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On Blogging Success and How You Measure It

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category GuestBox

guest post by Warner Carter

Bloggers define success differently; some through traffic, some through their followers, and through subscriptions. Actually, there is nothing wrong with defining and measuring success; setting a standard for it is undoubtedly a very good strategy every blogger should adopt. However, focusing solely on your blog's physical aspect as a marketing tool is not a good practice; it is really a bad habit, to the point that some expert bloggers call it obsession and an off-track strategy.

Blogging isn't just about traffic

Once a newbie blogger starts a blog, what initially comes to mind after design and all those "aesthetically motivated" stuff, is traffic. Of course, everyone needs it to get noticed and gain customers and clients. Moreover, getting a good measure of traffic per day (let us say 100-150, a very good number for a beginner) could probably give a blog its very first PageRank in less than 6 months. However, millions of traffic a day is useless without proper conversion. You need something to convince people, to let and push them to get your services.

Content is your Muse

Well, call it whatever you want. Content is king, prince, queen, duchess, and empress—what is important is its function and ability to impress, educate, help, entertain, and amuse readers. Your content is the bait that will keep them visiting your site.

Who cares about your Saul Bass-inspired logo and web design? Who cares about your Oscar Wilde writing style? These are important factors in blogging, yet you have to overpower it with your content. Simple words will do; engaging articles are enough to keep them on your regular visitors' list.

Link Building is your network

No man is an island, and blogging alone is living an online life in fraction. Well, nothing emotional, I just coined it. Going back, if you find link building absurd and ridiculous, you should quit blogging. Blogging is not a lone man's world. You need the help of others to gain blogging success, for it is impossible to make it alone in this business. More than network, linking with relative blogs from your niche bridges you to larger networks and traffic opportunities. Therefore, dropping link building from your methods is like destroying your own arsenal.

Don't over push it, just one at a time

After traffic, what gives new bloggers countless of sleepless nights is sales. They always think that getting traffic from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Digg will automatically secure their income. They think of social media sites as fast and lucrative way of doubling capital, as if this is the only way to get quality clicks.

You cannot just juggle with your plans and do what is best for the day. You have to literally plan your strategies, pick a system that will work for you and handle it one moment at a time.

Systematic blogging

Making money through blog is like other traditional businesses as well. You have to plan your moves and target one object at a time to reach your main goal. It starts with getting a good blog design, writing at least ten starter posts, and conducting systematic blogging.

After a few articles and blog design, you have to plan your traffic methods. Through ways like link building, social media promotion, and direct advertising, you can systematically build a flourishing traffic scheme that will secure your blog's publicity. In blogging, it is important to have your exposure secured, for it will be your doorway to conversion.

To exist is conversion

In blogging, conversion isn't really a mathematical equation—it's a motion, an action. A blog without visitors is nothing but a dead blog, and a blog without action is nonexistent at all. People should see that your blog is operated and moderated by a real human and not by a robot. To interact is to declare existence; therefore, you have to communicate with them. Reply to their comments, email, and queries to let them feel your existence. Comment on other blogs as well, and always write with relevance and continuity.

Beginners put too much hard work on link building with sales in mind; they talk to unknown people with just money at heart.

This is where love should come in. If you think of profit, sales, ROI, and capital growth all the time, you might have to reconsider your status as an online businessman. You have to go back to where you started and remember the reason why you actually built a blog.

Blogging is both physical and emotional

Some people may find it funny and ridiculous, but for us who have been making an incredible amount of money solely from blogging, emotion has become an important element in our success. Your blog's emotion is actually the heart of your businesses, and a blog without it is nothing but a dead, nonexistent blog.

Although it is part of the game, blogging does not mean you have to be charitable all the time. You don’t have to give freebies and giveaways all the time just to secure readers and traffic. Emotion is actually your connection to your readers and customers.

Emotion, as cliché as it sounds, is the heart that pushes you to do your online job with love. It’s the heart that forces you to write well-written articles even when you have a tremendous writer’s block, to reply on threading blog comments even if you feel repetitive, and to entertain strangers' emails even if you know that they're not buying.

Defining Success

Well, success is still relative. You can still measure it with your own yardstick.

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Warner writes about SEO, Blogging, and Web Development, enjoys learning and discovering everything new, and works for Endless Rise, who provides SEO services to SEO Resellers exclusively. You can become an seo reseller today.

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