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Google Rank Checker

Free SEO tool to check Google rankings
Check your Google rankings for any keyword, for free.
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Google Rank Checker by SEO PowerSuite
Accurate real-time Google rankings with unlimited checks
Global and local keyword rankings on desktop and mobile
Search volumes, keyword difficulty, expected visitors, and traffic check
What is Google Rank Checker?

Google Rank Checker is a tool specifically designed to monitor a site's Google rank in organic results for a search query.

Moreover, with the software, you can generate thousands of relevant keywords, analyze SERPs, run competitor analysis, and create custom reports to share with your colleagues and clients.

In brief, the tool helps businesses and website owners understand how well their content is performing in search engine results and allows them to make informed decisions to improve their online visibility.

Powerful Google Rank Checker

Adjust your SEO strategy and be #1 in Google search results
Free Google Rank Checker to see rankings instantly
Free Google Rank Checker to see rankings instantly

Wondering how to check rankings for hundreds of keywords? Let Rank Tracker reveal them for you with a click of a button.

Just paste your site URL, and the ranking checker tool will quickly find it out. Discover how well your pages rank in Google: their positions, search volumes, traffic, and more.

Desktop vs. mobile Google rankings analysis

With mobile-first indexing in full action, losses of traffic can be caused by mobile incompatibility. So, tracking ranking data on desktops and mobiles can be a good idea.

Add Mobilebot as a separate search engine and compare your Google rankings on desktop and mobile devices.

Tracking desktop and mobile Google rankings
Google SERP Features tracking
Google SERP features tracking tool

Wondering how your pages stand out from other competitors with Google's rich results? The rank checker will deliver a complete picture of Google's SERP results to you:

Featured snippets
Google ads
and other real-time results
Local Rank Checker

It's no secret that Google is personalizing search – positions on the SERPs for the same keyword vary greatly from one location to another. But with accurate non-personalized rank data, the ranking checker tool will help you leverage your international SEO efforts or a local optimization strategy.

Rank Tracker supports 597 international and local search engines, with all localized versions of Google.

The tool will provide you with the most accurate localized ranks as if you're searching from the location you've specified. More to that, the tool will even check your Google Maps rankings.

Local rank checker
Google Checker with Google tools integration
Ranking Checker with Google tools integration

Find your Search Console and Google Analytics data right inside Rank Tracker.

Along with keyword rankings, search volume, competition, and difficulty for each keyword, compare the bounce rates and the number of actual visitors brought to your website by each search term.

Google Rank Tracker with all ranking metrics

crucial to effective SEO strategy planning
Search volume
Search volumes
The number of searches in Google over the past month
How tough your competitors are in Google search
Keyword Difficulty
Keyword Difficulty
How hard it will be for your page to rank for each keyword on Google
Expected visits
Expected visits
Number of expected monthly visitors if the page ranks #1
Keyword Efficiency Index, the ratio of the number of searches to competition
Cost Per Click
Cost Per Click
Estimated cost per click as per Google Ads
Track competitors with Google Rank Tracker
Google Rank Checker for competitive intelligence

Add up to 5 competitor websites to your project (40 for Enterprise Edition) and quickly check keyword rankings for them all.

Track how Google ranking changes, tweak competitor strategies, and stay on top of the SERPs.

Google Rank Tracker with easy data sharing

Rank Tracker lets you copy and paste all your ranking data to an Excel sheet.

Besides, the tool allows exporting into CSV, XML, and other formats with just a couple of clicks.

And its built-in reports provide a concise overview of your ranking progress. For Enterprise users, there is a possibility to send the reports via email or share them via the cloud.

Google Rank Checker with easy data sharing feature
automating SEO tasks
Google Position Checker with SEO task automation

Automate your Google Position Checker. Set up an automated task, and the tool will update your keyword rankings on autopilot.

Moreover, the rank checker will deliver the report in your preferred way: save it to your desktop, store it in the cloud with a shareable URL, or automatically send it to your or your clients' email boxes.

Custom ranking reports

Rank Checker lets you create custom reports based on 8 pre-made reporting templates.

Edit your color scheme to match your company design, add the contact information and brand logo, add and remove data blocks – the free Ranking Checker lets you create informative ranking reports that will look fabulous both on desktop and mobile devices.

And with a white-label feature on SEO ranking reports, this Google Rank Tracker is a great find for freelancers and SEO agencies.

All reports contain sample data that does not represent real websites' analysis
Sample keyword rankings reports
Ranking Summary
Sample keyword rankings reports
Keyword Rankings and Visibility
Sample keyword rankings reports
Competition Rankings
Sample keyword rankings reports
Keyword Research

Advanced Ranking Checker tool opens doors to time-saving SEO insights

Advanced ranking checker tool
Track your rank history and visibility in Google organic results
Keep up with SERP fluctuations and Google algorithm updates
Track multiple results for a keyword on Google to make the most of your rankings
Check if the right landing page ranks for your keywords and fix keyword cannibalization
Research keywords with Google suggestions and 20+ built-in keyword tools
Group keywords automatically and prioritize them for SEO and PPC campaigns

Check Google rankings with Rank Tracker Loved by SEO professionals for being fast and reliable. Not yet sure? Try the ranking checker yourself.

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Can I use your software for free?

This free Google Rank Checker allows checking keyword rankings for an unlimited number of keywords absolutely free of charge, without saving the ranking history, though.

How do I check my Google ranking?

To monitor your Google engine ranks manually, you need to search every keyword online in incognito mode with your browser's cookies cleared. Instead, to check Google rankings faster and secure from personalization bubbles, you can use Rank Tracker. Paste the URL of your website to create a project, add your target keyword or keywords in the workspace, and hit Next. In a few moments, the tool will instantly show your pages' positions in organic search.

What does it mean to rank in Google search?

To be present on the Google engine means to optimize your page for your target keywords so that it appears on the first search results page (SERP) on Google and brings you organic traffic.

How much does the checker cost?

Our software comes in three versions: Free, Professional costing $149/year, and Enterprise costing $349/year for a standalone ranking tool. By purchasing the whole SEO PowerSuite bundle, you will get four SEO tools, saving twice as much as if they were purchased separately.

How much does it cost to be #1 on Google?

There is no such option as paying to be #1 organically. However, you may consider Google advertising for such a matter.

To win the top spot on Google's search engine results page, you may use Google Rank Checker by SEO PowerSuite for ranking checks and keyword research. You can use it for free. However, you will surely need professional software versions for large-scale search engine optimization campaigns.