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New Google Features for Webmasters and SEOs

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category Google Search Engine Optimization SEO Tools

google-webmaster-toolsGoogle does quite a lot to help webmasters and SEOs better optimize their websites and take advantage of all the new features they are actively rolling out all the time. Although they still won't tell us what their secret algo is, they do share the information on what we can do to make our websites a better experience both for the search engines and for the users.

A couple of new features have been recently introduced at the Official Google Blog and at the Webmaster Central that may be worth your attention. These are not game changers or anything, but they can help you take a better shot at the search traffic with your website.

Find out whether your site is infected with malware and why

When even major companies like Google become the victims of cyber attacks no website is absolute safe. As you know Google labels the search results for suspicious and infected sites with a warning, so if your site gets hacked and infected with malware this will certainly do no good to your search traffic. If this happens Google will now send a notification email to the address specified in your webmaster tools account, so you can take action and resolve the problem.

In addition to that a special section was introduced to the Diagnostic section of Google Webmaster Tools that informs you whether there are any malware-related issues on your website.

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Add images to your sitemap

If you're optimizing for image search this piece of news is certainly worth your attention. You can now add information about the images on your webpages to your standard Google sitemap. If there are images on your page that are not easily accessible for the search engine spiders (for example they can only be accessed via a java-script) you should add them to your site map to make sure the images are included into the search index.

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Remove sensitive information from search results

As SEOs most of the time we're concerned with how to make our content appear in the SERPs to get seen by as many people as possible. However there are also those rare cases when you need to do opposite thing and remove your sensitive information from the search results. Of course it’s better not to let it slip there in the first place by restricting the search crawlers from your 'secret pages' in your robots.txt file.

Still if you find yourself in a situation where you need to remove your content from the search snippet or from the Google cache and you don't have the time to wait for Google bot to reindex your webpage naturally you can request your sensitive data to be removed in Google Webmaster Tools under Site configuration -> Crawler access -> Remove URL. This will remove both the description and the cached version of your page from the search results until the page is reindexed.

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