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MyBlogGuest Review: A Place for Guest Bloggers to Call Home (with a Case Study)

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category Guest Blogging Search Engine Optimization

If you are not yet using guest blogging as part of your marketing strategy you should certainly start now. Not sure what's in it for you? Here are at least 5 benefits of guest blogging to motivate you.

Now that we all know why guest blogging is worth investing into, let's take a look at a community that can really help you get the most out of your every guest post.

Whether you're an active guest blogger or just starting out you should certainly stop by at MyBlogGuest, a guest blogging community run by Ann Smarty, one of the brightest folks in the SEO industry. The idea behind the site is pretty simple: to give guest bloggers and blog owners seeking quality content a platform where they can connect, trade posts, share their expertise and help each other promote their guest posts and blogs.

Technically MyBlogGuest is a narrowly focused forum with a relatively small but active community. That said, you won't see any unrelated threads, spammers posting BS just to drop a link and other downsides of large forums, even though MyBlogGuest is free to join. Spammers will sure hop in as the forum grows, but luckily they are not much of a problem right now.

MyBlogGuest Forum

The two major forum sections are 'Looking for a guest for my blog' and 'Looking for a blog to guest post'. Obviously, in the first section blog owners seeking quality content post their guest posting opportunities and in the second guest bloggers offer their 'pens' and creativity.

If you're seeking a perfect blog for your guest post you simply drop by at the 'Looking for a guest for my blog' and browse through the list of blogs accepting guest posts.  All the blogs are nicely broken down into categories, which makes finding a relevant blog really easy.

Blog categories

If you're looking for one-off or regular guest contributors for your blog you can start a thread with your offer in this section and guest bloggers will contact you with their guest posts.

'Looking for a blog to guest post' is basically a mirror reflection of the first section where guest bloggers are seeking host sites for their posts.

These two forum sections alone make MyBlogGuest worth checking out, but that's just a small part of the forum. There you'll also find sections and threads with guest blogging contests, guest blogging job offers, a place where MyBlogGuest members team-up to help each other promote their guest posts and, well, general chat (do you imagine a forum without it?)

Guest Blogging Bells and Whistles

MyBlogGuest is a forum, but it's more than just that. There are some really nice bells and whistles designed specifically for guest bloggers and blog owners accepting guest posts. One of such features is called Article Gallery.

There you can find ready-made guest posts that are waiting to get published. You can browse through categories and tags to find relevant posts and get a preview. If you like a guest post you make an offer to the author and if it's accepted you get to publish the piece. And sure you can add your own guest posts to the Gallery and wait for the best offer.

Another cool feature is MyBlogGuest Direct. It lets you send/accept guest post submissions directly to the blog dashboards. This makes the process of reviewing, editing and publishing guest posts a hell lot easier.

A Little Case Study of Link-Assistant.Com Experience with MyBlogGuest

As you know, here at Link-Assistant.Com blog we also accept guest posts. So when we heard about MyBlogGuest, we decided to jump onboard and check it out. And it turned out to be a really positive experience.

A large portion of guest posts you've seen on this blog, both in the GuestBox and in the SEO blog sections were generated via MyBlogGuest. Now not to make this review too sweet, we must admit that some of the guest post submissions we received were too basic, some were not quite well written and there were a couple of obvious link drops.

But many more were good and a few just great. One of the guest posts (4 Ways Link Builders Should Use Twitter by Kaila Strong) even made it to Sphinn frontpage and earned us around 470 links including some nice ones. And the key to this success was that both the author, the blog owner and the whole MyBlogGuest community helped promote the post.

So if you want to find cool guest blogging opportunities, get quality content for your site and network with fellow bloggers, be sure to check out MyBlogGuest and best SEO software. And yeah, did we mention it's free?

P.S. Don't forget to report back and share your experience of MyBlogGuest in the comments.

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