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Introducing background tasks in Rank Tracker:
Work smarter and multitask on different projects while the software runs updates and scheduled tasks in the background!

Today's an exciting day! SEO PowerSuite's making the first step towards its most awaited and asked-for update — the ability to use the software in the foreground, while it runs updates & scheduled tasks in the background.

Many of you have been asking for this update. And for many years, we had to tell you this change in the tools' architecture was not technically possible. Up till now!

And today you can already try the updated Rank Tracker (with the update coming to other SEO PowerSuite tools within a month).

What's new?

Up till now, you had no ability to close the software's progress window while an SEO check was running. Thus, you couldn't switch to a different module or project to work with the data that isn't being updated at the moment. And today's update changes exactly this.

After you let your Rank Tracker auto-update to version 8.12 or download its latest version from the website, you can start working with your data without any interruptions while any of your SEO tasks (be it rank checking, keyword research, or keyword analysis) run in the background. More to that, you can easily manage and prioritize queued tasks with the new task manager.

Work with your data while tasks run in the background

Switch between different projects, look through you ranking reports while Rank Tracker is collecting new keyword suggestions for you, work with your keyword map while your rakings are being checked, and more! From now on, all your Rank Tracker tasks run in the background, while you can keep on working with your data the way you like.

Manage queued tasks effectively

Click on the task in progress in the bottom left corner of your screen to see the task that's currently on and the queued tasks that will come after it. Here, you can cancel the queued tasks you no longer want to complete, or re-order the jobs by dragging and dropping them.

View and manage task history

Click on the task in progress and switch to the History tab to access the list of tasks you recently ran. Here, you'll see the results of you recent tasks and view their logs.

And background tasks are coming to other SEO PowerSuite tools!

Today, we're releasing the update in Rank Tracker — but we're already working on revamping the other 3 SEO PowerSuite tools as well. In the coming weeks, you'll see background tasks implemented in SEO SpyGlass, LinkAssistant, and WebSite Auditor, so you can work with your data uninterruptedly, anytime, in any tool:

1. Work with the already found pages even while your site crawl hasn't been finished yet.

2. Keep working with one of your websites while another one is being analyzed.

3. Optimize one page's content while another page is being analyzed.

4. And more.

1. Analyze your backlink profile while SEO SpyGlass is building a project for your competitor.

2. Work uninterruptedly while SEO SpyGlass is building domain comparison table for a number of websites.

3. Work with you backlinks while their Traffic or Penalty Risk stats are being updated.

4. And more.

1. Start reaching out to the already found link prospects while LinkAssistant is looking for more of them using other search methods.

2. Start sniff-testing your link prospects in LinkAssistant's in-built browser while the software is updating link quality metrics for them.

3. And more.

We hope you're as excited about this update as we are. Looking forward to hearing your feedback here in the comments!

Happy SEOing!