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Five Questions SEO Beginners Often Ask About Backlinks

| Posted in category Link Building

What's the backbone of any successful SEO campaign? Backlinks, for sure.

Even people new to SEO know that link-building is something they should put their major effort into. Child-easy and challenging, routine and creative, link-building raises many questions.

Here are some of them that puzzle most SEO newbies:

1. What is the best link-building method?

There's a variety of link-building methods – you'll find SEO forums abundant with claims that EDU backlinks or Angela and Paul's profile links are the salt of the Earth. Most SEOs also advocate for link baiting, article submission, web 2.0 link wheels, press releases, Yahoo! Answers, forums and blog commenting – so which one to take up?

There's no single best link building method – try a bit of everything and you'll soon see what works best for your site’s SERPs growth. Everything? Not exactly. Only those links which Google perceives as natural or organic.

Organic link building involves activities that bring value to the community rather than add spam to the web. It's not about a particular list of methods, it's mostly about the way you implement each one of them.

One of the examples is forum posting. If you have something worth saying – go ahead, it will be beneficial to the community. If not, don't add senseless one-liners just to increase your post count and get another backlink – such tactics won't increase your rankings, neither will they bring targeted traffic.

One of the sure-fire link building method is guest blogging – it is organic by definition.

In short, guest blogging is giving away content in exchange for backlinks in the author's bio section. Guest bloggers can't but deliver first-rate stuff – otherwise their posts won't be accepted by blog owners. What is more, many internet marketers come to understand that guest blogging has benefits beyond link building: driving targeted traffic, becoming recognized as an expert in a particular niche, building relationships with like-minded folks.

A great way to get link building ideas is to analyze your competitors' links with a backlink checker. Once you have a list of your competitors' backlinks, especially with a whole variety of SEO data about each one (that SEO SpyGlass provides), then you'll know for sure which link sources work good for them, and thus will be beneficiary for you.

2. Can I boost my website's rankings by getting more PR1 links, or do I need to start getting PR3+ links to move up?

The link building rule of thumb is to have a diverse portfolio of organic, thematically-relevant backlinks – this appears natural to Google and thus is likely to improve your rankings.

Links from low-PR websites are worth getting firstly because of this diversity rule. Secondly, PageRank can grow – so if a website seems suitable thematically and is not a link farm – go ahead, grab the opportunity!

3. Does getting a lot of nofollow backlinks have any SEO value?

Yes, it does, but link builders should be careful about backlink sources and numbers.

Which backlinks are usually nofollow? Typically forum profile links, blog commenting links, links from questions and answers websites.

As for backlink sources, choose only quality resources, and strive to bring value by your posts, answers and comments.

Speaking about the numbers, it's advisable to avoid temptation to get a large number of such backlinks at once – say 500 in one day - it's not a good strategy to follow.

4. What is the ideal number of backlinks I should build monthly?

There's no fixed number of backlinks one should build daily or monthly. That would be absurd.

Imagine, you write a viral blog post that gets 1 mln social media mentions in 24 hours. Will that be natural? No doubt. Will Google be suspicious about it? No way.

So don't focus on numbers. Focus on avoiding spam and adding value.

5. Can I rank high without backlinks?

The obvious answer is "no, you can't": the number and quality of backlinks are the factors that determine website's rankings.

Still, high rankings with few backlinks are possible for infrequently-searched-for keywords in low-competition niches. If you target "baskerville dogs for sale", you might well be lucky with #1 position in Google without massive link building.

There are some interesting discussions on Warrior Forum on this topic, feel free to check out to get some more examples.

The bottom line

Whatever you do to build links, rely on your common sense – it will guide you to find the best strategy for getting lots of high-quality backlinks. And work. A lot.


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