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by SEO PowerSuite

New Smart Link Prospecting tool

Smart link opportunity suggestions
based on competitors, topics, or link building techniques
Convenient prospect analysis feed
with an in-built browser
Prospects contact info lookup
for easy outreach

Get hundreds of quality link opportunities suggestions in a click.

Backlink Gap
Get a list of websites that link to several of your competitors but don't yet link to you.
Top-Ranking Pages
Just enter a few keywords and get a list of pages that perform best for them on Google.
Competitors' New Backlinks
Get a list of your competitors' hot-new backlinks built in the past 90 days.
Similar Websites
Found a relevant website to get a link from? Let the tool find more sites from the same biz niche.
Advanced Google Search
Plus, same as before, LinkAssistant lets you search for different types of link prospects on Google based on their various footprints.
Guest Posts
Pinpoint industry platforms that accept guest posts and reach out to offer your writing services.
Identify quality business directories in your niche and get your site listed.
Discover people who review products and services in your space and have your business reviewed.
Links Pages
Find pages with links to relevant resources where you can get placement.
Find relevant industry blogs that are likely to post about your business.
Competitor backlinks
Discover link profiles of your competitors and pick the most promising opportunities for link outreach.
Forums & comments
Jump into relevant conversations on forums and blog comments and build brand awareness.
Custom search
Create your own search method with custom operators and get a list of prospects tailored to your needs.

Sift through your link suggestions in a convenient feed.

Convenient prospect feed

Now all of the newly found prospects are added to your analysis feed with an in-built browser for you to look through and pick only the best mentions.

Advanced filtering options

Filter prospects in your feed by domain traffic and backlink authority, by date added, or by custom tags you've assigned.

Contact info right at hand

The green email icon shows you the prospects LinkAssistant has found contact info for. And by clicking the icon, you instantly get to see all the contact info (or add/edit it manually, if needed)

Spammy topic blocklist

If you don't want your backlink profile associated with a certain “unsafe” industry, like gambling or adult content, just add the topic to your blocklist. LinkAssistant will alert you of any websites with the unwanted topics used in their backlinks' anchor texts.

Many more changes are coming in the next months!

“Not sure if you knew this, but LinkAssistant was the very first tool in the SEO PowerSuite toolkit. The one it all started with back in 2004. And it means the tool has A LOT. A lot of features to offer, and a lot for us to modernize.
This is why we've decided to split our full LinkAssistant revamp into three parts .
Today, we're starting with its key functionality – a new and modernized way to search for quality link prospects for your campaign. Yet back here in the office the team is already sweating over the next updates to come – to its link building outreach module and its link profile management and verification workflow. “
Full LinkAssistant
Link prospecting module update
  • New prospect research methods
  • Convenient prospect analysis feed
  • Advanced filtering options
Email outreach features' update
  • Improved contact retrieval
  • Brand-new emails templates
  • Streamlined email management
Backlink profile management update
  • New live link monitoring dashboard
  • Paid link building spends tracking
  • Quick link verification
So give new LinkAssistant a try, share with us your feedback and improvement ideas, and stay tuned!

Your entire link building routine is on us.

Let the new LinkAssistant handle your every link building task, from A to Z.
Find prospects in seconds
Get a list of quality prospects using LinkAssistant's new research mechanisms and gather all kinds of stats and insights about them in another click.
Reach out effectively
Contact link prospects right from the app and use handy email templates for every type of outreach to make your emails more personal.
Manage your relationships
Grow your link profile, monitor the links you've built, stay in touch with partners, and report on your link building progress — all in one place.