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Eugene Khutarniuk

Eugene Khutarniuk is an SEO strategist at Link-Assistant.Com with 7 years of search marketing experience. Eugene writes about web analytics and applied SEO techniques. In his posts he’s giving his readers helpful site promotion how to’s in plain English. You’ll also find Eugene’s SEO tips in our blog’s SEO Crash-Test section.

Protect Your Privacy: How to Set Up Your Browser for Safe Surfing

September 16th, 2011 | Eugene Khutarniuk


Whatever you do on the Internet – the Big Brother is watching you! Some Internet marketing activities may require a degree of anonymity, when you don’t want to expose your real IP (or you’d rather rotate your IPs) and don’t want the web scripts to earmark you with cookies.

We pulled together a few proven solutions that will help you sneak into web hosted properties without leaving your fingerprints there.

Required Software

  • Firefox browser
  • FoxyProxy add-on. Foxyproxy lets you change the preset proxy servers in Firefox with a click.
  • Remove Cookies for Site add-on. This add-on lets you remove cookies set by the website that you are currently view with one click.
  • BetterPrivacy add-on. This add-on removes somewhat more persistent flash cookies from your PC.
  • Ghostery add-on. Ghostery blocks various scripts and beacons that are used to track your activity on the web.
  • RandomUserAgent add-on and/or User Agent Switcher add-on. Random user agent replaces the default browser user agent with random user agents. User Agent Switcher lets you switch between preconfigured user agents. You may even pretend to be Googlebot.
  • TOR, Set up the stable TOR release and or use I2P. TOR and I2P are both networks that help you protect your privacy by hiding your real IP. The two networks have different technologies and architecture under the hood but that does not make any difference for an ordinary end user. Unlike free proxy servers which are not always really anonymous and may disclose your real IP, these networks offer better privacy protection.
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More on Old-School SEO Techniques

August 15th, 2011 | Eugene Khutarniuk


social bookmarkingIn one of the recent posts we've talked about the outdated SEO techniques. The topic is not exhausted yet. Today we'd like to share with you a trick that used to work just fine some 5-6 years ago. Although, it is not as powerful as it used to be, you may still to put it to use.

As long ago as in 2003 a new startup - (now it is - was born. It is a service that enables users to save and share their web bookmarks. The concept is simple: users have a profile page, where their bookmarks are listed; the bookmarks are categorized with tags; the bookmarks may be either private or shared; the shared bookmarks are globally available to other users. Within a short run the service became very popular and hit over 300K active users. Web entrepreneurs throughout the globe created dozens of flavors, they alternated the functionality slightly but the concept remained the same (this fact created a loophole for the SEOs). Read more »

A Dozen of Custom Variables for your Website

August 2nd, 2011 | Eugene Khutarniuk


When it comes to traffic analysis, an e-commerce marketer has to tackle a set of complicated issues: how to segment incoming traffic, analyze visitors’ behavior, detect visitors with specific needs, and satisfy these needs. To solve these problems you’d need the proper tools (luckily you may get them for free) and helpful insights that come in this blog post, so read on.

In a series of posts we discussed the power of Google Analytics, a free web analysis SEO software that provides you with abundance of statistic data. It tells you almost everything you need to know about your website visitors from keywords they used to find your website, to their screen resolution. Google Analytics team went even one step further. They created a tool that enables web analysts to slice and dice the traffic according to their specific needs. It’s called Custom Variables. Read more »

Can a Cat in Gloves Catch Mice?

July 11th, 2011 | Eugene Khutarniuk


Funny CatIf you have never heard about affiliate marketing and money making then you’ve probably been offline for the recent 10 years or so. Plug your PC to www and get flooded with a non-stop flow of offers to “get rich with no efforts”. Is it really that easy?! Our answer is No. You do need to spend time and efforts to succeed. Read on for a few tips that might guide you in the right direction.

Typically, after you sign up for an affiliate program you get armored with powerful marketing tools. In many cases affiliate networks develop a few downloadable templates that you may use to run your own e-commerce website. The typical freshmen would download the script, set it up on their web server and being misled by the offer of easy money would wait for the skies to burst with a golden rain. As a result, Internet gets clogged with thousands of web pages that are as like as two peas. A 100% non-unique website has no chances to rank high and brings no additional value to the Internet community.

There are several things one may do to make an affiliate website look more appealing to search engines. Read more »

Are All the Goals Accounted for?

June 27th, 2011 | Eugene Khutarniuk


GA NinjaWe’ve already covered goals set up in earlier posts for Google Analytics Ninjas. Since then it seemed to be quite a depleted topic until Google team introduced the updated version of Google Analytics.

Above all other goodies the new GA enables web analysts to set Events as Goals and track even more interactions with the website. If you are still missing on this opportunity – read on!

It is easy to neglect some user interactions with the website that present high level of engagement and may indirectly lead to a conversion at a later stage. Such actions or Events include: viewing video presentations, listening to the audio, liking/ twitting/ commenting/ sharing, downloading white papers and presentations. Imagine a situation when you are trying to generate leads using a landing page with a video presentation but you don’t know how many (if any) visitors are viewing it, and for how long. In such case you have no basis to compare the performance of various traffic channels against each other and your efforts are potentially sub-optimal. Read more »

The Practical Guide to Article Submission

May 26th, 2011 | Eugene Khutarniuk


There is always much ado about link-building strategies. Some are claimed to be the cutting edge, others are as old as the Rolling Stones; some are told to yield great results, others – to be the loss of efforts. Today we’ll scrutinize somewhat classical strategy: article marketing or article directory submission.

There are two options here, you may either outsource this task to a third-party service provider or do it yourself. In the latter case you’ll have to get through the following steps:

  1. Get/Create a list of article directories
  2. Create an article
  3. Spin the article for better results (in other words create a set of articles, where certain words are substituted with the synonyms)
  4. Distribute the article

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