look into your competition's backlink profiles
Analyze each backlink for 50+ SEO factors, including domain reputation, anchor texts, and more
Analyze your website’s linking history to see the progress you’ve made
Identify the best link-building opportunities for your website
See anchor text cloud to estimate the quality of your backlinks
Run a penalty-proof link audit to protect or recover your website from Google's penalty
Run bulk analysis of up to 200 domains at a time to streamline your working process
Build clear, professional-looking backlink reports to impress your clients or to monitor your site's progress
What’s new in version 6.60.19

Our team is committed to constantly refining our software, consistently rolling out updates for better functionality and user experience. You can easily access the full update history of SEO SpyGlass whenever needed.

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Version 6.60.19
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