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Search Engine Submission Scams

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Every once in a while we get emails from beginning Internet marketers asking us: 'Does your software submit to search engines?', 'Can I do search engine submission with your tools?', 'How is your product better than search engine submission services?' and so on.

Every time we have to explain one and the same thing:

  • Search engine submission doesn't improve your rankings.
  • It doesn't bring you search traffic.
  • Basically it's next to useless.
  • Search engine submission services that promise you ranking breakthroughs by submitting your website to hundreds of thousands of search engines are scams.

How search engine submission works

When you submit a website or webpage to the search engines you officially invite them to index it. It's just like saying to the search engine crawler: "Hey, check it out, I've got a new webpage here". Then your website is queued for review. The time from your submission to indexation depends on the number of other web pages lined up for the crawlers' attention. When your turn comes up the spider visits the webpage to index it.


That's it. You don't miraculously get to rank for your keywords. Your website is not flooded with search traffic. You don't gain any authority. Your page gets indexed, but you still need to build links and optimize your content if you want to improve your rank.

But getting indexed is good, right?

Right. Getting indexed is a good thing, but you don't need search engine submission for that. A single link from another indexed webpage will get you indexed all right. Since you're going to build links to your page anyway (if you're serious about ranking for anything competitive), submitting your website to the search engines becomes an unnecessary step.

Of course it won't hurt to submit your website to the search engines, though you don't really need to do this. But even if you decide to give it a go, you certainly don't need any search engine submission services or software. You can manually submit your site to Google, Yahoo! and Bing and call it a day. Here are the links to the submission forms:




The submission process is fast, easy and 100% free.  Forget about submitting your site to hundreds of thousands of search engines, because there are no thousands of search engines. The companies that offer to submit your website to 700,000+ search engines are outright scams.

They will probably submit your page to a few hundred search engines, but most of them will be niche directories that won't accept you unless your site is built around the same topic (your site is not about everything, is it?) They'll also submit your site to FFAs (Free For All links pages) that won't improve your rankings, but will happily scrape your email address and spam your inbox.

Just build links and most of the other search engines will find and index your webpage without any submissions.

What Other Experts Say About Search Engine Submission

The topic of search engine submission has been covered many a time by authority bloggers, SEOs and Internet marketers. Here's what SEO experts and authority websites have to say about search engine submission and companies that sell this service:

Search engine submission is nothing but a scam. You don’t need to submit your site to a search engine and you certainly don’t need to re-submit in the future. , —

Search Engine Submission Services Are a Scam. , —

Never pay for [search engine] submission , —

This is one of those rare cases where SEOs not only share one opinion, but are all passionate about it.


Don't bother submitting your website to the search engines, and never ever pay anyone for search engine submission services or software. Invest your time and money into tools, services and activities that will really have positive effect on your rankings. Follow SEO best practices: develop quality content, optimize your webpages, speed-up your website, build links, improve your organic CTR, and so on.

That's what improves your rankings and brings you search traffic, not search engine submissions.

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