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Google Analytics Team Launches New Features

| Posted in category Analytics Google

Hi there to everyone who is following our Google Analytics Thursday posts. You might have heard that on March 17 Google Analytics development team showcased new Google Analytics interface and features. We were among the lucky ones to get a sneak peek at the new GA interface and had a chance to play with it.

Wanna have a look? – See a bunch of screenshots below.

New Feel & Look

The GA team spruced up the look and feel of the interface:

Google Analytics Reports Screen

The interface leverages tabbed navigation. There are separate tabs for home screen, dashboards, My Site (standard reports) area, and custom reports.

Google Analytics Navigation Tabs

If you are an SEO professional, chances are you have to manage dozens of GA accounts and profiles. The two old drop-down menus (accounts and profiles) used to be somewhat confusing. Now all the accounts are under one roof and may be easily located within the dropdown menu with a handy search feature.

Google Analytics Search Menu

There is a similar search functionality on the home screen too. By the way, the latter is probably in testing mode, because there are no buttons or links that would allow editing or creating accounts. A new home screen currently features Recent Blog Posts pane with news feed from the official Google Analytics Blog.

Google Analytics Home Screen

Multiple Dashboards

The long-awaited feature finally released. You may now create multiple dashboards, create new custom widgets for your dashboard virtually on the fly, drag and drop the widgets to arrange them to your taste and needs.

Google Analytics Default Dashboard

How it works:

  • Click on + New dashboard in left-hand pane on any dashboard screen
  • Enter Caption (name your new dashboard)

Google Analytics Create New Dashboard

The new dashboard comes populated with default widgets. You may edit or delete them, or add new custom widgets.

  • Click on + Add Widget, Widget customization window will appear.

Google Analytics New Widget

Four types of widgets are available for your choice: 2.1 Metric, Pie chart, Timeline, and Table. For each of them you may select a certain combination of metrics and dimensions. If you are familiar with custom segments, then this approach is not new for you.

See a simple custom dashboard that I created to monitor conversions. It contains 2 pie charts and two timelines that reflect the conversion rate, the number of conversions and the split up of conversions by source and by country/territory.

Google Anallytics Conversions Dashboard

With the new functionality one may create a separate dashboard to monitor any aspect of the website’s performance. By the way, you may share your ideas for custom dashboards in comments.

New Custom Reports

Custom reporting screen was totally overhauled. It makes use of the same concepts: tabbed navigation and combination of metrics and dimensions (see the screen shot).

Google Analytics create Custom Reports

Even More Doodles:

Among new GA features there a few that would specially appeal to users that prefer visual representation to raw digits. These are Tag Cloud view and Motion Charts (the latter were already available as a beta feature in the previous version of Google Analytics).

This is a tag cloud of top traffic sources:

Google Analytics Tag Cloud

A fancy motion chart:

Google Analytics Motion Chart

As a bottom line, multiple dashboards and search boxes are a real time saver. Furthermore, new Google Analytics gives users more freedom and lets them slice, dice, and combine the data in thousands of ways. It eliminates the need to export your data to spreadsheets for further processing in third-party software.

Hopefully, in a week or two the new interface will come out of beta and will be available to all the users.

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