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Top 5 Link Request Red Flags

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category Link Building


Guest post by Donald Farber

If you have a blog or a website chances are you're going to get a few link exchange requests.

Most of these emails are pretty mediocre. Some are actually good but then there are the bad ones, the ones that make us cringe, and the ones that get sent straight to the trash bin.

Here are 5 warning signs that an email link request might be a waste of your time:

1. You sell Christian books but my blog has videos of 2 girls and a single cup

Completely unrelated link requests just don’t work.

It's apparent you're sending mass emails because nothing is personalized. You probably haven’t even looked at my website. I guess it serves me right for signing up for all those garbage free directories. I’ve been banished to a lifetime of SEO related spam emails… a fate worse than death!

2. Your website is a travesty

I'm not a web designer so if it looks like I could have designed it then that's a bad sign.

Other warning signs:

  • no inbound links
  • 550K inbound links, no page rank
  • your WHOIS information doesn't match your listed address

3. And, and, and

If you're requesting a link exchange then request a link exchange.

Don't ask for a link exchange and if we're selling links and if we're accepting guest posts and if we're hiring and if I can help your uncle by accepting a $2,300,000 wire transfer payment so that he wont get killed by his government.

Set your priorities and then email me back when you get it sorted out. If I were you I would help my uncle before I worried about building links for some spammy websites.

4. Me, me, me

Just like "and, and, and" this person is all over the place but they're not offering my website anything in return.

So, you want me to give you a link, sell you another, give you a guest post, and a job, and you want my banking information to help save your uncle?

Are you going to do anything for me in return?

I didn't think so. So your email goes in the trash bin.

5. Fake hot chick personas

Does this actually work?

I'm new to SEO but I can't believe that the fake hot chick persona ever worked. Every time my SEO friend "Susan" starts flirting with me on MSN it makes me feel uncomfortable.

She keeps telling me that she is from Baltimore but my analytics software says she's located in Hyderabad, India. The weirdest part is that she/he forgot to change her profile picture on MSN so I’m pretty sure that Susan has a beard.

About the Author

This was a guest post from Donald Farber from – a website that provides life insurance quotes for Canadians.

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