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Using Google Alerts for Building Backlinks

Link-Assistant.Com | Posted in category GuestBox

guest post by Tyler Moore

Google Alerts has quickly become one of my favorite tools and SEO software for building backlinks. It's well-known that relevant backlinks are worth more than non-related backlinks. That is to say, if you're promoting your discount golf club website on a golfing forum or blog, that link will be worth more than if you'd created a backlink on a blog about weight loss or online marketing. "Content is king," as any good SEO will remind you, and you should definitely keep this in mind when you're building links.

However, it can be tricky finding new opportunities for promoting your website. Let's take a look at using Google Alerts to automatically send you alerts for possible opportunities for building relevant backlinks.

Grab the keywords and search terms you'd like to start targeting and head over to Google Alerts. Google Alerts monitors search terms and will send you emails when these terms are being used on the internet. You simply create a new alert, then enter a few options to tell Google what kind of alert you want to make. Here's how I like to build a new alert:

I recommend selecting "Discussions" over "Everything," because you're specifically looking to build backlinks. This will limit your alert results to forums, blogs and other discussion areas with people talking about your keywords. You can also select how often you want to see these results: as they happen, once a day or once a week. This option is up to you, depending on how often you build links, or how much email you want to receive about this alert. Lastly, I highly recommend selecting "Only the best results," for the content of the alert you've set. This will cut out some of the noise and limit your alert to pages that specifically contain your chosen search term. You can then have the results sent to your email address or directly into an RSS feed.

Don't feel limited by these recommendations, however. You may find it useful to look for "Discussions," about your keywords and get those results as they happen, but you might be interested in getting an email once a day with "Everything," related to your search terms. Combining alerts in this way might clue you in to other areas you could be targeting in your link building strategy.

An effective backlinking strategy takes time, patience and creativity. I've found that using Google Alerts has cut some of the tedium out of my own work, and I'm hoping others may find these tips useful.

About the author

Tyler Moore works as an SEO consultant in Indianapolis. He's been blogging and writing body copy for the internet for nearly a decade, and shows no signs of slowing down now! Tyler currently works for DocRaptor, a web application used to convert HTML to PDF. DocRaptor allows users to create beautiful, fully functional PDF and Excel files with a simple HTTP POST request. You can contact Tyler by email at

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