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Eugene Khutarniuk

Eugene Khutarniuk is an SEO strategist at Link-Assistant.Com with 7 years of search marketing experience. Eugene writes about web analytics and applied SEO techniques. In his posts he’s giving his readers helpful site promotion how to’s in plain English. You’ll also find Eugene’s SEO tips in our blog’s SEO Crash-Test section.

Bing vs. Google: Webmaster Tools Challenge (inspired by Disavow update)

October 23rd, 2012 | Eugene Khutarniuk


On October 16, 2012 Google finally put an end to the annoying "please-remove-my-links-from-your-website" mails and gave hard times to backlink removal services and tools like Removeem (the guys spammed us pretty hard and they do deserve this link, after all, they may now disavow it, if they wish).

Those of you, who already expect yet another Penguin and Panda story, please, switch to National Geographic, this post is going to be animals-free. While the introduction of Google Disavow Links tool spurred lots of discussions, a few months earlier the similar functionality introduced by Bing was merely noticed. Bing Webmaster Tools deserve more attention; they have a good chance to win in our Bing vs. Google Webster Tools challenge. We thought it would be boring to describe the functionality of Bing tools alone; we hope all of you may Ctrl+F the “Help” link, thus we compared Bing tools against their counterparts by Google, and performed a few very simple tests. Read on! Read more »

Google +1 Button – Hidden Benefits

March 12th, 2012 | Eugene Khutarniuk


Google PlusIt’s virtually become a standard to integrate +1, Like, or Tweet buttons into any webpage. Sure thing, the sharing and rating buttons contribute to your overall social media exposure, but have you thought that some of them may give you even more value?

For instance, Google +1 button collects rather valuable information about your target audience, which may help you improve the performance of your ad campaigns in Facebook, Adwords, or other advertising networks. Read more »

How to build up keyword phrases when your research tools fail

February 10th, 2012 | Eugene Khutarniuk


Either as a professional SEO or webmaster you might have been stuck in a situation when the available keyword research tools like:

Fail to provide you with any keyword ideas. Typically, it happens due to any of the following reasons or their combination:

  • A new keyword/ object/ notion (e.g., you are promoting an absolutely new product or service)
  • The keyword has very low search volume (the research tools often omit such keywords)
  • Adult or restricted niche (the research tools may, and they actually do, filter out 'adult' related keywords from their results)

There are a few techniques that might help you pick out potentially good keywords despite the lack of information. Read on! Read more »

Niche and Keyword Research in YouTube

January 2nd, 2012 | Eugene Khutarniuk


Winnie the Pooh Any online business is fuelled by traffic. The more clicks you get to your money-making site – the more cash you are likely to credit to your account (I bet at the moment you guys are shouting “Thank you, Cap!”, but be patient, you are a few steps away from the “how to” paragraph 😉

Along with the search engines and social networks video hosting websites are on the list of the most visited websites in the world and present a good opportunity for a skilled Internet marketer. Just have a look at YouTube stats gauged by Alexa and DoubleClick.

YouTube is the third most visited website worldwide and the third most visited website in the US. The number of daily unique YouTube visitors is constantly growing. Furthermore, there are lots of minor video hosting websites (regional or specialized), where you may get additional exposure. Read more »

Google Analytics in Very Plain Language. Part VI: Let Your Website’s Visitors Flow in the Right Direction

November 18th, 2011 | Eugene Khutarniuk


On October 19 Google announced that Google Analytics (GA) will be enhanced with a new visualization tool – Visitors Flow and Goal Flow. It took a few weeks to roll out the feature across all GA accounts.

Now, when most of you should have access to it, let’s have a look at all the new goodies we are getting.

The feature is a better alternative to the Funnel Visualization and Reverse Goal Path tools. It’s more flexible and lets you watch how the users interact with your content at a wider perspective.

Before we start, make sure you are using the new version of Google Analytics. Read more »

Are there Google PageRank alternatives?

October 10th, 2011 | Eugene Khutarniuk


On October 06 webmaster and SEO discussion boards were boiling with "Google PageRank update is under way", "PR on my sites is n/a", "Google discards PR" and similar threads. In fact, Google engineers decided to change the toolbar query URL from{gchecksum}&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&features=Rank&q=info:{url|encode}


Non-native toolbars and tools were still using the old URL, which caused the verification errors and consequently heart attacks and other grave conditions with the webmasters who are using such tools to verify the PageRank of their websites.

For a long time PageRank (PR) has been a benchmark and equivalent of quality/ value for many people making money online: domainers (the guys who are selling dropped domains with PR) determine the price of the domains based on PR; link-sellers will also charge you based on the PR of the page, from which they are selling links; link-builders normally trade links of the same PR, etc. But what metrics we’d have to use if PR is discontinued? Are there any other good alternatives? (We are going to include only the metrics that may be obtained via reputable, relatively unbiased and time-proven sources in this post). Read more »