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How to Measure if Your Press Releases Do The Job

| Posted in category Analytics Internet Marketing Link Building Online Press Releases

Has it ever puzzled you  that your press release distribution service, no matter how reputable and pricey, won't deliver the results you expect? Or you do free PR distribution and keep wondering if your time and efforts are worth the aftermath.

PR effectiveness is the topic I covered in my recent guest post at  State of Search.

I think that to see if a press release was effective, we should state the list of PR goals first. Here's the pyramid that summarizes the most common goals for PR distribution:

In 5 Key Indicators to Measure your Press Release Effectiveness you'll find out that things worth looking at when assessing the PR distribution results include:

- number of online pickups

- number of indexed pickups

- getting to Google News

- search traffic data

- press coverage

Have you ever promoted your site with press releases? What goals did you have in mind? How did you measure your press release distribution results? Share your experience in the comments - either here or below the full article!



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