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Google “Ranking Factors” Correlation Study Explained

January 10th, 2014 | Max Poliakov


correlation and causationStudies on search engine ranking factors have always aroused heightened interest among digital marketers and website owners. The last correlation research held by moz and searchmetrics are by far the best examples of such studies.

What makes them outstanding is the fact that these effortful studies were performed by true professionals over impressively big amounts of data. Still, they managed to present the results in a simple and easy-to-interpret way.

Perhaps the only obvious defect is the title, which in both cases includes the phrase ranking factors. It confuses many marketers and drives them to the wrong conclusions.

Sure enough, the inclusion of ranking factors 2013 into a title instead of a less attractive and a bit boring "correlation study" forces many readers open the article. There are big chances that you are reading my post thanks to this little trick.

Anyway, these studies are great. What makes MOZ' research even better is that they thoroughly explained the methodology and published a link to the full data archive (420 mb table zipped into 160 mb archive), which allowed some crazy digital marketers including me to do their own research. So let's play with data and see what hidden gems we can find there.
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How to segment your online and offline competitors brainy

April 25th, 2013 | Ksenia Dobreva


If you run business offline and online, it is very likely that your offline and online activities are integrated in a great measure. And I’m pretty sure that here you think: oh no, another Captain Obvious article!

But today I am speaking on a very slippery topic, which is not about emergence, or integration, or any other abstract marketing word.

Today I would like to point out some things regarding the confluence of offline and online competitor clusters and ways of analyzing them apart and altogether.

Case Study #1. Nike, or when your partners turn smarter than you

Imagine that you are a Marketing Specialist at Nike. In this case you are able to name your main competitors even if I wake you up in the middle of the night: Puma, Adidas, Reebok. Good!

I believe these brands have severe competition offline. But strong offline presence does not mean a strong online brand. So let us switch to the SERP and see the competition there.

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But My Competition Is Doing It!

January 18th, 2013 | Link-Assistant.Com


guest post by Nick Stamoulis 

As a site owner myself I know exactly how it feels to see your competition doing everything that white hat SEO link building dictates you don't do—things like link exchanges, blog networks, links from unrelated sites, posting content on article spinning sites, general directory links, etc.—and benefitting from it.

It's pretty frustrating, especially if it seems like they've been at it forever and Google hasn't penalized them for it yet. After all, wasn't that what Penguin was supposed to do? Catch our sneaky and spammy competitors that were trying to stay one step ahead of the algorithm and nail them so sites that deserve to own the SERPs, like ours, actually do.

And even in the aftermath of Penguin and all its refreshes, in which a lot of sites were hit hard, there are still a few sites here and there that seem to be riding off into the sunset with the traffic that our sites should be getting. Read more »