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Why BuzzBundle is the best tool to build your brand and get top-quality backlinks

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category Social Management Tools

In the post-Penguin world social media became a powerful and free source of natural, high quality backlinks for your site.

That is why SEOs use social tools to get links, and a reliable social tool is your key to a powerful link profile.

So we tested the tools people often ask about, and can demonstrate that BuzzBundle is the best software to build your brand and get top-quality backlinks in social:

BuzzBundle proved the most effective and feature-rich SSM solution for over 100,000 of its users.

But quite often new users don't want to spend time testing it, and ask for quick proof of why BuzzBundle is better than other tools. Here are the answers, in short.

BuzzBundle is:

1. The tool that covers more social networks, forums, blogs and video sites than any other software.

2. The only tool with unlimited scheduling: it lets you schedule as many posts, tweets, retweets and messages as you need.

3. The only tool that manages business pages in Facebook and Google+, besides letting you find and join any discussions online.

4. The only tool that lets you track competitors and who's talking about them.

5. And more advantages no one else can offer >>

Here we demonstrate with perfect proof that BuzzBundle is the most effective tool to listen and talk in social media and to acquire natural social links.

See our test, or simply get yourself a BuzzBundle license and support your website with great Social Media management:

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