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How to Get Plenty of High Quality Links With Minimum Efforts

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category GuestBox

guest post by Imran Ali

You may know that in order to rank at the top of search engines, for a specific keyword, you must get maximum number of your keyword anchored backlinks to your website. It is one of the most important ranking factors. We can say that 90% of SEO is the number of backlinks game. In this short article I want to share some ways to get good number of backlinks to your website, with very little effort.

Method No.1 – Make WordPress Theme and Spread it for Free

This is my favourite method to get tons of backlinks from different domains of different C-Class IPs from all over the world. If you know how to design a wordpress theme then you can get all the benefit for free. But if you are not a designer, then you need to spend some bucks for this work. You can hire a designer to make a really cute and premium WordPress theme for you. You should make the theme related to your topic. For instance, if your website is about fashion and jewelry then you must make the theme related to shopping and fashion. In this way, you will be getting the backlinks from the websites of your niche.

After your premium theme is ready, make sure you have added your website link with proper anchor text in the footer. Now spread your theme and give it to the hungry bloggers who are always looking for high class and premium themes for free.

Suppose you have spent $100 for getting one WordPress theme. Also suppose that after 2-3 months about 100 bloggers have used your theme. Assume that each blog has about 10 pages. Then it means that after 2-3 months you will be getting about 1000 backlinks to your website, for just $100. And don't forget that these links are from different domains and are life time.

Method No.2 – Become a Top Commentator

Many webmasters comment on other blogs to get some backlinks to their own blogs. It is a good habit that not only gives you the backlinks but also increases your knowledge and authority on the subject. If you want to get maximum benefit from blog commenting then choose the blogs wisely where you want to post your comments.

You may have heard about a WordPress plugin, namely Top Commentators. Many bloggers have installed this plugin. This is the plugin that lists the names, with links, of top 7 or top 10 commentators of the month. These top commentators list is shown on every page of the blog. It means if you can take a top position, your link will be on all pages of the blog. These links are mostly Do-Follow even if the normal links in the comments are NoFollow.

How to start? Make a list of blogs that have installed this plugin. Choose the blogs that have a high PR like PR3 or more and have large numbers of posts like 100 or more. Now subscribe to all these blogs so that you will get an email whenever there will be a new post on these blogs. Now just check your inbox everyday. Whenever you get an email about a new post on one of these blogs, go ahead and add your comment. Your comment must be related to the post and you must post your comment after reading the post to ensure that your comment is not rejected. In this way you will have your comments on all the new posts of the blogs. This will surely include your name in the list of Top Commentators.

Suppose there is a blog with 500 posts and PR4, and you are in the top commentators list. It means that you will be getting 500 high PR links from that single blog. Keep on doing this work to get the plenty of backlinks from large number of blogs.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is very popular, among bloggers. It is very beneficial both for writers and blog owners. Blog owners get lots of free and high quality content while the guest writers get some high quality and related backlinks to their own blogs.

If you are an expert in your field and have some first hand knowledge about your topic, then go ahead and share your knowledge on other blogs. You can find many high quality and high PR blogs where guest posting is allowed and appreciated.

About the Author:

Imran is an experienced and old blogger who writes about different topics related to SEO and how to earn money online, on his blog.

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