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7 ways to make sites fun and get links and traffic

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Websites fun and Easter EggsWe do remember that people share things they like. Easter Eggs and fun stuff on websites is a wonderful way to promote your business, and here's why:

  • You get natural links.

    Your funny page is very likely to appear in numerous trick collections on the web. Also people share great stuff on Reddit and forums.

    Thus, your link profile will benefit from being listed in a Mashable website Easter Egg list (or any other trusted website).

  • You get traffic.

    While people share your trick with friends and on social, you are going to receive high traffic from these shares around the year.

  • You get social shares, which brings you more traffic and all the benefits of social presence.

  • You give people fun and entertainment, which is as important as creating valuable content. Making fun is extremely helpful during the holiday season. Also it can be a piece of great evergreen content regardless of the season.

  • You give unique experience. Fun and unexpected stuff on a website guarantees people remember you and your company.

What is Easter Egg?

An Easter egg is an intentional joke, hidden message or feature in software, websites, books, ads, movies etc. Read more about Easter Eggs on Wikipedia.

Here we suggest some ideas for natural link building apart from offering great service and content. Plus we’ll give you some tips on using these ideas for your website promotion. Here we go!

1. Hide something into the page code.


The company that is going to launch an online game inserted this picture into the code of the main page. That egg was discovered by game players on Nosgoth game forum.

This trick is super easy and fast and lets you make a small Easter Egg for any occasion. Your visitors will love the surprise you prepared for them!

Hide something into the page code

2. Show a nice thing to those who voted in a poll or answered a question.


Click I’m under 21 and see what happens!

The company that makes beer should ask a visitor whether he or she is over 21 years old. When you press I’m under 21 the website disappears and is replaced by a dancing GIF, which is extremely funny!

A very smart step for a company in a niche where it’s harder to build backlinks. Besides, this egg is super easy to find.

Easter eggs on websites

P.S. People on Reddit say this website is regularly down because of the traffic their Easter Egg creates. Not bad!

3. Make a funny robots.txt file.


Nike is famous for its inspirational promo campaign, and they supported it by inserting those motivational words into their robots.txt file. Again, it is super easy and fast, also very simple to find. It helps to create the surprise effect: imagine that you open an ordinary robots.txt file and expect to see indexing regulations but actually smile to this inspiration. Good mood is guaranteed!

Nike Easter Egg

We collected some nice ideas for robots.txt files in this blog post, you can use it while brainstorming for your next website Easter Egg.

4. Make a funny 404 page.


A 404 page is a wonderful opportunity to have some fun even if your website is too serious and fully dedicated to business. What is great about a funny 404 page is that a user which followed the wrong link won’t feel frustrated or lost.

WebMeUp team announced a contest on their 404 page and used a nice creature to make it even nicer.

WebMeUp Easter Egg

Another good example of a 404 page is

Joel Klettke included a double joke on the dead page, which looks very smart and engaging. He is famous for his irony and sense of humor, and this page proves that he is a talented and creative writer.

Zombie Easter Egg

5. Apply Konami code and hide some fun with it.

Konami code is a sequence of key-presses (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A) that was used as a cheat in a number of Konami-made video games. However, sometimes you can find an Easter Egg on a website using this code. They say even British Vogue once had dinosaurs on their website thanks to this trick!

Read how to implement Konami code on your website.


To see this egg one needs to enter the Konami code. You can’t expect this character to appear on a nice and clean website of web development and design niche. What is more, using famous characters (e.g. from movies, cartoons or old-fashioned games) rises the chances your visitor will smile and share a link with his friends.

Konami code

6. Make a wonderful company story.


Google has created a timeline of their projects, apps, websites and successes. Apart from the great visual presentation, it is a captivating company story.

Google timeline

Another example:

Click the scissors till they cut the website footer off. After that you will be able to see a full gallery of people that are connected to KickStarter. This trick adds to the collaborative and creative mood of the website and makes you feel connected with the talented people gathered by the project.

Kickstarter Easter Egg

And another example:

Distilled created a page introducing their team members. If you look at the page you may think you see just names, positions and pics, but once you move the cursor over the pics, they change to similar but funny ones.

This is a great idea if you want to show your creativity and special approach to customers. What is more, such a trick is super handy to create a holiday Easter Egg – just upload the pics of your team members dressed for a holiday party. It will be fun not only for your website visitors, but also appear to be a team building activity for your colleagues.

Distilled Easter Egg

A company story is not only about fun, traffic and backlinks, it’s about branding and building trust. Transparency says: our company trusts you, our team shows what we’ve done. A user gets to know more about you and your business, and it’s a reason to make a right decision: becoming your customer.

This refers to portfolios too. Such a page can have many faces depending on your niche, but all in all it creates a wonderful effect. Your website can be very simple and minimalistic, with plain text and almost no pics, but making a nice company presentation would definitely be an investment.

7. Create a hidden page which is not too difficult to find.


If you go to page and check the area under the copyright, you’ll find an invisible link, which leads to the page dedicated to David Risher.

He helped to grow Amazon from a small bookstore, and this page as a tribute and gesture of gratitude shows us that Amazon is a place where people respect their colleagues and are thankful to those who contributed to the project. Show your customers that you are a Team, they will like it.

Hidden page Amazon

Hidden page Amazon

Now you have several ideas for an Easter Egg or just some fun on your website. How to use them properly?

Tips for getting Easter Eggs backlinks for your website:

  • Create a contest and give prizes to those who find the Easter Egg on your website. A hidden page is a nice approach to Easter Eggs. It’s harder to find if compared to other kinds of Easter Eggs, that’s why it’s a perfect choice for a hunting contest.
  • If your niche is relevant, write an article about Easter Eggs and include your variant into the list.
  • Use BuzzBundle or any other software to find relevant forum discussions, articles, tweets and posts and share your Easter Egg or fun stuff in comments.
  • Your funny website features or Easter Eggs shouldn't be too difficult to find. Make sure a user can accidentally see your crypt. For example, hide it on one of your product or service page.
  • If it’s possible, place social media sharing buttons onto your Easter Egg (for example, if it’s a separate page).
  • Do not delete seasonal Easter Eggs, especially if they were successful. They are likely to bring you backlinks and traffic throughout the year.
  • Make sure your fun stuff is not annoying. If it’s a GIF, or music, or some kind of dynamic effects, don’t make it too loud and bright. A user needs to have an opportunity to exit the page or close/remove the item.
  • Make sure your joke is clear. Test it on your friends, co-workers and family. Don’t use characters of unknown books or movies (the fact you like Californication doesn’t mean everybody likes it, for many people David Duchovny is still Fox Mulder from X-Files).
  • Make sure your page is fun enough so people stumbled upon it won’t think it’s an occasional mistake.

What are your favorite fun ways to build backlinks and traffic? Have you got any fun on your own website? Please welcome to share ideas in comments.

Image credit: fstop123 via iStockphoto

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