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Google Caffeine Update Live. What it is and how it Works

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It finally happened. Yesterday the long-awaited Google Caffeine went live on all data centers and for all language versions of Google search. Caffeine is said to provide 50% fresher results than the previous indexing system and according to Google it is "the largest collection of web content they've offered". This sure is a huge event for the whole search marketing industry, so let's take a closer look at the new Google.

What is Caffeine

First announced back in August 2009, Caffeine is the new web indexing infrastructure that was designed to deliver faster and fresher results and enable Google to crawl and index more web pages. First Google opened a developer's preview of the new index to collect feedback from the webmasters and power-users. After some testing Caffeine was rolled out on one data-center. Now it is the standard infrastructure across all Google's search properties.

How it works

Before Caffeine Google used to update its index in portions. The G-bot would crawl a set of web pages (about 10% of the web every night) and index them extracting the content and additional information about it such as anchor texts of incoming backlinks and other references and determine what topics the page is relevant to. The processed pages were then queued to be added to the index. They would wait till the whole portion is complete before they were made available in the search results. With Caffeine Google is now able to crawl and process each web page separately streamlining it into the live index within seconds after it's been discovered.

caffeinea[image from Official Google Blog]

How to check your Google Caffeine Rankings

You're probably wondering how your website ranks in the new Google. You can check your Caffeine rankings same way you used to. Since Caffeine is the standard Google now you can simply go to search for your keywords or fire-up Rank Tracker and check your rankings automatically.

Anyway there shouldn't be any significant changes because Caffeine is an indexing update, not a ranking one. It doesn’t bring any changes to the way Google ranks websites. However, it does enable Google to gather additional quality and relevance signals that can then be used in the ranking algorithm. One of such things is the ability to determine the relevance of a site or page to several countries as opposed to just one country as it is now.

Though we're told that Caffeine doesn’t affect the way pages are ranked, Google introduced the new system not just to index fresh content, but to offer it in the search results. Obviously there are going to be some shifts in the SERPs, especially on the QDF (Query Deserves Freshness) searches.

The transition to the new indexing system was a very smooth one. If Google didn’t officially announce the worldwide launch of Caffeine yesterday, probably it would have gone unnoticed. There were no significant ranking shifts except those caused by Mayday update which is not in any way related to Caffeine. But as Google takes advantage of the advanced functionality and additional relevance signals unlocked by the new infrastructure we'll sure see some changes in the ranking department as well. So keeping an eye on your Google rankings is a good idea after all.

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